100 Words Or Less: The Podcast
100 Words Or Less: The Podcast
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Josh Robbins from Late Bloomer (Metal Core Buried Treasure Episode)
1 hour 30 minutes Posted Jul 24, 2018 at 9:00 pm.
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Show notes

METALCORE! This episode was an incredibly fun romp through the beautiful pastures of 90’s and 2000’s metal core but not your “typical” bands that you may think of. I had my friend Josh Robbins from the band Late Bloomer on the show to discuss 8 records that need your attention. Find your new favorite record in this list and enjoy! RAY Torn Apart “Nothing Is Permanent” Focal Point “Suffering of the Masses” Excessive Force “In Your Blood” Curl Up and Die “Unfortunately We Are Not Robots” JOSH Burnt By the Sun “Perfect is the Enemy of the Good” Premonitions of War “Left in Kowloon” A Perfect Murder “Cease to Suffer” Martyr AD “On Earth As It Is in Hell” Mack Weldon is the most comfortable clothing I’ve worn, period. Get $20 off by using the code WORDS. Use our Amazon Affiliate Code to support the show! Visit our friends over at No Echo for great features on punk, hardcore and all things heavy.

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