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60 iPhone Extras Rereview - AutomatingYou Podcast
In this last one of the What Other Apps have I got on my iPhone for you series, I was just looking at my phone and I thought, you know what? I've talked about a number of these as desktop apps in the past but I want to just remind you that some of the other tips that I've shared earlier are actually iPhone apps as well. The ones that I've got listed here, I'll go through them one at a time and if you haven't heard these in past podcasts, shame on you. Go back and listen. We're at number 60 today, episode 60. Go back and have a listen to some of the other ones. Pretty quick isn't it, these podcasts? In no particular order, Buffer, so you can buffer things you find on your phone and once you put it on your phone, you can share it really quickly. Number one. Number two, Last Pass. You've got your security on your phone. That's great. Number three, Evernote. Your digital brain. You can take that wherever you are, whether it's taking photos of images then sink it to your phone and your Evernote account or whether you want to do voice dictation into Evernote you can do that as well. Number four is Feedly. Feedly, the Feedly that I've talked about in the past where when you connect it through using some smart animation you can save something and it will spread out through things like Buffer and Facebook and Twitter. All automated for you. I've shared that in some earlier episodes. Lastly, Drop Box. You have Drop Box set up on your phone then when you take photos you can actually automatically sink them to Drop Box so they're saved and also when you're out and about, if you're with a client and you want to see some documentation, as long as you've saved all your client stuff in Drop Box you can actually very quickly recall it. Whether that's on your phone or your iPad. A great app to have. There's a quick little summary. I wanted to do 5 of them. I just wanted to quickly recap with you to make sure you don't miss out on the having them on your phone, the power of the mobile aspect of all of those tools.
Dec 24, 2015
3 min
59 iPhone Extras FBAdverts - AutomatingYou Podcast
Still on the theme of what apps helps me, today and potentially outside of work ... This one is a work-related one. I'm sorry. Something that's really helped me when I'm driving a lot of traffic to my website using Facebook advertising is the actual Facebook advert app. You can actually run it from your phone, you can check all your ads out and on the fly be able to turn off ads, edit ads, all from your phone. If you, like me, are running quite a lot of campaigns ... It's just a good way that if you're not at your desk, you're able to quickly check in because it's quite a lot of money you're potentially spending. A quick way to be able to stay on top of things, not have to worry, not have to stress about getting to the office, easy way to manage a part of your business while you're mobile. That's the Facebook adverts app that you can find in either the App Store or Google Play Store.
Dec 23, 2015
2 min
58 iPhone Extras Super Better and Reality is Broken - AutomatingYou Podcast
Today's tip is still on the theme of what other apps do I have on my phone that are not specifically work related but help me in my day to day. One of them it's a bit work related so I'm sorry that if I'm giving you under false pretenses but I think you'll like it right? It's all around gamification. Now if that sounds like a foreign word to you, go have a look at a gamification and if you've heard that term before great. Gamification is actually the science behind how to actually have people engaged in your stuff. Great from a marketing perspective, from a business perspective. How to have people coming back for more. There is now billions of people every single day who are online playing games. You might not know but the average gamer is in the late 30's from the studies that have been undertaken. Great book on this by the way is called "Reality is Broken" by Jane McGonigal. Go check that out on Kindle or Amazon. From reading that book, I came across an app called Super Better. S-u-p-e-r, b-e-t-t-e-r, Super Better. What they've tried to do is gamify achieving goals. That actually takes the principles of gaming, puts it in an iPhone app. The app costs, I think it costs me six dollars or something, to then actually drive yourself forward with the short attention span that most of us have. That's what games are based around and this feedback loops. Again if you want to learn about gamification, that book "Reality is Broken" is great. The app I wanted to share with you today was Super Better. Fascinating science. If you're the type of person like I am. I'm a person who's from many years ago from about the age of twelve I started to get into games especially computer games. Throughout our life, they'll be woven in whether it's board games, computer games. If you're the type of person that plays game, read that book "Reality is Broken" and that possibly will lead you as well to Super Better and see if that can help you too.
