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The Fore Man Scramble beat Kevin Kisner at Pinehurst No. 2. We are here to talk about it. From Trent’s first tee jitters to Rigg’s final putt, we detail the iconic match from the U.S. Open tees at Donald Ross’ masterpiece. Then, we discuss Rory’s “personal hunch” the Ryder Cup will be moved to 2021, the stigma surrounding pushcarts, what we think our personal official world golf rankings are, and much more.
Following the two-hour Ernie Els Spotlight on Friday, this episode is a quick Monday whiparound on some golf news odds and ends. Brendan and Andy first relay an Ernie superstition omission submitted from friend of the program Shane Bacon. Then they relay another golf conspiracy theory from “Spartan Butters,” author of the infamous Brooks sets his schedule to avoid weddings theory. This one is about DJ’s watch. News begins with the Deere replacement event likely becoming a second week at Muirfield Village. Andy pleads for a dramatic setup change for the second event and the two discuss nicknames for this new Columbus double dip. They also hit on Vijay withdrawing from the KFT event that had everyone firing off takes, the cancelation of the Mackenzie Tour season, and Greg Norman saying the Tour might be setting aside a money pot for 8 popular players as a countermeasure against the PGL. How real is this and what kind of Q rating would determine who gets it? Impressions? Retweets? Likes? Lastly, they pay their respects to the Justin Rose hOnma era, which leads to a rambling discussion about equipment one-offs like the Sonartec 3-wood, Orlimar Trimetal and KickX ball.
In episode twenty of Get a Grip, Shane and Max open up discussing the current state of affairs in our country. Then the guys discuss the PGA TOUR without fans, their feel good Friday and much more. Learn more about your ad-choices at
The Tiger, Phil, Brady, Manning match, in our opinion, delivered. We’re joined by tournament director for the match, Kevin Hopkins, and breakdown our own thoughts. Then we preview everything about our own match, as a four man scramble, against Kevin Kisner at Pinehurst No. 2.
It’s Friday! This week-wrapping episode begins with a discussion of the new Manor Swing that will bring the return of the Euro Tour and our beloved summer #CoffeeGolf. Also in scheduling news, Andy and Brendan discuss the cancelation of the John Deere and the delightful SGS catnip possibilities for a July replacement event at TPC Sawgrass (the zinc standard?). Then comes the resumption of the massive undertaking of an SGS Spotlight on Ernie Els. This is Part II (find Part I last week) and begins with Ernie’s hard-luck year of runners-up in 2000. That becomes a theme -- the anguish of close calls at majors dominated by both Tiger and a cast of non-Tiger characters right as Ernie was playing some of the best golf you could ever see. The battle with Tim Finchem over Ernie’s worldly non-US PGA Tour schedule is reviewed. His last two majors, the 2002 Open at Muirfield, and the late-career windfall in 2012 at Lytham, are given the full treatment. His son’s autism diagnosis, and Ernie’s evolution of responses to that, are covered in detail. Also, his hard-partying ways are re-lived with some amusing drinking stories that have become folklore over the years. More than Part I, this discussion helps understand the measure of Els the person and may leave you appreciating him more.
Paige is back out on the course and telling all about her first round of golf. Then, she reveals dating details about relationships with athletes from wrestlers, to golfers, bowlers and basketball players and what we need to know. Paige discusses the Lance Armstrong documentary 30 for 30.
The Jonas Brothers (6:17) join our golf podcast. Yes, that’s right, the 3 Jonas Brothers — Nick, Joe, and Kevin — join our show for the first time. Turns out the brothers play A LOT of golf. They discuss brotherly love on the course, tell an unheard Grammys bet story, roast Riggs for losing to 12-year-old Pete, and MUCH more. After the brothers, we discuss the upcoming Match II and, in From The Gallery, debate breakfast balls, playing Augusta but having to skip Amen Corner, and more.
On this week's episode of GOLF's Subpar, PGA Tour player Joel Dahmen joins former PGA Tour pro Colt Knost and his close friend and on course rival Drew Stoltz for an exclusive, in-studio, interview. Joel reveals his personal White Claw quarantine challenge, why he played the final round of a mini-tour with a rental set, and the true story behind his on course stand off with Sung Kang over a controversial drop.
1:42 - Is THIS The Future Of Golf on TV? 17:39 - Best Spikeless Golf Shoes of 2020 🏆 33:27 - DTC Golf Balls + Expired Patents 54:43 - #MyTubSpy + CBD Flavor Updates
On episode nineteen of Get a Grip, Shane and Max open up sharing their thoughts on the match and the telecast. Then the guys discuss Phil's brand, J.T.'s impressive performance, and their top-5 golf cliches. Learn more about your ad-choices at
It’s official, the Fore Play Scramble vs Kevin Kisner at Pinehurst No. 2 is on. May 26th, 2020, from the U.S. Open tees. Kiz joins the show to discuss the Kisner Foundation and how he likes his chances, what he thinks of ours, what it will take to win, and much more. After Kiz, we discuss in detail our feelings on the Taylormade Driving Relief Skins Game and the upcoming Tiger, Phil, Brady and Manning match.
Steve Cook, the Director of Grounds at Medinah Country Club, joins the podcast. Andy and Steve talk about his long career, including his time in France and his experience prepping courses for major championships. They also discuss Steve’s management style, which has helped produce a number of up-and-coming leaders in the turf industry today.
Jake Hutt is an up-and-coming Californian golf instructor who has garnered much Social Media popularity with his instructional style and insightful approach to teaching. He joins "On the Mark" to share his research, his trial and error, and his thoughts on a powerful and repeating golf swing. He addresses the hands influence on the club, and he draws parallels between a hockey slap-shot and the golf swing. Jake also shares "5 Ways Not to Suck". Five fun, rhyming, easy to apply tips to improve your golf.
Two time Super Bowl champ Chris Long joins Paige as they discuss The Match. Always lots of T and A and Holly Sonders returns to get in on the action.
Sir Nick Faldo joins the show (24:03) The 6-time major winner & lead CBS Golf analyst didn’t just go after Riggs’ golf game, he went after everything about his life. We also get more insight into the Masters Champions Dinner, Sir Nick and Jim Nantz’s relationship, key putts to win major championships, and much more. In From The Gallery, momentum continues to mount for Kisner vs the Fore Play Scramble at Pinehurst No. 2, will Charlie Woods wear red on Sundays, and we “preview” Sunday’s upcoming skins match with Rory, DJ, Rickie, and Wolff.
Hank Haney and Minnesota Tim talk about the current state of affairs going on in our country. Learn more about your ad-choices at
With both hosts worse-for-the-wear, the Part 2 Spotlight on Ernie Els is pushed to Friday. This Wednesday episode begins with some debate on the excitement over The Match’s astronomic TV ratings. Does that number matter as a proof of concept for something more or is it just indicative of a one-time windfall in a unique moment? This leads to some further debate over mic’d up players and if we’ll ever actually see that on the PGA Tour. Andy also relays a hunch about one tournament on the upcoming PGA Tour schedule perhaps not being played. The second half of the episode is devoted to Masashi “Jumbo” Ozaki. Brendan relays some notes from a day of reading and researching the Japanese legend. His dominant career on the Japan Tour is covered in depth, as well as his ambivalence to playing outside of that Tour. His flamboyant style, allegations of cheating, playing with illegal “hot” equipment, and rumors of ties to organized crime are also discussed in detail.
Today you’ll hear part 1 of the building of Bandon Dunes, as told by Mike Keiser, the owner, David McLay Kidd and his father, Jimmy, the architects, and Josh Lesnik and his father, Steve, who won the bid to manage it. Bandon Dunes, the original course...
On this week's episode of GOLF's Subpar, Heisman Trophy winner Johnny Manziel joins former PGA Tour pro Colt Knost and his close friend and on course rival Drew Stoltz for an exclusive, in-studio, interview. Johnny details his love for the game of golf, the most he's ever bet on the course, dealing with his rapid rise to fame, and the true story behind his Rodman-esque Las Vegas trip during the season.
This Wednesday episode begins with a quick reaction to news that the U.S. Open will have no open qualifying this year. Then Brendan and Andy start to take on the monster that is the Spotlight of Ernie Els’ life and career. Part 1 starts with the 10,000-foot view, offering up some numbers that frame just how much of a talent he was and the success of his career. It transitions to his earliest days in South Africa and his decision to go full-time into golf, some of his immediate amateur success, and his mandated military service. Then the first decade of his pro career is explored in depth. They touch on the two U.S. Open wins, featuring the controversial drop at Oakmont and the “rowdiest crowd ever” at Congressional. His dominance on the world stage is praised with tales from across the globe in his 20s. The competing narratives of Ernie as a closing killer and choker are discussed after his first major win. The amusing tale of his engagement is relayed. And finally, the last few years before Tiger dominated the game are discussed in context of what was then presumed a future rivalry, with some amazing freezing cold takes in the Ernie v. Tiger debate before the year 2000.
Adam Scott is known for one of the most coveted and envied swings in golf. He describes his technique and how he continues to refine it through lessons learned to sustain long-standing success. Currently, Adam is the #6 player in the world, formerly #1. He has achieved 31 professional victories, including being the first Australian to win a Master’s Tournament. Winning is such a great habit to have because it’s hard to do.
