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The Fore Man Scramble beat Kevin Kisner at Pinehurst No. 2. We are here to talk about it. From Trent’s first tee jitters to Rigg’s final putt, we detail the iconic match from the U.S. Open tees at Donald Ross’ masterpiece. Then, we discuss Rory’s “personal hunch” the Ryder Cup will be moved to 2021, the stigma surrounding pushcarts, what we think our personal official world golf rankings are, and much more.
The Tiger, Phil, Brady, Manning match, in our opinion, delivered. We’re joined by tournament director for the match, Kevin Hopkins, and breakdown our own thoughts. Then we preview everything about our own match, as a four man scramble, against Kevin Kisner at Pinehurst No. 2.
It’s Friday! This week-wrapping episode begins with a discussion of the new Manor Swing that will bring the return of the Euro Tour and our beloved summer #CoffeeGolf. Also in scheduling news, Andy and Brendan discuss the cancelation of the John Deere and the delightful SGS catnip possibilities for a July replacement event at TPC Sawgrass (the zinc standard?). Then comes the resumption of the massive undertaking of an SGS Spotlight on Ernie Els. This is Part II (find Part I last week) and begins with Ernie’s hard-luck year of runners-up in 2000. That becomes a theme -- the anguish of close calls at majors dominated by both Tiger and a cast of non-Tiger characters right as Ernie was playing some of the best golf you could ever see. The battle with Tim Finchem over Ernie’s worldly non-US PGA Tour schedule is reviewed. His last two majors, the 2002 Open at Muirfield, and the late-career windfall in 2012 at Lytham, are given the full treatment. His son’s autism diagnosis, and Ernie’s evolution of responses to that, are covered in detail. Also, his hard-partying ways are re-lived with some amusing drinking stories that have become folklore over the years. More than Part I, this discussion helps understand the measure of Els the person and may leave you appreciating him more.
The Jonas Brothers (6:17) join our golf podcast. Yes, that’s right, the 3 Jonas Brothers — Nick, Joe, and Kevin — join our show for the first time. Turns out the brothers play A LOT of golf. They discuss brotherly love on the course, tell an unheard Grammys bet story, roast Riggs for losing to 12-year-old Pete, and MUCH more. After the brothers, we discuss the upcoming Match II and, in From The Gallery, debate breakfast balls, playing Augusta but having to skip Amen Corner, and more.
On this week's episode of GOLF's Subpar, PGA Tour player Joel Dahmen joins former PGA Tour pro Colt Knost and his close friend and on course rival Drew Stoltz for an exclusive, in-studio, interview. Joel reveals his personal White Claw quarantine challenge, why he played the final round of a mini-tour with a rental set, and the true story behind his on course stand off with Sung Kang over a controversial drop.
1:42 - Is THIS The Future Of Golf on TV? 17:39 - Best Spikeless Golf Shoes of 2020 🏆 33:27 - DTC Golf Balls + Expired Patents 54:43 - #MyTubSpy + CBD Flavor Updates
On episode nineteen of Get a Grip, Shane and Max open up sharing their thoughts on the match and the telecast. Then the guys discuss Phil's brand, J.T.'s impressive performance, and their top-5 golf cliches. Learn more about your ad-choices at https://news.iheart.com/podcast-advertisers
Steve Cook, the Director of Grounds at Medinah Country Club, joins the podcast. Andy and Steve talk about his long career, including his time in France and his experience prepping courses for major championships. They also discuss Steve’s management style, which has helped produce a number of up-and-coming leaders in the turf industry today.
It’s official, the Fore Play Scramble vs Kevin Kisner at Pinehurst No. 2 is on. May 26th, 2020, from the U.S. Open tees. Kiz joins the show to discuss the Kisner Foundation and how he likes his chances, what he thinks of ours, what it will take to win, and much more. After Kiz, we discuss in detail our feelings on the Taylormade Driving Relief Skins Game and the upcoming Tiger, Phil, Brady and Manning match.
With both hosts worse-for-the-wear, the Part 2 Spotlight on Ernie Els is pushed to Friday. This Wednesday episode begins with some debate on the excitement over The Match’s astronomic TV ratings. Does that number matter as a proof of concept for something more or is it just indicative of a one-time windfall in a unique moment? This leads to some further debate over mic’d up players and if we’ll ever actually see that on the PGA Tour. Andy also relays a hunch about one tournament on the upcoming PGA Tour schedule perhaps not being played. The second half of the episode is devoted to Masashi “Jumbo” Ozaki. Brendan relays some notes from a day of reading and researching the Japanese legend. His dominant career on the Japan Tour is covered in depth, as well as his ambivalence to playing outside of that Tour. His flamboyant style, allegations of cheating, playing with illegal “hot” equipment, and rumors of ties to organized crime are also discussed in detail.