Dec 22, 2015
3 min
57 iPhone Extras AroundMe - AutomatingYou Podcast
This week's theme, remember, was prompted by listeners who've asked me questions about what were the absolute tools do I use outside of work to help me be productive? One of those is an app called AroundMe, fantastic app. When you are out and about, you get in the car, go for a drive somewhere that you're not used to, you open the AroundMe app on your phone, and it literally tells you what's around you. You might click on that and want to see where the nearest café is. For me, I most recently used this while we were away for a weekend and had very much an urge for caffeine, clicked the button, and it told me it was 1.7Ks away. I nearly started walking in that direction. I was able to wait a little while, but AroundMe is great for cafés, banks, restaurants, pubs, hospitals, anything you might need. It pulls all the lists from local Google listings, but great free app. Grab it for your phone. I believe it's on both platforms from a perspective of Google or Apple. It's something I use on a very regular basis, and I thought to share it with you too, AroundMe.
Dec 21, 2015
2 min
56 iPhone Extras Teamer - AutomatingYou Podcast
In this week's podcast, the theme is actually more led by or requested by listeners. In fact a few listeners asked me the question, "What apps do you use outside of work Jamie? What are you quite reliant on that you use on your phone? Can you share those with us?" I've made a list of some of the things that I use in my day to day to help me be smarter outside of work, all about productivity. It's not just all about work. It's how to be smarter in your life as well. One part of my life, I help run football teams, coach football teams, junior football teams, soccer for those who are in a non-football named nation. Mainly the States, right? You call it soccer, but it's really football;whole other conversation. The app that is a great benefit for me and as soon as some fellow people in football teams started seeing it. They started using it. It's right throughout my club now. It's an app called Teamer, T-E-A-M-E-R. What Teamer allows you to do is put all your team in there. Put the schedule of the different games, and allows you to notify your team about different events, if there's any cancellations. Allows the players to say, "Yes, they're available" or "No, they're not." If you're the manager of the team where you have to coordinate lots of different people, it's a simple way on your phone. It doesn't cost anything as well. It used to cost money but now they actually power themselves through the adverts that are inside of the app. A great app to use if you run any types of team. That's Teamer.
Dec 20, 2015
2 min
55 Twitter EdgarRSSZapier - AutomatingYou Podcast
In our last tip of the week from a Twitter perspective, I want to share with you a clever piece of automation, and that's what automating you's all about, yes? Automating yourself, one little step, one tactic at a time. I've already shared in the past the tool EDGAR, and I've already shared with you in the past the tool Zapier. Now I want to show you a way that you can join this together. I've also shared with you Feedly as well. Now Feedly just, and to remind you in case you haven't heard this one yet, Feedly is a feed reader, so I can read ... Over my breakfast, I read lots of different website RSS feeds in Feedly, and then when I save it in Feedly, I have to say, "Yep, want to save that", I can have different automation actions happen. One of the actions I want to share with you today is I connect Zapier, and in Zapier, Zapier Z-A-P-I-E-R dot com, Zapier. In Zapier, I set up a rule which says when something is saved in Feedly, then add it to a Zapier RSS link, and Zapier creates its own RSS link, RSS feed. What you can then do is put that Zapier RSS feed into EDGAR. Now if you remember, EDGAR's a tool I've shared in the past which is a social media distribution tool to allow you to schedule at different times of the day over a calendar. What this means, then, is when you're reading your Feedly over breakfast or whenever it is you read it, mine's over breakfast, and you save something, then that will automatically be scheduled into your EDGAR feed, and so over time, consistently building up your content that you want to share with your followers, whatever it's Facebook or Twitter or LinkedIn, so it's a great way to streamline a little bit of your life. To set all of those tools up, it might take you, let's say, 20 minutes to do all of that, but then from here on in, your social media will consistently get populated with things that really interest you and so should therefore interest your followers or attract people who are interested by the same things. That was EDGAR plus Zapier plus Feedly. Put all of those together, and you're about to save hours each week.