Stew Hagestad finished low amateur at the 2017 Masters yet has never decided to turn pro. We chat with Stew about amateur golf, how good the pros really are, being on the U.S. Open range with Tiger, & much more. Also, who would win in a match at Pinehurst No. w, the 4 Fore Play guys playing a 4-man scramble or Kevin Kisner playing his own ball?
Code red, golf video games are back. Maybe. A “PGA Tour 2K21” teaser has launched out of the clouds, and we’re here to debate what this game could or couldn’t be. Will it live up to the Tiger games? Can it? What does it need? Will it have Tiger, other places, great courses? We also react to the confirmation of the Rory, DJ, Rickie, Matt Wolff event at Seminole, then take some From The Galleries including: history aside, what’s the most purely eye-popping golf course you’ve ever seen, and would you rather play a top-25 course with 3 stiffs or your local dog track with your 3 best buddies?
The Match turned out to be an entertaining "pity sport!" Matty and Caddie give their full review of it including Justin Thomas' burgeoning TV stardom, Tiger not being the main attraction of the broadcast, the fabulous cart talk, it being way better than last week's "pity sport," how it has likely helped to grow the game and why there should be more of these events. Plus, could Caddie make a return to caddying?! (27:29)
John Bodenhamer, the USGA's Senior Managing Director, Championships joins Andy Johnson on the podcast. The two talk about John's golf background and his time on some of the great early 80s BYU teams before diving into championship setup. The discussion finishes with a conversation about 2020's USGA Championships and how they will go about filling the fields without qualifying.
On this week's episode of GOLF's Subpar, NBA Legend, and analyst, Charles Barkley joins former PGA Tour pro Colt Knost and his close friend and on course rival Drew Stoltz for an exclusive, in-studio, interview. Charles explains the difficulty of criticizing friends as an analyst, how it affected his relationships with Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant, and why his golf game just isn't as good as it used to be. Charles also shares some legendary tales from gambling on the course and at the tables.
In this episode of the Hank Haney Podcast, Hank takes you through the best practice techniques to help you improve your golf game. Hank talks about creating and committing to a plan, dividing your practice time, practice routines and plenty more! Go to and check out Hank's latest book: How to Play Better Golf Today - Lessons of a Lifetime. Learn more about your ad-choices at
Enjoy your MDW with a special "Best Of" edition of Subpar, featuring all the top moments since our launch in January.
On episode eighteen of Get a Grip, Shane and Max share their observations from the 10-part documentary on ESPN, The Last Dance. The guys talk about things they learned from the documentary, Jordan's mentality, Jordan's influence and much more! Learn more about your ad-choices at
On this episode, Brandel and Jaime touch on live golf's return at TaylorMade Driving Relief before going in-depth remembering the Tiger Slam and attempt to put it in perspective with other monumental achievements from the world of golf.
Rick Shiels chats about whats it been like locked down in a home golf simulator Who would I pick to SAVE my YouTube channel NEW YOUTUBE CHANNEL: the brand new Rick Shiels Golf Show Podcast Facebook...
Part 1 leaves off in 1985, when Ben Crenshaw convinces Bill Coore to partner up. In part 2, we get them through some lean years, making a name for themselves in Maui, and tell the story of striking pay dirt and pink flags in the sand hills of...
Ken Kearney went from a decorated Irish amateur player to a career in finance to golf-course architect. For his next big challenge, he wants to shrink the game.
Butch Harmon is arguably one of golf's greatest instructors of all-time. He has worked with countless PGA TOUR greats including Greg Norman, Phil Mickelson and Tiger Woods. He joins our podcast to share some "pearls" of golf from his father Claude, Sr. Among many topics, Butch dives into golf swing theory, the importance of impact, ball-flight and trajectory, the key to repetition, eliminating one side of the target and keeping things simple. He also talks in depth about Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson.
Today the PGA Tour announced the creation of PGA Tour University, a special ranking system to help the game’s top collegiate male golfers make it to the PGA Tour ranks (4:50). Last week the tour announced the cancelation of the John Deere Classic. Could the PGA Tour go back-to-back weeks at Muirfield Village? Should the tour have taken this approach from the beginning (12:10)? The European Tour is coming back to action with a “UK Swing” starting in July! What can fans expect to see on the links as Europes top players return (18:40)? According to Greg Norman, the PGA Tour is exploring the creation of a side pot to pay its top players. This is supposedly a move to create an incentive for the top players to stay with the PGA Tour and not jump ship to the upstart PGL (24:50). ————————— 'First Cut' is available on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher, Castbox and wherever else you listen to podcasts.  Follow our hosts on Twitter: @KylePorterCBS, @mark_immelman, @RickRunGood, @therealGFD For more golf coverage from CBS Sports, visit To hear more from the CBS Sports Podcast Network, visit Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
2:44 - TaylorMade Driving Relief 13:55 - Has Callaway Golf Lost Their Mojo? 20:33 - The Truth About Made-For Shafts 45:10 - Vokey's Wedge Works K-Grind 1:03:24 - What Is The HYPE METER? 1:07:00 - #MyTubSpy 1:16:07 - CBD Debacle
Paige, Rory, Dustin, Matthew and Rickie. Paige enjoys drinking on the golf course and the push cart debate continues.
Jordan Spieth, Dustin Johnson and Tiger Woods…Paige reveals her most inappropriate thoughts about each of them. Paige talks about her golf experience with Tiger Woods and who will win The Match: Champions for Charity.  We know the photos GUYS send to Paige...but Paige reveals the photos GIRLS send! Plus, golf returns...Nascar returns...
On this week's episode of Subpar, three-time PGA Tour winner Pat Perez joins former PGA Tour pro Colt Knost and his close friend and on course rival Drew Stoltz for an exclusive, in-studio interview. Pat tells Colt and Drew what it was like playing against Tiger as an amateur, exactly how many Jordan shoes he has in his collection, and what it was like outdriving John Daly as a 16-year-old caddie.
David tackles a question from a listener about putting practice and shares his favorite drill.
We are joined by 2 very, VERY special guests on today’s show. First up we have 2008 Masters Champion Trevor Immelman (27:07) who shares some incredible stories from this year's President's Cup and the challenges of coaching the international team from a cultural standpoint. He also shares some eye-opening stories about Tiger Woods and how he brings his competitiveness to… the lunch table? Then we are joined by the man, the myth, the legend, 12-year old Pete (84:41) who recaps his round with Riggs including pre-round thoughts, nerves while playing, and how he thought both him and Riggs played.
Holly Sonders joins Paige to talk golf, sports, life, her relationship status and how many grapes she can fit in her mouth.
Minnesota Tim Parochka brings you a presentation of the best clips from the previous week on the Hank Haney Podcast. Go to and check out Hank's latest book: How to Play Better Golf Today - Lessons of a Lifetime. Learn more about your ad-choices at
Tisha Alyn has been a achiever at every level of golf. An accomplished AJGA golfer, a college standout at Cal-State Fullerton and a Tour Professional, she has plenty of experience which she parlays into a successful teaching career. She is also a Social Media influencer who does trick-shots/entertainment. Tisha possesses a vast knowledge of golf swing technique and she breaks the swing down into manageable bits for you to learn. Tisha examines Address, the Backswing, the Downswing, Impact and the Finish.
Minnesota Tim on what's happening in Minneapolis and St. Paul and the Great Predictor talks about players with 21 wins on the PGA TOUR (1:00 - 22:44). Justin Thomas shines in the match (22:55 - 35:46). Soft or hard (35:54 - 46:14). Go to and check out Hank's latest book: How to Play Better Golf Today - Lessons of a Lifetime. Learn more about your ad-choices at
A smiling Brendan and Andy hop on the horn and chat about all things Match 2 in what was a great day for golf in the spotlight. They review the all four players, the broadcast, Medalist, and the prospects for more of these in the future. How did this capture such a wide swath of the sports world’s attention and have what seemed to be a unanimous approval rating? Tom Brady’s struggles are explored with great depth and revelry. They debate his worst shot and also marvel at his hole-out birdie in the midst of what seemed to be his worst stretch. Andy argues Tiger’s play wasn’t as good as the breathless reactions on Twitter and elsewhere were making it out to be. There’s also an argument made that Peyton outplayed Phil through the front nine. Justin Thomas’s work is praised as well as Charles Barkley’s and they ponder what this should mean, if anything, for the traditional broadcast. Does the success of this Match give the PGL any newfound juice and appeal as some sort of stripped down professional product? They close with a apologies about the hats and promise more coming soon.
Paige bares all and answers your questions about her boobs/melons, Playboy, losing her virginity and Bachelor parties. And...Golf is returning..soon! Let's discuss.
As an appetizer for the upcoming Tiger-Phil (plus Manning and Brady) match, Andy and Garrett speak with golf historian Stephen Proctor about the history of challenge matches. They discuss the importance of rowdy, big-money matches to early golf culture in Scotland, the eventual ascendancy of stroke play as the dominant competitive format, and the ways that today's televised matches might recapture some of the magic of the past. Stephen is the author of Monarch of the Green, a biography of Young Tom Morris.
Golf doesn’t stop for Memorial Day. Alex Myers, Sam Weinman and Daniel Rapaport discuss everything about The Match, from how good Tiger Woods looked to Justin Thomas the broadcasting phenom to Tom Brady and Peyton Manning’s golf games. Then, the trio debates what athletes or celebrities would be the best fit for this type of format in the future.
