100 Words Or Less: The Podcast
100 Words Or Less: The Podcast
iHeartRadio and Ray Harkins
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A Must Listen for Indie/DIY/Heavy Music Fans
I just discovered this podcast recently via Dylan Walker shouting out the episode he was on for. Needless to say, I’ve been binging episodes over the past few days while working on class work, and it’s been an absolute joy. The guests are always great, but Ray consistently finds ways to keep the conversations extremely engaging and interesting. Can’t recommend this pod enough to fellow indie/DIY/heavy music lovers
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Always a good listen
I don’t always care about the guest (often I do) but the host always makes it interesting and I always get hooked anyway
Loved it.
Fantastic and well done.
I like it!!!!
Nice podcast. Guy sounds like Ben Shapiro.Very informative. Great interviews.
drop d kenny
Ray Harkins rules!!!!
Go ray! Great show!
Classical Ideas
Bdhskakahg. Sk
Great Podcast
Finally a podcast about the independent artist taking real questions and speaking honestly about their life and their art.
Please just ask direct questions
After listening to three episodes, I’m feeling super frustrated by the interviewer’s continuous inability to simply ask questions. He often spends way more time stumbling through forming and articulating his questions than the guest spends answering them. It’s incredibly frustrating for a listener who is ostensibly listening for their interest in the guest, not the interviewers obscure knowledge of bands. TLDR: the interviewer spends most of the interviews struggling to formulate his questions, so much so that I he has turned me off the podcast.
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Brother A.
Good podcast
I really hope you interview Joe Gorelick (or someone else from Garden Variety) especially since Garden Variety have a box set coming out soon. Criminally underrated indie band, just ask Mark Trombino from Drive Like Jehu!
Brooklyn benito
New fan
Great deep dives on some cult figures in hardcore I never expected to hear interviewed in the long form. Thanks for doing it!
Nerd out on heavy music
Excellent podcast! I've listened to loads of these bands but rarely know the personal stories and chronology of individual members. Super informative yet casual listening! As he perfects his interviewing skills, I would love to hear Ray get more comfortable with silence-- waiting for guests to complete answers to his questions. Still five stars. Stoked for every new episode.
Awesome 🤘🏼
Ray does a fantastic job interviewing different musicians from types of backgrounds. Ray talks about interesting issues and is always respectful and courteous to everyone he talks to. Plus it’s a great way to learn about the music industry and other punk/hardcore bands! TAKEN will always be one of my favorite bands 🙏🏼
Great podcast
Ray is a great interviewer who brings on tons of interesting guests. I love his relaxed, conversational style of interviewing. A must-listen for fans of punk, alternative, or indie music.
I love this podcast!!!
It’s so fun to just sit and listen. I highly recommend this podcast to any music lover. Ray thank you for these amazing interviews. It’s helping me to discover lots of artists I’ve never heard of. Thank you so much!
One of the best music podcasts
It's one of the best, check it out! Great interviews with great artists - a lot of which I 'discover' when I'm listening to the podcast.
Ray is the man
Great insight on independent music and culture from the man who has lived it. Ray has been involved in bands such as Taken & Mikoto as well as spending a lot of time behind the scenes working at labels or as a festival organizer. His interviews come off as the most relaxed and casual conversations, wether it be a longtime friend or someone he's only just talking to for the first time. Super nice guy too.
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In person
Having grown up in and around the hardcore scene I can't get enough of this podcast. That being said I would love it if more of the interviews were done face to face. The interviews done in person seem to be more intimate and focused whereas the phone interviews are often awkward at points. Those interviewed are definitely people I want to hear from though. I just think that for this podcast to go to the next level of quality Ray Harkins should insist the interviews be done in person. I'm sure the opportunity isn't always there but would definitely make a difference in the quality of the interviews. Dig the guests though. Even folks I had preconceived notions about surprised me. Keep up the good work.
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J. Sparks
DIY done Right!
I really love this podcast! Ray is very pleasant and cares about the DIY music, artist and record label in this underrated music scene. I work long hrs. and I binged listen to this for months. I finally caught up. The people Ray interview all have something in common with this music genre and you can learn alot about new bands and music. It's cool how he connects with his guest and the listener. So, I recommend everyone to listen. You won't be disappointed.