Jake Hutt is an up-and-coming Californian golf instructor who has garnered much Social Media popularity with his instructional style and insightful approach to teaching. He joins "On the Mark" to share his research, his trial and error, and his thoughts on a powerful and repeating golf swing. He addresses the hands influence on the club, and he draws parallels between a hockey slap-shot and the golf swing. Jake also shares "5 Ways Not to Suck". Five fun, rhyming, easy to apply tips to improve your golf.
This Wednesday episode begins with a quick reaction to news that the U.S. Open will have no open qualifying this year. Then Brendan and Andy start to take on the monster that is the Spotlight of Ernie Els’ life and career. Part 1 starts with the 10,000-foot view, offering up some numbers that frame just how much of a talent he was and the success of his career. It transitions to his earliest days in South Africa and his decision to go full-time into golf, some of his immediate amateur success, and his mandated military service. Then the first decade of his pro career is explored in depth. They touch on the two U.S. Open wins, featuring the controversial drop at Oakmont and the “rowdiest crowd ever” at Congressional. His dominance on the world stage is praised with tales from across the globe in his 20s. The competing narratives of Ernie as a closing killer and choker are discussed after his first major win. The amusing tale of his engagement is relayed. And finally, the last few years before Tiger dominated the game are discussed in context of what was then presumed a future rivalry, with some amazing freezing cold takes in the Ernie v. Tiger debate before the year 2000.
Two time Super Bowl champ Chris Long joins Paige as they discuss The Match. Always lots of T and A and Holly Sonders returns to get in on the action.
Sir Nick Faldo joins the show (24:03) The 6-time major winner & lead CBS Golf analyst didn’t just go after Riggs’ golf game, he went after everything about his life. We also get more insight into the Masters Champions Dinner, Sir Nick and Jim Nantz’s relationship, key putts to win major championships, and much more. In From The Gallery, momentum continues to mount for Kisner vs the Fore Play Scramble at Pinehurst No. 2, will Charlie Woods wear red on Sundays, and we “preview” Sunday’s upcoming skins match with Rory, DJ, Rickie, and Wolff.
John Bodenhamer, the USGA's Senior Managing Director, Championships joins Andy Johnson on the podcast. The two talk about John's golf background and his time on some of the great early 80s BYU teams before diving into championship setup. The discussion finishes with a conversation about 2020's USGA Championships and how they will go about filling the fields without qualifying.
Adam Scott is known for one of the most coveted and envied swings in golf. He describes his technique and how he continues to refine it through lessons learned to sustain long-standing success. Currently, Adam is the #6 player in the world, formerly #1. He has achieved 31 professional victories, including being the first Australian to win a Master’s Tournament. Winning is such a great habit to have because it’s hard to do.
Following the two-hour Ernie Els Spotlight on Friday, this episode is a quick Monday whiparound on some golf news odds and ends. Brendan and Andy first relay an Ernie superstition omission submitted from friend of the program Shane Bacon. Then they relay another golf conspiracy theory from “Spartan Butters,” author of the infamous Brooks sets his schedule to avoid weddings theory. This one is about DJ’s watch. News begins with the Deere replacement event likely becoming a second week at Muirfield Village. Andy pleads for a dramatic setup change for the second event and the two discuss nicknames for this new Columbus double dip. They also hit on Vijay withdrawing from the KFT event that had everyone firing off takes, the cancelation of the Mackenzie Tour season, and Greg Norman saying the Tour might be setting aside a money pot for 8 popular players as a countermeasure against the PGL. How real is this and what kind of Q rating would determine who gets it? Impressions? Retweets? Likes? Lastly, they pay their respects to the Justin Rose hOnma era, which leads to a rambling discussion about equipment one-offs like the Sonartec 3-wood, Orlimar Trimetal and KickX ball.
On this week's episode of GOLF's Subpar, Heisman Trophy winner Johnny Manziel joins former PGA Tour pro Colt Knost and his close friend and on course rival Drew Stoltz for an exclusive, in-studio, interview. Johnny details his love for the game of golf, the most he's ever bet on the course, dealing with his rapid rise to fame, and the true story behind his Rodman-esque Las Vegas trip during the season.