We're back for another episode of The First Cut! Today Trevor Immelman stops by to talk with his brother Mark and Greg DuCharme about what it was like being on the team that helped "The Match" make it to air. Trevor talks us through how he got the gig and what it was like to work with the legendary Charles Barkley in the broadcast booth (10:26). We also get Trevor's thoughts on how Tiger's game really looked. Should we no longer be concerned about Big Cat's health after his no-show at The Players (13:32)? Does Trevor think we'll see Tiger on the links within the PGA Tour's first month of return (16:22)? We also get Trevor Immelman's take on Phil's hopes for making the 2020 U.S. Open at Winged Foot (18:40). ————————— 'First Cut' is available on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher, Castbox and wherever else you listen to podcasts.  Follow our hosts on Twitter: @KylePorterCBS, @mark_immelman, @RickRunGood, @therealGFD For more golf coverage from CBS Sports, visit To hear more from the CBS Sports Podcast Network, visit Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Rick Shiels chats about weird golf superstitions, a new listener of the week and why Rick may need some new golf clubs!
On this week's episode of Subpar, two-time Major Champion John Daly joins former PGA Tour pro Colt Knost and his close friend and on course rival Drew Stoltz for an exclusive interview. John lets Colt and Drew know what it was like playing with a 13-year-old Tiger Woods, why he thinks he never was picked for America's Ryder Cup team, and if he thinks he will make the Hall of Fame one day.
Max Homa (16:16) joins the show for the first time. The PGA Tour winner & prolific twitter user discusses — during what was supposed to be his first ever Masters week — the revised 2020 golf schedule, a November Masters, roasting people’s swings online, meeting Tiger Woods on the driving range, and a whole lot more. A top interview in Fore Play history.
Collin Morikawa (42:17) joins the show for the first time. He’s definitely not superstitious but always keeps exactly 5 tees in his pocket. Hmm. We have an awesome conversation on being one of the young guns, winning early, and what the John Deere Classic means to him. In other news, Riggs is bald and we debate if his “ace” on the Cradle is really an ace.
Paige reveals who Pixie and Dixie we hear some erotic fan fiction. We all learn about "guy hot" vs. "girl hot"...Paige teaches us all. And, Paige tells us what’s in her golf bag.
On episode fifteen of Get a Grip, Shane and Max dive into the 2019 Wells Fargo Championship one year after Max's win. The guys run through Max's four rounds at Quail Hollow and he shares his approach to winning the tournament, his nerves down the stretch, the Saturday night before, the rain delay and a lot more! Learn more about your ad-choices at
On this week's episode of GOLF's Subpar, two-time PGA Tour Winner Kevin Streelman joins former PGA Tour pro Colt Knost and his close friend and on course rival Drew Stoltz for an exclusive, in-studio, interview. Kevin goes into his budding Pebble Beach Pro-Am dynasty with NFL legend Larry Fitzgerald, his rise from the mini tours, greasing his way into good Duke tickets in college, and what he would change if he was Commissioner of the PGA Tour.
It’s an old school show. Just the crew. First, we debate if Riggs is a squid for narc’ing on some golfers at Pinehurst. Then we discuss Jack’s short game. How bad was it? Why was it not up to the standards of the rest of his game? We also take more From The Galleries and discuss each others’ games. Throwback episode.
David Edel tells the story of Edel Golf from its origin to present time.
On episode seventeen of Get a Grip, Shane and Max open up discussing their takeaways from the TaylorMade Driving Relief and Seminole Golf Club. Then the guys give their facial hair power rankings, list their favorite sports logos and respond to your questions. Learn more about your ad-choices at
Do you play to not lose instead of playing to win? In this week's golf psychology session, mental game of golf expert and author of The Mental Game of Golf, Dr. Cohn, responds to a question from Steve who had this to say about his game: I have trouble playing to win from the start of the round and play too safe. Any thoughts on playing to win when the round starts rather than once you have a lead? Listen to the podcast now to learn what Dr. Cohn has to say about playing with an avoidance mindset. Great Resources for Golfers: Download a free golf psychology report to improve your preshot routine. Visit Golf Psychology Coach for more mental game articles and videos. Check out ore golf psychology coaching programs at *Please subscribe to The Golf Psychology Podcast at iTunes. Dr. Patrick Cohn is a golf psychology expert and author of the "Golfer's Mental Edge" audio program and Breaking The Yips Cycle DVD program. He teaches amateur to tour professional golfers how to improve their mental game of golf using golf psychology strategies developed over the last 30+ years of his career.
This episode of the Yolk with Doak features the final part of the conversation Andy and Tom had this past January in Traverse City, Michigan. They discuss a variety of topics, including the challenges of building on linskland, Mike Strantz, Woking Golf Club, stymies, and how golf might mesh with environmentalism.
David Edel answers a few questions from golfers about torque balance putters.
This week, Rex Hoggard and Ryan Lavner share their thoughts on Phil and Tiger's match and how the past two weeks' charity events could relate to what we'll see on the PGA Tour when it returns at Colonial on June 11.
2019 and '21 Walker Cup captain Nathaniel Crosby joins the podcast to talk about last week’s match at Seminole, his days on the European Tour, and next year's Walker Cup.
You've probably heard just about every possible reason as to why you're slicing the golf ball.  Grip pressure can be a sneaky contributor to the over the top path issue, and in this episode we look to fix exactly that! Want to see what I'm saying?  Here's the link to watch on YouTube: Want my free 3 video series on how to build your mental game to break 90?  Get it here:
Just what it says in the title. An in-depth interview with Christina Kim. And a bit of other stuff.
Webb Simpson’s clear path to achieving success separates him from other professional golf players. Currently, Webb is ranked #9 in the world. He has six PGA Tour wins, including the 2012 U.S. Open and 2018 Players Championship. Webb shares actionable tips on how he develops his hard skills, iron play, putting, and world-renowned short game. Topics: Elephant in the Room: How are the Simpsons dealing with coronavirus? Formula for Success: Stay sharp, sleep well, and maintain momentum with schedule Origins of Influence: Fellow player, Kevin Larsen, and Webb’s father, Sam Simpson Time on Task: Replicate putt and chip practice process for similar success Play vs. Practice: Learn by playing game, pace yourself, and practice patience Putter Technique: Shift and switch early from anchoring Where Webb’s courage, confidence, and competition comes from Life Events, Phases, and Stages: How did it feel to win? Putting Fundamentals: Alignment, start line, and adaptability Webb Simpson Challenge: Stay calm and keep the faith Links and Resources: Webb Simpson Webb Simpson Challenge Altus Performance Altus Performance on Twitter Altus Performance on Instagram Altus Performance on Facebook Caddie Paul Tesori Kevin Larsen Brendon Todd Anais Nim Pat Goss Bubba Watson PGA Tour Ryder Cup Presidents Cup U.S. Open Championship Players Championship Walker Cup Arnold Palmer Cup Masters Tournament Total Golf Trainer Tweets/Quotes: “Life is fast and in a hurry for most people and for us. It’s been nice to slow down.” “Thankfully, the golf course is still open around here. So, I’ve been able to practice.” “Playing reveals areas you need to work on both physically and mentally.” “I love to play, and I love to compete, and I love to have a putt on the last hole that meant something.” “We just hit it off from the start. We had a great friendship from the start. We were comfortable around each other.We were like-minded in our faith, in life, in family.”
Super Bowl champ DeMarcus Ware joins the show live from his in-home golf simulator. The 9-time Pro Bowler is now obsessed with GOLF and has some hilarious input from his perspective (90:23). In Headlines, Tiger Woods and Peyton Manning vs Phil Mickelson and Tom Brady is confirmed happening next month and Rory McIlroy says a fan-less Ryder Cup is “not a Ryder Cup.” In From The Gallery, what’s the lowest score you think you’ll ever shoot in your career, and how many golf balls do you typically carry to make sure you won’t run out during a round?
In this episode of the Hank Haney Podcast, Hank reacts to the huge rating the Match received on TNT compared to the TaylorMade Driving Relief. Hank also talks about how the Match could drive change in entertainment on the PGA TOUR. Learn more about your ad-choices at
Country megastar Jake Owen (32:20) returns to the show. His last appearance was our most viral show yet, with the Phil Mickelson at Jordan Spieth’s wedding story making its way everywhere. Believe me, this appearance does not disappoint. We get great stories, and unexpected and uplifting insight into Jake’s world of songwriting and performing. Phenomenal interview.
Few people in the golf design business knew Pete Dye better than Bobby Weed, who first interned for his mentor in the 1970s. Weed comes into the Salon with Derek Duncan and Jim Urbina to share his thoughts on how Dye continues to influence him, the overriding consideration of drainage, being courted by Jack Nicklaus,…Read More Read More
From The Gallery delivers today in a big way. How many stroke lead would you need on 16 tee to win the Masters? Is the golf galaxy club testing full of shit? Then, the president of Pinehurst, Tom Pashley (58:45), sits down for an hour to talk everything Pinehurst with Riggs. In depth, fascinating interview with a very important man.