Dec 17, 2015
3 min
54 Twitter PubliciseJetPack - AutomatingYou Podcast
Today's tip still on the theme of Twitter, is how do you get your content from your website, i.e., your blogs, whether your written blogs or video blogs, how do you get them on to Twitter in the easiest way possible? Assuming you're using a Word Press website, then one of the tools that are really easy to use is the Jet Pack plug-in for Word Press. Now Jet Pack is created by the guys and girls at Word Press, so you plug in the Jet Pack and then there's one of the tools inside a Jet Pack called Publicize. If you set Publicize up, then what happens is it can connect to all of your different social networks, Facebook, Linked-In, Twitter and then when you actually post a blog post, it can automatically send it to your social networks for you, one being Twitter. There are, of course, hundreds of other plug-ins you can use to distribute but Jet Pack from Word Press should be really good for you. If you don't have another one, use that. That's a great way to get your blog out to the Twitter universe.
Dec 16, 2015
2 min
53 Twitter EchoFon - AutomatingYou Podcast
Easy Twitter week this week on the Automating You Podcast. I wanted to share with you the tool that I use when I'm mobile. Yes, there's the Twitter application that you can download onto your phones, whether it's iPhone or Android, but I'm always looking for tools with a bit more oomph in it. The tool that I've settled on most recently is a tool called Echofon, which is E-C-H-O, echo, and then fon, F-O-N, Echofon. That is a free tool. You can use it. It's got ads in it. That's how they pay for themselves, or you can pay a small amount to get rid of the ads. That seems to be great for me. I've tried a few to tools. Some of them are more powerful, but sometimes they also post on your Twitter feed without your permission, which I don't like too much. Echofon's been doing a really good job for me. It allows me to easily get to the lists in my Twitter lists and also manage and reply to people. Hopefully that one will help for you. Of course, though, tools are just that. That fit people like a glove. You may have a tool that you're in love with. If so, come over to podcast at Automating You. Comment, let me know what's your favorite tool, or tweet me. Tell me what your tool is. I'm on @jamiemckean. Come say hello.
Dec 15, 2015
2 min
52 Twitter TweetyMail - AutomatingYou Podcast
The theme this week is Twitter. In the last podcast I talked about a great book, Twitter I'm going to share with you tools that I use in my day to day to help me manage my Twitter easier. Now look, I've got over 10,000 followers and follow. I'm trying to tidy that up because in the past I've had robots that go follow people, and there's a whole lot of mess which I'm cleaning up. But, a whole lot of over time have followed, which is really nice. Though, what I do get when people send me messages and mention me by putting @jamiemckean in the mention, then I'm notified into my inbox by a tool called TweetyMail. That's spelled T-W-E-E-T-Y Mail, M-A-I-L, TweetyMail. What that basically does is literally email you if someone mentions you. Why is that good? Depending on how you run your Twitter, if you just run your day through your inbox, then that allows you to make sure you don't miss anything. I've used TweetyMail now for probably three or four years. It's a great way to keep an eye on things and a great tool to share.
Dec 14, 2015
2 min
51 Twitter TwitterPower3 - AutomatingYou Podcast
This week's theme is all about Twitter. Now, you may think that's a waste of time. Twitter is a big waste of time, or you might have been on it already for quite a few years and you're making some great progress. I, myself, have been looking at it from a perspective of marketing and with the walk the talk, making sure a) I am doing it properly myself, b) I can advise my clients. As part of that step I've been doing some research and a great book that I found and I want to share with you is a book called "Twitter Power 3.0: How to dominate your market one tweet at a time." That's written by Joel Comm and Dave Taylor, and the book, great read, very quickly, very easy to read, and really insightful from whether you are a beginner, or whether you're advanced. Really great tip. If you are wondering about Twitter, whether you should even bother doing it, then perhaps you should start with this book first, and then you can work out if it's right for you.
Dec 13, 2015
2 min
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