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On this week's episode of "Mommies Tell All" Jade and Carly are joined by their friend Amber Shawver who is the mother of four quadruplets. Amber gave birth to two girls and two boys on the same day 7 years ago. She explains the emotional moments leading up to their birth, her birth story, and how she lives life with quadruplets.Follow Jade on Instagram: @JadeLizRoper Follow Carly on Instagram: @CarlyWad Follow Reviver Jewelry: @ReviverJewlery Visit Reviver Jewelry's WebsiteListen to Carly’s Album “Dream Train”Thanks to our sponsors: Native Deoderant (Promocode: MOMMIES)Mint Mobile: Mintmobile.com/babesNew Chapter Vitamins Precious App: preciousapp.com/mommiesFabletics: Fabletics.com/mommies
Nancy is unemployed and she spends the majority of her day looking online for work. Recently, after picking her husband up from his work, he asked what she "does all day" which she took as confrontational and condescending. Was Nancy's husband just curious or showing his frustration?
Annie did not choose wisely and her relationship with her husband of only a few years is spiraling. They have a one year old son and she wants to keep the family together for his sake but how can she make a "happy home" work with a man she does not love?
Robert is a new listener to Dr Laura, and he calls to thank her for her words of kindness, knowledge, and wisdom.
Amy's mom passed away 3 years ago. Amy has never bawled her eyes out in grief and is concerned that she is mourning the "wrong" way.
Cheryl has been married 20 years and she would like to renovate their 100+ year old home, but her husband is hesitant to do so. How can Cheryl convince him to agree to a long, expensive, and overdue renovation?
In the final episode of our three-part series “The Single Lady’s Guide to Sperm Shopping,” your host Andrea Silenzi prepares to ask a friend to be her sperm donor. How will she decide who to pick?
If you don’t know Stassi Schroeder...you need to and are about to! She is one of the stars of “Vanderpump Rules," author of Next Level Basic: The Definitive Basic Bitch Handbook and the host of the popular podcast “Straight up with Stassi.” Simply put...I had the BEST TIME. I have seen every episode of "Vanderpump Rules," so already felt like I knew her intimately...I’m so excited to now actually KNOW her! Stassi fills me in on “Vanderpump Rules” drama, her obsession with horror and her wedding details. Plus, she explains why she left the show. I don’t think I fangirled too hard...you be the judge.   For 20% off your first purchase, visit nativedeodorant.com and use promo code WITHWHIT during checkout   Get $20 off your fertility test when you go to modernfertility.com/withwhit   Use coupon code WITHWHIT for $10 off your first box at www.fabfitfun.com
On this episode of Mommies Tell All, Jade gives an exclusive deep dive into her untimely and emotional home birth. Carly adds her reaction to the news of baby Brooks Tolbert being brought into this world inside his mama’s closet. The two go back and forth about how Jade is handling mommy-hood with a newborn & more. This is the first tell-all exclusive from Jade since giving birth to Brooks Easton Tolbert in her home, weighing 7lbs 9oz and 20 inches long! Jade on Instagram Carly on Instagram Follow Reviver Jewelry Visit Reviver Jewelry Listen to Carly’s Album “Dream Train” here Thanks to our sponsors: Fabletics (Fabletics.com/MOMMIES) Skura Style (promo code: mommies) Upspring (promo code: Upspring25)
On this week’s episode of “Mommies Tell All” Jade sits down with her husband Tanner to address stories that have been circulating in the press. Tanner tells his own personal truth about bonding with their son Brooks, and they both explain the trials and tribulations of a postpartum sex life. Plus, Tanner answers questions from listeners about fatherhood. Follow Jade on Instagram: @JadeLizRoper Follow Carly on Instagram: @CarlyWad Follow Reviver Jewelry: @ReviverJewlery Visit Reviver Jewelry's WebsiteListen to Carly’s Album “Dream Train”Thanks to our sponsors: Fab Fit Fun (Promocode: MOMMIES)Homer learnwithhomer.com/MOMMIESNew Chapter Vitamins  Frame Bridge (Promocode: MOMMIES)
Michael called Dr. Laura a year ago and thought the advice he received was "stupid," but it worked and ended up sparing his family from a long and ugly custody battle with his estranged birth parents.
13-year-old Avery lacks the confidence to tell people around her "NO". Recently, she spent all her money at a local fair paying for her cousin to play games, an activity Avery didn't even want to do. Avery's mom admits that she also has a problem with confidence. How can this mother and daughter find their voice and finally start saying "NO"!!!