Our guest on the podcast this week is top instructor Bill Schmedes. Tune in as Bill teaches us how your body reacts to your club face position throughout the swing. Listen to This Week’s Show Download on iTunes here Download on Stitcher here Download on Spreaker here Download on SoundCloud here Listen on Spotify here Watch this Week’s Show: Links ... Read More
Hank and the Great Predictor debate the entertainment value in the match (1:00 - 18:12). Tom Brady's struggles (18:21 - 32:31). Tiger makes it look easy and celebrities pitch in (32:45 - 1:02:00). Go to and check out Hank's latest book: How to Play Better Golf Today - Lessons of a Lifetime. Learn more about your ad-choices at
When we think of confidence and self-belief, we immediately think of Ian Poulter. Ian has had an amazing career on tour winning two WGC events and has held the number 5 spot in the world rankings. His performances in the Ryder Cup have been nothing shy of unbelievable, where he has been given the ni ...
1:35 - 2020 Most Wanted Stand Bag 🏆 16:19 - 2020 Indoor Putting Mat Results 🏆 19:18 - Anonymous Golf Course Shows How Much They Are Hurting 23:25 - Sub70 Golf Releases New Irons 31:30 - WARNING: Are You Playing THIS Golf Ball? 42:44 - Will There Be A PGA Show 2021? 44:44 - Tom Brady and Peyton Manning 49:58 - Tony Joins a Clinical Trial + Chris Announces #MyTubSpy
On this week's episode, PGA Tour winner Kevin Chappell joins former PGA Tour pro Colt Knost and his close friend and on course rival Drew Stoltz for an exclusive, in-studio interview. The former collegiate player of the year explains the impact of shooting a 59 in his first event back from injury, why he plays so well in Majors, and why everyone is wearing costumes for his interview.
On Sunday, May 17, four of the best golfers in the world will take on one of the best courses in the world. Rory McIlroy, Dustin Johnson, Rickie Fowler, and Matthew Wolff are set to play in TaylorMade Driving Relief, a televised charity skins match at Seminole Golf Club in Juno Beach, Florida. The rarely publicized Seminole is known as one of Donald Ross's most subtle and brilliant designs. To understand the course better, Andy talks to architect Bill Coore, who along with Ben Crenshaw restored Seminole in 2017, and PGA Tour pro Zac Blair, who has played the course several times in the annual Seminole Pro-Member.
Is your girlfriend annoyed you follow Paige? Are you better at golf when you are drunk? And a surprise guest from one of Paige’s favorite shows!
On May 17, live golf returns to television with one of the greatest players, Rickie Fowler, teaming up with Matthew Wolff to go against Rory McIlroy and Dustin Johnson in the TaylorMade Driving Relief event. Rickie ranked as the world’s #1 amateur golfer for 36 weeks in 2007-2008. He reached fourth in the Official World Golf Ranking after the 2016 Abu Dhabi HSBC Golf Championship. Topics: Where? Seminole Golf Club⁠— one of the best golf courses in the world. Why? TaylorMade Driving Relief, a charity event to benefit COVID-19 efforts What it takes to prepare, be in tip-top-shape? Return to home routine during off-season Changes and Refinements: Sequencing, positioning, swing, grip, and the redneck shuffle Complexity vs. Simplicity: Players need to feel and find their own way to reach objective Swing Thoughts: Percent of rounds playing blank⁠—doesn’t happen Origin Story: Grandpa got juices flowing by generating interest in playing golf Stamp of Approval: Don’t make the next step until you’re ready Natural Talent and Sacrifices: Focus on golf, not other sports; what Rickie wanted to do Differentiators: Too much success early can be good or bad to rise to the occasion Life Ethos: Reframe optimism and perspective—life is a lot bigger than golf Links and Resources: Rickie Fowler Matthew Wolff Rory McIlroy Dustin Johnson TaylorMade Driving Relief Seminole Golf Club Tiger Woods Altus Performance Altus Performance on Twitter Altus Performance on Instagram Altus Performance on Facebook PGA Tour Abu Dhabi HSBC Golf Championship Presidents Cup Waste Management Phoenix Open The British Open Ryder Cup Total Golf Trainer Tweets/Quotes: “I love to play, but I also want to play to the best of my abilities.” “I’ve found ways through working on things, if I’ve struggled one day, it will click the next.” “Sometimes, you have to take a step back to take the two steps forward.” “If it’s something that you truly want to do, it shouldn’t necessarily be a sacrifice.” “Putting is the easiest thing to be good at.”
Dr. Chapman (Ph.D. Clinical Psychology) is the Founder and Director of the Kentucky Center for Anxiety and Related Disorders and specializes in cognitive behavioral therapy including exposure for panic disorder, specific phobias, and social anxiety disorders. He also works with athletes and joins us to help you navigate fear and anxiety. He contrasts and describes the two emotions. He talks about emotional regulation skills, mental toughness, enhanced self-talk and mental imagery for fear-free performance.
This holiday weekend Friday episode rolls into the weekend with some pleasant news from Andy’s round in Minnesota this week, tales of conference calls gone awry, and the announcement that the Shotgun Start now really, actually has merch in the form of a few hats. Then they get to the news of the week, starting with a report that the European Tour has plans for a return, concentrated in the UK on what will now be known here as the Manor swing. This transitions to comments from Lee Westwood, Adam Scott, and other international players on the difficulty and concerns of re-joining the PGA Tour in its earliest months and their plans to probably avoid it. Also, they debate around this what will happen to the OWGR when the American tour resumes but the rest of the world is still paused. The strong fields that keep building in the PGA Tour’s first few events are celebrated. They close with a wide-ranging and rambling preview of The Match at Medalist, reviewing and critiquing some of the formats and side challenges, the course’s strengths and weaknesses, Shark Tales from the club’s history, how it will stack up to the Seminole match, and some intel from the ground on how Tiger might be setting it up in his favor. Oh, and Andy also tells a story about watching Jonathan Quinn play QB for the Bears.
In episode sixteen of Get a Grip, Shane and Max open up discussing Mother's Day and Joel Dahmen's course record. Then the guys get into the brilliance of Phil and Tiger's short game, Max's prep for the return of the PGA TOUR season, entrees vs. apps and the top-5 swaggiest walks on Tour. Learn more about your ad-choices at
The Tiger vs. Phil match is back with some NFL star power. Trevor Immelman breaks down each player’s game ahead of him covering the event at Medalist for Turner Sports. And our gambling gurus, Alex Myers, Stephen Hennessey and Christopher Powers, give their best bets and favorite prop bets for Sunday’s match.
In this volume of the Salon, architect Gil Hanse sits with Derek Duncan and Jim Urbina to discuss how he and design partner Jim Wagner build golf courses. They talk about the sanctity of being on machinery, if routing is more vital to a good course than shaping, the importance of “cooling off,” the importance…Read More Read More
Annika Sorenstam, arguably the GOAT of women's golf, joins the pod to discuss her game during the pandemic, whether players should be mic’d up at tournaments and what she remembers from her LPGA record-breaking 59. Also, Alex Myers, Daniel Rapaport and Keely Levins talk about everything surrounding the European Tour restart and how entertaining it was to watch Tiger dissect amateurs’ swings.
Contributing Editor D.J. Piehowski makes his return to the TGJ Podcast—reading his thorough TGJ No. 11 profile on the reverse routing at remote Silvies Valley Ranch. Fellow TGJ contributor Neil Schuster joins him to add commentary and context from their homestead into Eastern Oregon’s rugged frontier.
In this week's 'Under the Strap' podcast, host T.J. Auclair welcomes two PGA Tour caddies who have seen it all in their combined 80 years inside the ropes -- Tony Navarro and John 'Cub' Burke. Navarro, who currently works for Nick Watney, was the bagman for Greg Norman in his heyday during the 1990s. He was also there for the 1996 Masters -- something Navarro gave us plenty of great insight on. Navarro also spent time caddying for Raymond Floyd and Adam Scott. Burke, meanwhile, is part of a bag-share currently with Bill Haas, but previously caddied for the likes of Davis Love III and Brad Faxon, looping in four Ryder Cups. When he's not caddying, Burke is at home in Sun Valley, Idaho coaching the Black Diamond Hockey League.
John Swantek hangs with Frank Nobilo to discuss his life in the game; from turning pro at age 18 to his 18 years in broadcasting for Golf Channel and CBS.
"Live golf" is back and Matty & The Caddie share their thoughts on the Rory McIlroy/Dustin Johnson/Ricky Fowler/Matt Wolff charity match. Later, the guys get into The Match Pt. 2 and why everyone involved is a corporation, Lee Westwood and Adam Scott saying they're not yet comfortable playing events, and the USGA canceling U.S. Open qualifiers.
Does your putting hold you back from playing your best in tournaments? In this week's golf psychology session, mental game of golf expert and author of The Mental Game of Golf, Dr. Cohn, responds to a question from Connor who had this to say about his game: I played in my State Am the other week and had the worst putting rounds of my life. I was not nervous at all and hit the ball really well. Typically, I'm a good putter but for some reason I was lost on the greens. I had a couple of 4 putts through 54 holes which hasn't happened to me ever. Usually in AM tournaments my putting is the one thing that causes me issues. Feel free to talk about it on the podcast! Listen to the podcast now to learn what Dr. Cohn has to say about overcoming putting woes. Great Resources for Golfers: Download a free golf psychology report to improve your preshot routine. Visit Golf Psychology Coach for more mental game articles and videos. Check out ore golf psychology coaching programs at *Please subscribe to The Golf Psychology Podcast at iTunes. Dr. Patrick Cohn is a golf psychology expert and author of the "Golfer's Mental Edge" audio program and Breaking The Yips Cycle DVD program. He teaches amateur to tour professional golfers how to improve their mental game of golf using golf psychology strategies developed over the last 30+ years of his career.