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Anchors of Steel
Favorite podcast
I've loved this podcast for years and never miss an episode. Has opened my mind to a lot of different music. Love love love
Long time listener
I've been listening to Ray's podcast for a couple years. Positive things: his personable questions that provide the listener with more information about a guest than they've ever gotten from a YouTube/magazine interview, his ability to positively relate with the guest without making it about him, and the conversational tone that he always keeps that makes an hour long episode feel like twenty minutes. Definitely recommend this podcast to anyone who enjoys the independent music scene.
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Jilly, I guess?
Definitely check this one out
I can't believe I have only just discovered this podcast for as long as I've been a fan of punk/hardcore music. The interviewer is an absolute gem and is wonderful at asking unique questions and connecting with the people he is interviewing so that they are comfortable sharing information about themselves you wouldn't find on an interview on Youtube. I have learned so much about the very interesting backgrounds of some of my favorite musicians in just 1-1.5 hour long interviews. Highly recommend!
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Great Show!
This is a great show. Ray always brings on interesting guests, whether you are into their body of work or not. He doesn’t get into the typical routine questions and often digs far beyond the guest’s material or output and gets to what makes them tick.
Rockwell Design
Great Podcast, Obviously, but stop saying obviously so much
The podcast is really good, the guests are great. I like the whole thing. But there one thing drives me absoultey crazy and may actually drive me away from the show is how often Ray uses the word "obviously". It is seriously incredible how in one sentence he can work in 4 or 5 obviously's. I know people have ticks or filler words but this one is truly like nails on a chalkboard. Most times it doesnt even fit into what he is saying.
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100 words or less
I would love Ray to use 100 words or less when doing his interviews. He has some great guests and the interviews have some great moments. But as a whole Ray interjects himself way too much for my taste.
Chubby C.
Simply Marvelous
As a new listener (I have been living under a rock for the past 200+ episodes), I am so enthralled with every conversation Ray shares every week. Poignant, of the time, and just a wealth of first hand knowledge, this show is wonderful at exploring all things indie in the music world. I love this show! I am absolutely hooked. I am just bummed that I waited so long to come across this gem. Thank you for all the awesome content!:)
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Down For the Core
Hearing all of these interviews from some of my hardcore heros reminds me why I got involved in this amazing scene.
Great podcast!! Listen all the time for music episodes but I LOVED the basketball talk with Benny. You should do a follow up now that the Finals are over. Keep up the great work!!
Great podcast. Love this!
Zack Nelson
well focused
probably the best music-related interviewer for this genre (punk / hardcore...). The interviews are well focused and Harkins has his crap together every time. Well prepared and well executed.
A perfect listen for any music fan
Plain and simple, no one is doing this sort of interview in the music world that showcases who the person is and what they are trying to accomplish.
Thanks, Ray
Informative and far from redundant, 100 words or less is a breath of fresh air when it comes to Podcasts centered around interviews. Ray does a great job of both giving glimpses into what is going on in his life as well as the lives of the guests he interviews on the show.
For music and independent culture fans
This is a great show, Ray is a passionate and charming host who genuinely comes across happy to speak to a great range of guest from all walks of the industry. I can't reccomemed this podcast enough.
Great show, but where's the Year-End Special?
I love this podcast, great for anyone interested in the legitimate alternative music scene. However, my favorite episodes are always the year end specials with Jeremy Bolm from Touché Amoré and Joey Cahill of 6131 Records. Their collective top ten lists are great recommendations for new music and I would love to hear what they had to say for 2015. Hopefully one comes soon. Ps I see you ray
Love this show
Love this show
Omg they killed Kenny!
If you like "undergroung" music you will love 100 words or less. Ray Harkins delivers awesome interviews from your farorite artists. Go into the old interviews and keep up with the new and you will definitely find your favorite aartist covered in an in depth interview that will leave you feeling as if your know you favorite artist that much better. Theseinterviews are peronal and informative. I love this podcast. Thank you Ray.
