The Modern Homesteading Podcast
The Modern Homesteading Podcast
Harold Thornbro
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Educational and Interesting
I enjoy the way Harold presents the information. It’s not just a bunch of facts, but instead full of personal stories and conversation. Haven’t listened to many episodes, but I’m looking forward to more!
So I’m 8 years old and I’m wondering if you know a good workout if you live on a homestead?P.S I love working out.
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Wide variety of topics
I have been able to find every homesteading topic I’ve looked for, so far. Now I’m starting at the beginning and listening to all episodes. I suspect all will be interesting and very informative whether they fit with my program or not. I’m very impressed, recommend this podcast heartily.
Great podcast
This is one of my go to podcast when learning about different homesteading project. I am so happy to see it back on apple.
Welcome Back!
So glad to see you return to podcasting. Can’t wait to start listening again!
Great podcast
Missed your podcast immensely. So glad you’re back! I have learned so much from you and your guests.
farming in SC
LOVE this podcast.
All thing from gardening to farming to cooking to using what you have. Harold is such an inspiration and has such a great way of doing and explaining things.
Good podcast for listening too while working around the farm.
Enjoy the show and glad to see the archive back online. We missed you Harold
The best
The best homestead podcast out here!!
Great Podcast!
Harold is so wonderful to listen to. He provides great information presented in an engaging format. This is my go-to podcast for modern homesteading. Thanks for a great podcast Harold!!!