Paige answers a question as old as time and you need to hear this discussion... Does size matter??
Renaissance Golf Senior Associate Brian Schneider joins Andy to talk golf course architecture. The discussion starts with Brian’s work at North Jersey CC, a Walter Travis design, and ranges from Llanarch CC's above-ground features to Augusta National to Langford & Moreau’s bold shaping. Follow Brian on Twitter (@bschneider126) and Instagram (bschneidergolf).
Jonathan stops by to talk about their recent live show on Monday Nights. And just about the off season and how Jomez Pro started.
On this week's episode, PGA Tour Winner Tony Finau joins former PGA Tour pro Colt Knost and his close friend and on course rival Drew Stoltz for an exclusive, in-studio interview. The guys dive into Tony's background including his breakthrough as a pro golfer and his chances to lock in another Tour win.
Live from the ATT PEBBLE BEACH PRO AM! Paige Spiranac is in beautiful Pebble Beach at the tournament. Get in on the action with her perspective and player interviews!
We start by wrapping with our final thoughts on The Match II and just how special Medalist Golf Club played (1:00). Next we go into our superlatives for the celebrity charity event (8:25). Who won our hearts in the broadcast booth? Whose cart looked the slickest out on the course? Was it Tiger Woods, Phil Mickelson, Peyton Manning or Tom Brady who walked away with the coveted “First Cut Best Dressed” award? After the break we quiz Kyle and Greg on a topic they’ve totally not been studying up on, golfers who have won four or more majors (27:15). ————————— 'First Cut' is available on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher, Castbox and wherever else you listen to podcasts.  Follow our hosts on Twitter: @KylePorterCBS, @mark_immelman, @RickRunGood, @therealGFD For more golf coverage from CBS Sports, visit To hear more from the CBS Sports Podcast Network, visit Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Walter Iooss Jr. shares several stories about his special relationship with NBA legend Michael Jordan, chasing Tiger Woods at a golf tournament, almost botching a portrait session with Jack Nicklaus and Arnold Palmer, and how he captured arguably the...
On episode fourteen of Get a Grip, Shane and Max open up discussing their Saturday watch party of the 1996 U.S. Amateur called: "Re-Gripped". Then the guys spin the quarantine narrative into a positive, discuss most annoying golf terms, their feel good Friday and answer your questions! Learn more about your ad-choices at
Bob Ford is one of the all-time leading PGA Professionals. The long-time Head Professional at Oakmont in PA, he is now the Head Golf Professional at Seminole Golf Club in South Florida. Highly respected and decorated, Ford joins to talk about his career in the professional game and lessons learned from the greats. He shares Ben Hogan and Lew Worsham anecdotes/lessons, and he previews the TaylorMade Driving Relief Skins Game featuring Rory McIlroy, Dustin Johnson, Rickie Fowler and Matt Wolff at Seminole.
Paige gets raw and personal about a challenging time that impacted her life in an extraordinary way. And Beer cart etiquette...with a little T & A.
On this week's episode, three time PGA Tour winner Paul Casey joins former PGA Tour pro Colt Knost and his close friend and on course rival Drew Stoltz for an exclusive, in-studio interview. The back to back winner of the Valspar Championship discusses the behind the scenes of playing in the Ryder Cup, an amazing thing he witnessed at the Masters, and how today's stars compare to Tiger in his prime.
Boo Weekley is a 3-time winner on The PGA TOUR, a USA Ryder Cup Team member and a ball-striker extraordinaire. Always candid, he joins our podcast to talk about his career in golf. He dives into how he learned the game, how a homemade golf training aid taught him about a reliable body pivot, lessons from the Mini Tours, his wins on the PGA TOUR and his experience in the 2008 Ryder Cup. He also talks about his approach to golf swing technique, his course management style and how he strikes the ball so well.
This week, we are joined by golfing, baking rugby man Brian O'Driscoll, telling stories of high-fiving Tiger Woods for just too long. Eddie talks Caligula and Epicurean delights while Andrew considers putting in an offer for Greg Norman's house.
The whole crew is in quarantine due to the novel coronavirus but that isn’t stopping us. Kevin Kisner joins to discuss his experience as a player at The PLAYERS Championship during the cancelation, what he thinks will happen to the 2020 Masters, and what he’s going to do while out of a job. Without Kiz, we debate how deadly golf is as a sport, living and playing Pebble Beach if you weren’t allowed to play anywhere else, and which par 3 would be the best to get a hole-in-one on in competition.
Andy and Brendan get together shortly after the conclusion of the Driving Relief match at Seminole to reflect on the return of televised golf. It starts with some gratitude for this effort and undertaking to bring golf back, and in such a prime venue. Then they get to some quick reactions on the day -- what they liked, did not like, and the aesthetic of the world’s best carrying their own bags through this world class course on the ocean. Grades are handed out for the different players, the course, the broadcast, and the overall coverage. They also settle their bet on who has to wear the apparel from the Kaboom Line. There are a few laments in there about Bill Murray, needless tweets, and distractions from the core product. But that leads to a debate on who this event was really for -- a larger audience or the golf addicts -- and whether a permanent program like this (best players, best courses, variety of match formats on tv) should emerge after the pandemic ends.
Jeff McNeil (70:30) of the New York Mets joins the show. Yes, he’s an elite baseball player today, but he didn’t play on his high school team until his senior year. Golf was his passion. Often, it still is. We compare the baseball swing to the golf swing, get a great Will Ferrell story, and much more. In Headlines, the TOUR may be securing ONE MILLION test kits in an effort to restart. In From The Gallery, could we break Billy Casper’s opening round 106 in the 2005 Masters?
1:40 - PXG Drivers Only $295? 13:21 - Has Honma finally cracked the code? 29:53 - #BallLab: Not Round + Non-Conforming Golf Balls 51:24 - Golf Courses Busy But Not Making Money? 1:04:33 - Coming soon! PGA Tour 2K21
We’re not a hockey podcast, so Carolina Hurricanes defenseman Brady Skjei (54:35) joins the show. We talk quarantine life, guys in the NHL’s golf games, Brady’s thoughts (former New York Ranger) on Frankie’s Henrik Lundqvist takes, and a ton more. In Headlines, rumors of a Tiger Woods, Phil Mickelson, Tom Brady & Peyton Manning match continue to intensify. In From The Gallery, how many strokes would you save if every green were perfectly flat?
On episode thirteen of the Shack Show, Geoff Shackelford delivers a take on the huge ratings in the Champions for Charity Match on TNT and describes how this broadcast could be the bridge to change in the future.
In this episode of Athletic Motion Golf: the podcast, Mike and Shaun look at the motion of the spine (upper body) during the entire swing and to help you hit more solid longer shots. This is a misunderstood topic that confuses many golfers. Understanding this can take your ball-striking to the next level!
World No. 1 Rory McIlroy sits down with Trottie to discuss his switch to the TP5 golf ball, the importance of spin for better players, using analytics to improve and more.
Bob May is a PGA TOUR and European Tour winner. An accomplished golfer at every level he has unique insights and experiences and he brings these to his role as a golf instructor. In this podcast he revisits his '99 British Masters win when he held off Colin Montgomerie. He also dives into his final round duel with Tiger Woods at the 2000 PGA Championship. He talks about key shots, elaborates on Tiger moments and shares his experience. As a bonus Bob also teaches you to "Swing the Handle" like Eddie Merrins.
On this week's episode, rising PGA Tour pro Wyndham Clark joins former PGA Tour pro Colt Knost and his close friend and on course rival Drew Stoltz for an exclusive, in-studio interview. The rising star talks about the chances he may be the next Bachelor, going to high school with NFL running back Christian McCaffery, and chasing his first Tour win.
Mike Adams and Terry Rowles are both leaders in the Golf Instruction Industry. Both gentlemen are "Golf Magazine Top 100 Teachers", highly sought-after thanks to their knowledge and experience. They have developed "The Ultimate Golf Lesson" and they share some of it with us on our podcast. They discuss: Why You Swing the Way You Do, Practical Applications of Grip Fundamentals, Kinetics of the Handle and Rate of Closure, Fundamentals of Ground Reaction Forces and Resisters and Releasers in Producing Energy.
Live from the Genesis Open in Pacific Palisades, CA. Paige explains why she wants to give you a little T & A each week. Also, she recounts a hilarious story of a sexual escapade that never actually happened.
Former world No. 1 tennis player Andy Roddick joins Gary Williams to discuss Golf, why he thinks the Tennis grand slam events won't be played in 2020, his memories hosting Saturday Night Live and more.
A bumper edition of the supercrazyfun podcast that's taking the world by storm. Eddie and Andrew are joined by Colin Montgomerie and Francesco Molinari and manage to combine serious golf chat with a smattering of knowledge about both Genghis Khan and the hits of Phil Collins.
Paige reveals the details of a recent heated Twitter fight as well as the difference between a solid or a creepy DM Plus, a “pic” that was more than meets the eye... T & A And those golf injuries you have to see to believe!