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xMarcxMaronx at a Basement show
Normally l hate going to shows and listening to people talk about bands. It becomes white noise washing against the shore of a punk cliff. However, Ray Harkins has an informal and conversational enthusiasm that makes his interviews approachable. Harkins doesn't need to ask inventive questions or be edgy; he simply has to be a human making biographical connections. I'm listening to interviews with musicians l don't even listen to a lot of times because they have more engaging stories (and gossip.) Love the year end specials to find new bands (although l tend to get lost with whatever movies are discussed.) Plus Marvel interviews are a bonus for a primarily music podcast. Keep it up, hope you snag that Geoff Rickly interview. Maybe more up-and-coming acts as opposed to those established in the scene. And generally wild stories.
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Slow clap.
In addition to Ray interviewing ever artist a hardcore kid & fanboy could ever dream of, he also interviews those who contribute to the independent music community in various ways behind such as running record labels. I feel that These interviews/conversations provide listeners with a context that allows them to better appreciate the music they already love, and to realize they actually like bands they thought they didn't. Ray, if you read this, thanks. I've learned a lot. To everyone else, this was long, wordy and grammatically incorrect. Sorry. Listen to the podcast.
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so glad I found this
I stumbled upon these podcasts on YouTube last year, these podcasts and groups on Facebook have introduced me to so many great artists, ideas, lifestyles,and just everything. I'm so thankful for things like this.
Best music podcast
I listen to this podcast every morning on the way to work. Ray harkins has good questions and knows how to flow with the conversation. Im a fan of many of the artists he has interviewed, so its very interesting.
Great podcast with original interviews. Plus it will turn you on to so much new music for sure!
The best independent music/arts podcast.
I'd like to think my title about covers it... Except it's not just the best podcast of its kind, it's one of my favorite independent music media outlets that exists today. Thank you for creating this, Ray.
Jesse Lynch
always good
Ray Harkins is a rad host. He has such a cool way of introducing his guests, how's he connected to them, connecting the guest to the audience - even if the audience may be unaware of who the guest is...He has a way of making the guest exciting and new. If you're into punk, pop punk, hardcore or indie music AT ALL, check out this podcast. It's never a dull conversation. I've learned a lot about my favorite bands by the guest he has on...DON'T WAIT!
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1st review i’ve ever written
I don’t listen to many podcasts, but Ray interviewed a friend of mine Dave V and i found the show through that. I loved the episode he did with Dave and after that I looked and the list of previous episodes and was blown away by the guests he’s had on the show. So many of my favorites from bands i love old and new. The format of the show is truly refreshing for someone who loves music but is weary of the tired typical questions bands are asked. Ray is great at getting people to open up and giving you the opportunity to really learn on a personal level about some of your favorite artists. Bands i always like i love even more now getting to know the personalities behind the music and some that i judged on a surface level after getting to know them through the show I have a newfound respect for. I’m constantly telling friends to check this show out, i felt like i’d stumbled upon a treasure trove. Anyway sorry to gush, but i really enjoy this show it’s my favorite part of driving home from work. Keep up the good work Ray and don’t let any negativity bring you down!! PMA!!
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Potential is there, but interviewer fails.
Let me start by saying I love podcasts. I listen to quite a lot of them, almost daily at this point. Aside from Song Exploder there isn't much out there in the way of insider music podcasts so I was very ready for 100 Words Or Less. I've attempted (and failed) to finish a single episode this far. Ray Harkins is just awful at interviewing. The kid needs to learn how to let someone talk - after he poses a question - without constantly butting in to finish their sentence or muttering "sure", "totally", "yeah", and so on... I can't listen to this Harkin chump. Sorry dude.
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So good
Recently found this podcast and truly enjoy it. The host is well spoken and insightful, and does not dominate his conversations with an interesting array of people. Keep it up!
everything you would want in a hardcore podcast and more
The perfect hardcore history podcast. Makes my morning commute so much better.
another great music podcast
Ray is a great host. I love the conversational interviews. Lots of back episodes to pick through, which is also nice.
Awesome show
Ray is a great conversationlist and always has interesting guests on the show. Highly suggested if you wanna listen to an insight music related podcast.
Taken by 100 words or less
Love this podcast! ! I don't expect an "interview" but rather a rich friendly conversation about great independent music
Top Notch
Solid, everytime.
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