In this episode of the Hank Haney Podcast, Hank takes you through the best practice techniques to help you improve your golf game. Hank talks about creating and committing to a plan, dividing your practice time, practice routines and plenty more! Go to haneyuniversity.com and check out Hank's latest book: How to Play Better Golf Today - Lessons of a Lifetime. Learn more about your ad-choices at https://news.iheart.com/podcast-advertisers
The Match turned out to be an entertaining "pity sport!" Matty and Caddie give their full review of it including Justin Thomas' burgeoning TV stardom, Tiger not being the main attraction of the broadcast, the fabulous cart talk, it being way better than last week's "pity sport," how it has likely helped to grow the game and why there should be more of these events. Plus, could Caddie make a return to caddying?! (27:29)
On this week's episode of GOLF's Subpar, NBA Legend, and analyst, Charles Barkley joins former PGA Tour pro Colt Knost and his close friend and on course rival Drew Stoltz for an exclusive, in-studio, interview. Charles explains the difficulty of criticizing friends as an analyst, how it affected his relationships with Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant, and why his golf game just isn't as good as it used to be. Charles also shares some legendary tales from gambling on the course and at the tables.
Stew Hagestad finished low amateur at the 2017 Masters yet has never decided to turn pro. We chat with Stew about amateur golf, how good the pros really are, being on the U.S. Open range with Tiger, & much more. Also, who would win in a match at Pinehurst No. w, the 4 Fore Play guys playing a 4-man scramble or Kevin Kisner playing his own ball?
Butch Harmon is arguably one of golf's greatest instructors of all-time. He has worked with countless PGA TOUR greats including Greg Norman, Phil Mickelson and Tiger Woods. He joins our podcast to share some "pearls" of golf from his father Claude, Sr. Among many topics, Butch dives into golf swing theory, the importance of impact, ball-flight and trajectory, the key to repetition, eliminating one side of the target and keeping things simple. He also talks in depth about Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson.
A smiling Brendan and Andy hop on the horn and chat about all things Match 2 in what was a great day for golf in the spotlight. They review the all four players, the broadcast, Medalist, and the prospects for more of these in the future. How did this capture such a wide swath of the sports world’s attention and have what seemed to be a unanimous approval rating? Tom Brady’s struggles are explored with great depth and revelry. They debate his worst shot and also marvel at his hole-out birdie in the midst of what seemed to be his worst stretch. Andy argues Tiger’s play wasn’t as good as the breathless reactions on Twitter and elsewhere were making it out to be. There’s also an argument made that Peyton outplayed Phil through the front nine. Justin Thomas’s work is praised as well as Charles Barkley’s and they ponder what this should mean, if anything, for the traditional broadcast. Does the success of this Match give the PGL any newfound juice and appeal as some sort of stripped down professional product? They close with a apologies about the hats and promise more coming soon.
Minnesota Tim on what's happening in Minneapolis and St. Paul and the Great Predictor talks about players with 21 wins on the PGA TOUR (1:00 - 22:44). Justin Thomas shines in the match (22:55 - 35:46). Soft or hard (35:54 - 46:14). Go to haneyuniversity.com and check out Hank's latest book: How to Play Better Golf Today - Lessons of a Lifetime. Learn more about your ad-choices at https://news.iheart.com/podcast-advertisers
Enjoy your MDW with a special "Best Of" edition of Subpar, featuring all the top moments since our launch in January.
Tisha Alyn has been a achiever at every level of golf. An accomplished AJGA golfer, a college standout at Cal-State Fullerton and a Tour Professional, she has plenty of experience which she parlays into a successful teaching career. She is also a Social Media influencer who does trick-shots/entertainment. Tisha possesses a vast knowledge of golf swing technique and she breaks the swing down into manageable bits for you to learn. Tisha examines Address, the Backswing, the Downswing, Impact and the Finish.
On this episode, Brandel and Jaime touch on live golf's return at TaylorMade Driving Relief before going in-depth remembering the Tiger Slam and attempt to put it in perspective with other monumental achievements from the world of golf.
Holly Sonders joins Paige to talk golf, sports, life, her relationship status and how many grapes she can fit in her mouth.
David tackles a question from a listener about putting practice and shares his favorite drill.
Ken Kearney went from a decorated Irish amateur player to a career in finance to golf-course architect. For his next big challenge, he wants to shrink the game.
2:44 - TaylorMade Driving Relief 13:55 - Has Callaway Golf Lost Their Mojo? 20:33 - The Truth About Made-For Shafts 45:10 - Vokey's Wedge Works K-Grind 1:03:24 - What Is The HYPE METER? 1:07:00 - #MyTubSpy 1:16:07 - CBD Debacle
We are joined by 2 very, VERY special guests on today’s show. First up we have 2008 Masters Champion Trevor Immelman (27:07) who shares some incredible stories from this year's President's Cup and the challenges of coaching the international team from a cultural standpoint. He also shares some eye-opening stories about Tiger Woods and how he brings his competitiveness to… the lunch table? Then we are joined by the man, the myth, the legend, 12-year old Pete (84:41) who recaps his round with Riggs including pre-round thoughts, nerves while playing, and how he thought both him and Riggs played.