It’s our third episode under quarantine life. How’s everyone holding up? We discuss Riggs at Pinehurst, Trent in Manhattan, Frankie on Long Island, and Lurch in Charleston. We also get into Rickie, JT, Brooks & DJ’s lefty games, and take a bunch of From The Galleries, including if you’d choose one round with Tiger at your local muni or one round at Augusta with your buddies. 2 hours. Let’s go.
Tiger Woods just won the Masters. We talk about it.
Luke Kerr-Dineen oversees instruction and other service content for GOLF magazine’s multimedia platforms. An accomplished golfer, Luke has a Masters in Journalism and Media from Columbia Univ. He has worked as Digital Editor at Golf Digest and also at USA Today. In this podcast Luke shares his favorite 5 Tips from Golf Magazine's Top 100 Instructors. He talks putting, grip/clubface matchups, intermediate targets, alignment and body/arm connection. Instructors incl. Rowles, Tillery, Dunton, Hunt, Alpenfels
On this week's episode, former PGA Tour pro and broadcasting legend, Gary McCord joins former PGA Tour pro Colt Knost and his close friend and on course rival Drew Stoltz for an exclusive, in-studio interview. The longtime CBS broadcaster shares stories on everything from working with David Feherty to the behind the scenes creation of the classic film Tin Cup.
EP21 - THE TOUR CADDIE EPISODECHECK OUT STEVE HERE: YOUTUBE CHANNEL: the brand new Rick Shiels Golf Show Podcast Facebook group!Get in touch:►My...
People warn you don't send it.  It sounds like a fun, sexy idea but is the risk worth it? A lot of us have done it. Paige feels it's time to share how a revealing photo she texted is now in the hands of strangers and on the internet.
Virgil Herring is a respected PGA Professional and Instructor. He has coached players of all skill levels from Masters participants, PGA Tour and LPGA Tour players, and leading (NCAA) college golfers. He is widely researched and adopts a wholistic approach to teaching and he joins "On the Mark" to teach you how to move your game to a different level. He addresses aspects such as breaking scoring barriers, course management, an appropriate mindset for success, productive practice and "Hero Golf vs Pro Golf".
This Friday episode features our SGS Spotlight for the week and the subject is Ben Crenshaw. As usual for these Spotlights, it’s long, but take it in at your own plumb-bob pace. We get into Crenshaw’s outrageous amateur career, including his three consecutive NCAA titles, intra-UT rivalry with Tom Kite, and the “Ben’s Wrens” that followed him. We go long on some of these NCAA moments and early pro days that had writers calling him the next Jack Nicklaus with Arnold Palmer’s charisma. His repeated majors close calls that followed are put in context before his major breakthrough at the 1984 Masters. His struggles in the 80s, both with his swing thoughts and health, are considered against the monumental hype that followed him from his earliest days as a pro. The emotional 1995 Masters win and the stirring 1999 Ryder Cup are given the treatment. We consider his contributions as an architect, one of the game’s greatest putters, and one of its great historians, when discussing his legacy at the end of the episode.
On this week's episode of Subpar we are joined by PGA Tour rookie Scott Harrington. He leaves the Jickey Jacks behind to have some fun with the boys.
Co-owner of SEAMUS GOLF, Akbar Chisti, steps into the Clubhouse with Shane Bacon and shares how they transitioned their company from making head covers to creating masks. Akbar also talks about why they decided to take this on and discusses what its like to have a product accepted in the golf community,
Golf lessons are one of the best investments you can make on your road to improvement, and as with any investment, you always want to get the most “bang for your buck.” So in this episode of The Golf Podcast we’ll review three things you can do to get the most out of every golf lesson. Listen to This Week’s ... Read More
Riggs & Lurch return from the 2020 Dadbod Classic and recap the week at Pebble Beach, Spyglass Hill & Spanish Bay. After, we react to Bay Hill including Bryson’s thoughts on how “the physics stopped working,” discuss the PGA considering a move from Harding Park in San Francisco to TPC Sawgrass in Florida due to Coronavirus, PLAYERS Championship week, at what age will Tiger Woods not be able to compete at the Masters, how many golf balls we’ve lost our careers, and MUCH more.
This week as the effects of lockdown take hold, we talk coffee, canine commentary and the difference between famous Ryans. We also take a trip down Magnolia Memory Lane and hear from Georgia Hall and Meg MacLaren about golfers coping without income, practice facilities or, heaven forbid, without Peloton.
PGA Tour player Joel Dahmen takes time out of his Arizona quarantine to join Andy Johnson this week. The two talk about Mario Kart, qualifying for the U.S. Open after a trip to the bar, playing with big-name players, and just what he is doing during all this time off.
On the latest episode of The Brandel Chamblee Podcast with Jaime Diaz, Brandel and Jaime discuss how players should approach this time off, and which players could really benefit from it. Plus, Brandel on what he took away from last night’s re-air of the 2019 Players featuring Rory McIlroy, and he breaks down just how much ‘feel’ means to a players golf swing.
Kiz joins the show for his yearly checkup. Per usual, he weighs in on our golf games, if Rory could beat Frankie blindfolded, if Riggs has a chance in the 5-iron match, how he likes his chances at this year’s majors, what’s going on at Augusta National and MUCH more.
On episode eleven of Get a Grip, Shane and Max open up with a feel good Friday and an in-depth conversation about the mindset behind greatness. Then the guys have a discussion about their top five FAVORITE sports movies, Max tests Shane in golf trivia and lastly, they answer twitter questions which includes their most memorable round of golf. Learn more about your ad-choices at
Opening thoughts about the match (1:00 - 15:02). Personalities in the match (15:12 - 31:32). Great moments in the match (31:43 - 46:20). Go to and check out Hank's latest book: How to Play Better Golf Today - Lessons of a Lifetime. Learn more about your ad-choices at
How to manage golf swing changes with Mark Crossfield golf professional. Mark talks about how he is taking on a golf swing change and how that affects his performance and how it affects his mental state and which feeling or facts should he follow....
On episode four of Get a Grip, Shane opens up asking Max what he does with his time during a week off on the PGA TOUR and Max explains how he's learned to stay disciplined. Next up, the guys answer your social media questions, discuss the correlation between shot artistry and equipment and then debate how many Monday Qualifiers Rory McIlroy would get through in one season if he played twenty-five. Learn more about your ad-choices at
DB & Pat get after this one with a few Vodka drinks and discuss THE MATCH Part 2 with Tiger Woods & Peyton Manning VS Phil Mickelson and Tom Brady. The boys break down the course, the format and the prop bets they love! Get those auto bets locked in before it's too late! Fantasy National Golf Club Thank you for taking the time to listen to the Tour Junkies PGA Tour golf podcast. David & Pat strive to bring the best research, analysis & humor to keep your listening enjoyable…not just informative. You can support the podcast further by doing a few things to spread the word & improve the quality of the show. Leave an honest iTunes Review. DB & Pat love reading all of these. It improves the show. Follow on Twitter & Instagram ( @Tour_Junkies ) & FaceBook Go to & check out the fresh content, learn about the guys & buy stuff from the TJ SHOP. As always, thank you for making the Tour Junkies Fantasy Golf Podcast your trusted source for all things PGA Tour & Fantasy Golf and golf betting. May your screens be green!
On episode thirteen of Get a Grip, Shane and Max open discussing the latest release of the PGA TOUR schedule and their online poker tournament for charity. Next, the guys get into the Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls documentary by diving into their top five favorite people named 'Michael'. Lastly, they share the most painful non-injury injuries in sports and their feel good Friday. Learn more about your ad-choices at
On episode three of Get a Grip, Shane asks Max about being in contention late Sunday at his favorite venue, Riviera, in the Genesis Open. Next up the guys discuss Tiger's historical made cuts streak, the celebrity all-star game, best hands on Tour, best shots of the week, best and worst moments from the gallery. Learn more about your ad-choices at
Seth Waugh, CEO of the PGA of America, joins the show (43:12) to walk us through how the revised golf schedule came to be. He discusses the process of all of golf’s governing bodies and organizations coming together, what that room was like, the factors that were considered, and the complications now facing the PGA Championship and Ryder Cup. Frankie also details another “disagreement” he and his buddies had on the golf course, and we react to Tiger’s “quarantine champions dinner” photo.
Are you skilled at picking up on someone at the golf course? Guys, listen up so you know the signs when it’s happening to you. Plus, who has peed on the golf course? Paige has a story that might make you think twice.
On this week's episode, NFL Hall of Famer Brian Urlacher joins former PGA Tour pro Colt Knost and his close friend and on course rival Drew Stoltz for an exclusive, in-studio interview. The eight time Pro Bowl linebacker talks his love for the game of golf, an epic shot while playing Augusta National, and what PGA Tour players would round out his football team.
Matthew Fitzpatrick (16:16) joins the show in quarantine. The 25th ranked player in the world tells all time stories about playing Augusta, buying a hitting net, beating kids online in fifa and weighs in on some of our classic debates.
Social media buzzing about the match (1:00 - 14:57). Analyzing the match (15:06 - 30:16). Instructional takeaways from the match (30:27 - 46:46). Go to and check out Hank's latest book: How to Play Better Golf Today - Lessons of a Lifetime. Learn more about your ad-choices at
This week PGA Tour player Patrick Rodgers joins us for a fun conversation about his journey into golf, his playing career, his relationship with his coach and our good friend Jeff Smith and the records he shares with Tiger from his college days at Stanford.
