Waddle & Silvy
Waddle & Silvy
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Tuesday’s s@“t show
The AbdallaBleck/Silvy thing, brewing for over a year and “visible” to everyone, reached a new low yesterday. It’s not entertaining and it’s not acceptable. Silvy made it clear it’s not generational, so I don’t know what’s animating it ... but you 3 have to grow up or a producer has to step in and send someone on their way. John Q Near North
Sweet Home Chicago...
I moved to Arizona 23 years ago. However the Chicago sports love has never left me. These guys make me feel right at home. I can relate to everything. Even the local humor brings me back. Haven’t missed a podcast in over 5 years.
727 Guy
Chicago Sports done right!
Love this podcast! They cover the Chicago sports landscape with personality and humor. Love having Bleck and Abdalla song for the ride behind the scenes. Their show is a must listen for Chicago sports fans as well.
More Guests Please
I don’t like the change to more callers and fewer guests. I prefer Big Cat to Larry from Evanston
Post the Shows, Knuckleheads!
When you grow up in Chicago, then move away; this pod is a great way to still follow your hometown teams. But the pods need to be posted in order to listen, and that’s been as reliable as a Trubisky deep-ball lately
Can’t get the show
Love the show... listen from Ithaca N.Y. You’ve disappeared. What’s up?
6 decade cub fan
sad times
This used to be a great show but all they talk about are tv shows and race now. A lot of propaganda. I’m not sure if this is even a sports show anymore. Try Clay Travis
Danny Otto Jack
Chicago sports
Best Chicago sports show. I enjoy more than Kap or Carmen & Jurko.
hearts king
Great show
Awesome show
Effervescent Podcast
Marc and Tom. Tom and Marc. Adam. That other guy...Jeff. All great. All the time.
Shea Serrano is 6'3
I am a Chicago Bears fan living in Upstate NY and found these guys about 6 years ago. I’ve listened to just about every hour on the podcast and love it. This is my favorite show to listen to, I feel like I know everyone at the station more than some of my friends. Great job!
Not sure what happened with your podcast but I'm glad you guys are back on.