Paige talks about bad dates from her past and why she used to give guys free golf lessons. Paige reveals how to play golf indoors and keep those hips loose. Missing sports movies revealed.
Minnesota Tim Parochka brings you a presentation of the best clips from the previous week on the Hank Haney Podcast. Go to and check out Hank's latest book: How to Play Better Golf Today - Lessons of a Lifetime. Learn more about your ad-choices at
On episode one of Get a Grip, Max and Shane spend plenty of time breaking down the Waste Management Phoenix Open after Max polished off a spiffy T-6. Max talks about getting in the hunt on Sunday, his decision to go for it on the par-5 15th and why this week was the most fun he's ever had at a tournament. Along with that, they touch on the Super Bowl, the fans in Scottsdale, some of the things we heard each week and a brilliant replacement for signing a glove when hitting a spectator at a golf tournament. It was a good week for Max and a fun week with our inaugural episode, so please rate and review the podcast and get ready for next week and Pebble Beach.
Mark Wiebe and John Ashworth share a story about a dream and deal they made as kids, which came true at the 1986 Masters.
This joyous Friday episode starts with praise and thanks for the return of golf this weekend with the skins match at Seminole on Sunday. Brendan and Andy begin their preview with some reflective thoughts on why they’re so happy about this event and the larger meaning and impact it could have, for the obvious priority of raising money for Covid charity, but also for the game of golf. They preview some key holes to watch at Seminole, revel in the aesthetics of these players carrying their own bags in a world-class setting, and make a friendly wager (that wager leads to a lengthy diversion and critique of the new apparel offerings from PXG). A news segment touches on Rory committing to play the first three PGA Tour events, the PGA’s return to Quail Hollow, the Medalist Match TV crew including Sir Charles, and initial thoughts on the new PGA Tour video game (and its course rota). Then, in honor (or dishonor) of what would have been PGA Championship week, there are two short Flashlight segments to the year the PGA switched to stroke play and the year the PGA melted under the August sun in South Florida.
Host Steve Burkowski is joined by the Korn Ferry Tour's Senior Director of Tournament & Membership affairs Brendan von Doehren to announce a new initiative, PGA TOUR University.
This Wednesday episode goes in several different directions, from news of the day to two separate “Flashlights” at the end. Brendan and Andy begin with some reactions to the PGA Tour’s health guidelines and policies that were sent to the players on Tuesday in a 37-page deck. They got a look at the deck and pulled out some of the more substantive, amusing, and concerning points as things prepare to return next month at Colonial. Then they get to the further details of the match at Seminole, including reactions to not having to hit the fairway on the two long drive holes. The fearsome foursome that now makes up the US Ryder Cup captaincy group is reviewed, and it appears Zach Johnson is heading for the main job. They demand more spice, some new blood. But is this now a closed loop of captains and assistant captains or are there just not that many options out there? Then they transition to two short Flashlights, first on the 1994 Shell’s Wonderful World of Golf at Sunningdale between world No. 1 Greg Norman and No. 2 Nick Faldo. They praise the compact product, player interactions, and legendary course. A second Flashlight shines on the 1988 PGA in what would have been PGA week. Jeff Sluman’s win and career is given the treatment, as well as the odd history of the ‘88 venue, Oak Tree National, and the “Oak Tree Gang,” a prelude to the #JupLife collective.
David Feherty (35:23) joins us in studio for a phenomenal and funny chat about a myriad of topics. We get into the behind the scenes of a broadcast, the problems with having a hot mic button, and David’s thoughts on players from Rory to Reed to Tiger and more. The crew also talks Genesis Invitational coverage, Riviera, and Adam Scott’s VERY impressive win.
Tom Doak returns to discuss a variety of topics with Andy Johnson. The pair talk about topographical maps, Tom's impressions on greens books, drivable par 4s, the evolution of restoration projects, and a quick update on his work at the upcoming Sand Valley course, Sedge Valley. They also get Tom's takes on some listener questions.
The 2003 Masters champion and eight-time PGA Tour winner, Mike Weir, talks to Golf Digest about whether he deserved to be named the 2003 Player of the Year over Tiger Woods, why lefties play well at Augusta and hitting the course with Wayne Gretzky. Also, Alex Myers, Sam Weinman and Daniel Rapaport discuss what worked at the TaylorMade Driving Relief, the pros and cons of the broadcast and what the Tour is going to feel like without fans.
When you finish a hole, do you say “I made 6” or “I shot 6”? We debate, and things get heated. We also react to yet another incredibly candid interview from Rory McIlroy, Tony Finau coming up short yet again, and Spieth missing the cut in Phoenix. Lurch details his weekend playing Harding Park, Pasatiempo, and running just an awful Instagram story.
Golf course designer and renovation specialist Jeff Mingay enters the Salon to talk about St. Andrews with Jim Urbina and Derek Duncan. The central theme is, if The Old Course is so great, why aren’t there more courses that are like it? Topics include the importance of boundaries to traditional golf expectations, blind tee shots,…Read More Read More
Are you thinking about developing your human skills on the golf course? The majority of golfers would answer no to this question but also understand that it’s a vital part of the game.  In today’s podcast we two of the highest-ranked female instructors in America and co-founders of Vision ...
Debating bifurcation (1:00 - 28:33). Golf annoyances (28:40 - 35:39). The Great Predictor's influential athletes (35:50 - 49:04). Go to and check out Hank's latest book: How to Play Better Golf Today - Lessons of a Lifetime. Learn more about your ad-choices at
Analyst Brandel Chamblee checks in with us to talk pretty much everything. We discuss Patrick Reed’s cease & desist letter, Brooks Koepka vs Rory McIlroy, Tiger’s current swing being perhaps his best, the new distance report, Phil’s game and MUCH more.
We breakdown the first day of the match play and answer a bunch of questions From The Gallery. Should Tiger bic his hair? Who would win between Krista Glover and Justine Reed in a steel cage match? Would you rather win 1 Masters or 5 PGA Championships? Albatross or hole in one? Also, Frankie requests a What's Up Doc.
Tiger rolls into his restaurant rocking gym shorts and his green jacket and we roll into week two of the new post-Tiger's 5th green jacket world full steam ahead. It's a throwback to our roots as we first rip through headlines — DJ collapses, Spieth remains puzzling, Kiz stops streaking — then debate several From The Galleries: would you rather play mini golf with Tiger Woods or play Augusta National alone; what do you think is the updated value of Tiger's Scotty Cameron putter?
A golf podcast born out of the strange times we live in. Eddie and Andrew get to grips with this new podcast, talking Qatar, Hatton, Covid-19 and all-meat diets. This episode is brought to you by Wilkins Bone Broth.
Dr. Bob Rotella is one of the foremost golf coaches in the game. Specializing in Sports Psychology, Dr. Bob is consistently recognized as the leading mind in his field.  Rotella joins the podcast to share thoughts and insights to help you navigate the challenges of being mentally astute on the course and in competition.  He speaks about nerves, routines, visualization, temper and the balance between trying too hard and not trying enough.  Rotella also talks about various leading PGA TOUR professionals, what they do to excel mentally, and what you can learn of them.
Frankie’s a mess and Commissioner Riggs announces Pinehurst will host the 2020 Barstool Classic Championship. He and Lurch recap a weekend reconnaissance trip in North Carolina. In Headlines, Tom Brady quote tweeted a Fore Play tweet to roast Peyton Manning, Tiger’s hosting at Riviera this week (where he’s never won), Phil and Spieth showing signs of improvement, and Rory’s back to no. 1 in the world.
Architect Mike DeVries steps into the Salon with Jim Urbina and Derek Duncan to discuss arguably the granddaddy of all design topics, routing. The long and winding conversation touches on the exposures of Cape Wickham, sacrificing extraordinary holes for the sake of rhythm and continuity, routing around natural greensites, if routing is a skill that…Read More Read More
In this episode we talk to Andy Proudman and Piers Ward about Me and My Golf, their global golf coaching brand. We chat about the players they have worked with, the landscape of online coaching and what it's like on a night out in Wolverhampton!
Through perseverance and pure grit, Jimmy Walker overcame his fair share of adversity to become one of the world’s best players. Jimmy won his first major title at the 2016 PGA Championship. However, it took 187 events without a win on the PGA Tour before his first victory. Then, Jimmy just kept winning. Topics: Rifle vs. Golf Shots: Which is more difficult to accomplish? Why? Analytics, Artistry, and Astronomy: Jimmy’s scientific inclination and technical knowledge Career Highlights: Jimmy remembers his best Looking at Leaderboard: Deliver successful performance despite being under pressure What’s the ‘It’ factor? You’ve got it or you don’t Nature vs. Nurture: Supportive parents and people to look up to Peer Group and Role Models: Appreciate and compete to be better Gut Check Moments: Never-ending battle that nothing’s impossible, just be good enough Process and Practice: Don’t be afraid of big moments/decisions, but get back to work Silver Lining to Lyme Disease? Sickness takes its toll physically and mentally Integrate and Change: Staying stagnant wasn’t working anymore, try something different Worst strategic and most common mistakes by young players Links and Resources: Jimmy Walker Altus Performance Altus Performance on Twitter Altus Performance on Instagram Altus Performance on Facebook PGA Tour Ryder Cup Presidents Cup Total Golf Trainer Tweets/Quotes: “You can have all this data, but if you don’t have the artistic eye and the skillset to make something with that data that you collect, it’s kind of pointless.” “There’s a reason people get to where they’re at, and I think you’ve got it or you don’t.” ‘It’ Factor: Being the best requires time, toughness, and determination. “Damn, this might be my day. I can win the PGA Championship.”
On episode twelve of Get a Grip, Shane and Max open up discussing their round of golf earlier in the day, Max's biggest reactions, and their upcoming poker tournament for charity. Then the guys share their unique ideas about what they would do to get sports back, Shane shares his favorite broadcasting moments and lastly, they answer a few of your Twitter questions. Learn more about your ad-choices at
This week, Eddie and Andrew record just before the big announcements about The Open and US Open. But their chat still applies. Besides, they also hear from Gary Lineker, talk about motorways, internet challenges and The 1997 Masters. And also learn far more than is necessary about Uruguay and Tommy Tolles.
On episode eight of Get a Grip, Shane and Max open up discussing Shane's recent tournament, how to golf best when shots matter, and Max's experience on the Walker Cup team. Then the guys answer questions from listeners about their favorite board games, gambling in golf, leaderboard watching, toughest shots, caddie stories, AIM nicknames and much more! Learn more about your ad-choices at
Rich Shilling, superintendent of Jeffersonville Golf Course, joins the podcast. Andy and Rich discuss Jeffersonville’s improvement during his time there and the unique challenges of upgrading a course while continuing to allow public play. They also talk about his future plans and how the municipality approaches budgeting for renovations.
In this week's 'Happy Hour' podcast, caddie host Damian Lopez sits down for a laidback chat with fellow loopers 'Big Wave' Dave Pelekoudas (caddie for Sam Ryder) and Jordan Guilford (Beau Hossler) -- two of the younger guys in the caddie ranks with just a few years under their belts. D'Lo asks questions of the next-gen loopers specifically about how they map courses, dating apps, cat-fishing, favorite cities and more. Go grab your favorite beverage, get comfortable in your favorite chair, sit back, relax and enjoy all the stories these guys have to share.
Do you try to be too perfect after rising to a new level of competition? In this week's golf psychology session, mental game of golf expert and author of The Mental Game of Golf, Dr. Cohn, responds to a question from Alex who had this to say about his game: Hi, I am a college golfer who was performing well towards the end of my high school career, but then once I got to college, my performance decreased significantly. I believe that the cause of this is from me trying to be too perfect on every shot. I have also lost my confidence while playing too. Any advice on how I can improve in these areas? Thank you! Listen to the podcast now to learn what Dr. Cohn has to say about playing a functional versus perfect golf. Great Resources for Golfers: Download a free golf psychology report to improve your preshot routine. Visit Golf Psychology Coach for more mental game articles. Check out ore golf psychology coaching programs at *Please subscribe to The Golf Psychology Podcast at iTunes. Dr. Patrick Cohn is a golf psychology expert and author of the "Golfer's Mental Edge" audio program and Breaking The Yips Cycle DVD program. He teaches amateur to tour professional golfers how to improve their mental game of golf using golf psychology strategies developed over the last 30+ years of his career.
Welcome to the May 30th edition of Michigan Golf Live Radio and our broadcast featuring the Gaylord Golf Mecca - a collection of 20 courses in northern Michigan. We're joined by several guests from the Mecca properties and giving you a chance to win EIGHT great golf packages! Listen carefully for your chance to win free golf and be sure to share the link!
Attack angle is the upward or downward motion of the club as it approaches the ball, and it matters more than you might think. Want to generate more spin on your wedge shots, or launch the ball higher with your driver? If you do, then understanding your attack angle should be a top priority for you. In this episode of ... Read More
In part two of Golf Course Architecture 101, Tom Doak discusses what makes a great green complex, front to back sloping greens, best golf course architecture books for beginners and dive into some overrated/underrateds.
On episode two of Get a Grip, Max and Shane open up talking about the difficult course conditions seen at the AT&T Pebble Beach after Max's T-14 finish and the way Shane built his broadcasting career. Max shares stories and great moments playing alongside NFL Superstar, Aaron Rodgers and also discusses the distraction factor at the AT&T Pebble Beach compared to the WMPO. Best and worst moments from the gallery, demoralizing players, twitter questions and looking forward to Riviera. Learn more about your ad-choices at
We caught up with Tiger Woods at Pebble Beach. It was awesome. We tell the story and talk running into Bryson, JT, and being on property day one. Then for an hour we catch up with Kevin Kisner (48:43) and caddie Dewey from Kiz's rental house to talk U.S. Open, how Pebble's playing, get stories, and laugh with Kiz. Major show for a major week.
On episode six of Get a Grip, Shane opens up asking Max about his shank seen around the world. Next up, Max shares details about the challenge playing in and being the only player under par on Saturday in the Arnold Palmer Invitational. The guys give a gift card update, Max's caddie, Joe, joins Shane to discuss the caddie challenge at Sawgrass and then they give their good idea, bad idea and the best and worst things they heard during the week. Learn more about your ad-choices at
What is the difference between weight and pressure? And how can it help you add clubhead speed? In today's episode of Athletic Motion Golf: the podcast, we look at the difference between these two very important concepts and help you understand to use their relationship to your advantage!
This Wednesday episode begins with some brief discussion on MJ vs. LeBron to stir the pot in Chicago, as well as some brief comments on the Ryder Cup unlikely transitioning to an “all captain’s picks” format for this year. Then we turn to an SGS Spotlight on Davis Love III and we have the absolute privilege to be joined by Shane Bacon, broadcaster for Fox Sports and of multiple podcasts, including Get A Grip with Max Homa. We cover DL3’s rise to becoming a Tour Pro, his early struggles to even compete at the majors, then his struggles to close at the majors. A focus of this Part I is also on how Dru got his name. DL3’s prodigious length off the tee as he burst on to the Tour drew comparisons to Mike Tyson, Michael Jordan, and John Elway, which we review. We also spotlight his propensity to openly discuss his nerves and anxieties after big rounds. The personal tragedies in his life are discussed in the context of how it shaped his career. The hype and faded hope of a grand Love v. Couples era is also highlighted, as well as DL3’s first big win at the 1992 Players.
This week I continue the live Facebook interviews for the podcast talking with Piers Ward and Andy Proudman, founders of one of the most prolific golf media companies in all of the game, MeAndMyGolf. They join us to talk not only about the journey of founding MeAndMyGolf, what they are doing during the COVID shut down and what they have in the pipeline for the future. Piers and Andy also share the tech they are using to expand the accessibility and understanding of their coaching, their favorite and funniest interviews and interactions with PGA professionals, and both their schedules and workout routines both at home and on the road. Highlights from this Episode * Andy and Piers’ history together from growing up as junior golfers and going through their PGA training together to realize they didn’t want to play professionally, but rather coach and help others to play their best golf. Andy also touches on the learning curve with the implementation of the tech component and how that has evolved into the team they have working for them now.* What their schedule looks like as far as content creation, working with individuals face-to-face, and working with individuals online. Piers gives an insight into what all goes into managing this 3-tiered approach to golf coaching and takeaways they have learned along the way.* They both give their favorite  (and funniest) interview stories from being able to talk with both US and European Golf players. We also talk about how social media has allowed us to see the personalities of these golfers and add a more relaxed and fun feeling to seeing their interactions.* What technology they are using to help with instruction, produce more visual graphics, and generally help their audience more than what we had 5 years ago like Trackman, Blasmotion, etc.* What their workout routines look like and how they prioritize fitness while being on the road traveling constantly. Parting Questions: Caddy Shack or Happy Gilmore? Andy: Caddy Shack Piers: Caddy Shack What would your walk-up song to the first tee box be?  Piers: Thunderstruck by AC/DC Andy: Some Jay-Z or Frank Sinatra 18 Holes anywhere in the world with anyone, past or present: Where would it be and whom would you play? Piers: Tiger Woods at AugustaAndy: Nick Faldo at St. Andrews Who is the most interesting person you have gotten to play a round of golf with and where? Piers: Playing with my friend before his wedding at The Old CourseAndy: Miles Fisher at Bel-Air Country Club Follow Piers and Andy, and find out more about MeAndMyGolf at: Instagram WebsiteTwitterFacebook Youtube Episode Sponsors SUPERSPEED GOLF: Go to to get your discount on all SuperSpeed products. LINKSOUL: For your 20% discount on LINKSOUL gear,
In the twenty-first episode of Maine Golf Talk, we sat down with Caleb Manuel and Will Kavanaugh to discuss Caleb's historic 59 at Brunswick Golf Club. Other topics discussed, include: growing up at Brunswick, how Caleb got into the game, Will's focus,...
Episode 39: Interview with Dr. Bern Bernacki, the President of the Golf Heritage Society on its 50th Anniversary. The Golf Heritage Society works with historians, artists and collectors to build the collective knowldge of golf's grand history.Support TalkinGolf
Today's guest is Cassie aka - Golf Girl 505 on twitter! What's your handicap? 30 What is your BEST score ever? 93 What is frustrating you the most about your golf game right now? Mid game, and chipping. How often do you practice? About once a week What is your golf goal over the next 12 months? Break 90 If you need help breaking 90 head join our conversation in our Facebook group: Golf 101 | How to Break 90
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