Elizabeth just got out of a 4-year relationship where she was "shacking up." Now that the relationship is over, she wants to know why it ended BUT Dr. Laura wants to know why she shacked up for 4 years in the first place!
Tina is 38 years old, has been married 14 years and has two kids. She and her husband are members of a cover band and her husband has taken it upon himself to become the sole guitarist in the band. A new guitarist, who is much better, has joined the band and now Tina's husband is expressing dismay and jealousy. How can Tina be supportive, but remind her husband that his main responsibility is to the health and welfare of his family and not being lead guitarist?
On this episode, Michelle shares two birth stories and her in-between cancer diagnosis, chemotherapy, and recovery. Become a lister supporter via Patreon - https://patreon.com/birthhour
In the first of our three-part series “The Single Lady’s Guide to Sperm Shopping,” your host Andrea Silenzi explores an exciting new path towards becoming a single parent. Will she find her sperm donor using… an app?
In the second of our three-part series “The Single Lady’s Guide to Sperm Shopping,” your host Andrea Silenzi heads to California Cryobank. Will she find her dream donor?
Author, blogger and podcast host Sarah Mae joins me to share her story of working through the generational bondage of alcoholism and the verbal and emotional abuse she suffered from her mother. I remember yelling out, 'I'm going to kill myself,' and her saying, 'Go ahead, I dare you.' And that was it for me. I just bawled because I felt so unloved and so confused. In her new book The Complicated Heart, Sarah takes us into her painful past and all she experienced with her mom. She also shares the hope and victory of how God wooed her heart and changed the direction of her family forever.  Dysfunction does not have to be your legacy. It does not have to be your identity. And you do not have to pass it on to your kids. It doesn't matter if you were born into it, married into it or you created it yourself. There is always victory on the table. We just have to be willing to pick it up. Throughout our chat, Sarah is candid and encouraging. She shares openly about the abortion she had at 16 and the healing she’s experienced from bravely speaking out against the shame of past sin and accepting God’s grace as all-sufficient.  What we chat about: * How Sarah learned to love and forgive her alcoholic mother* Practical advice for daughters who are hurting from parental woundings and hope for parents who have failed* The verbal and mental abuse that Sarah endured as a teenager* Honoring Sarah’s mom’s story by including her journal entries in the book* Sarah’s path to healing and the many ways God wooed her heart * The story behind Sarah’s abortion at 16-years-old* Creating a new legacy for your family by bravely working through the places of sin and shame in your life* Wounds from your parents are valid things to grieve Connect with Sarah Mae:  * Website: www.sarahmae.com* Podcast: The Complicated Heart Podcast* Facebook: facebook.com/sarahmaewrites* Instagram: @sarahmaewrites Links Mentioned:   * The Complicated Heart: Loving Even When It Hurts [BOOK]* EP 93: I Am Restored :: Stacy Reaves [PODCAST]* Forgiven and Set Free: A Post-Abortion Bible Study for Women [BOOK] Featured Sponsor: PrepDish Prep Dish meal plans were created by chef and dietician Allison Schaaf to help save you time and put home-cooked meals on the table. No meal time stress. No more answering the dreaded question, “What’s for Dinner?!”. Developed by chef and dietician Allison Schaaf, Prep Dish is a healthy, whole food based meal plan subscription service. Allison does all the planning for you- including easy-to-follow shopping lists and prep-ahead instructions so you know what to prepare and when. NOW offering KETO MEAL PLANS! Imagine…all of your meals prepped and ready to go for the entire week. We like to call this meal time bliss! Get 1 MONTH of meal plans for $4! Go to Prepdish.com/dma.
Brittany's father-in-law is dying, and the family is driving to see him over the weekend. They plan to rent an RV and take the long drive in segments, but Brittany (who has small children) wants her husband to resist this idea because it's not ideal with small kids. Should Brittany go along with the overall plan or push back?
Jay is thinking about proposing to his girlfriend but he has kids and this would be his second marriage, so wants to get a prenup. Does asking for one show a lack of faith in the relationship?
After 9 amazing years, we’re wrapping the show for good in December. Here’s why.
On this episode, Megan discusses how her uneventful pregnancy, marathon labor, and difficult postpartum opened her eyes to the various resources within her local birth community and sparked a fire in her to advocate for new and expecting moms about what their options truly are when it comes to pregnancy, childbirth, and postpartum.
On this week’s episode, Jamilah and Dan answer listener questions from a mom who is feeling anxious about her teenager wanting to buy condoms and a co-parenting dad who has some concerns. As usual, we share our triumphs and fails and offer up some recommendations. For Slate Plus, Dan shares an excerpt from his newly released book, How To Be A Family. Sign up for Slate Plus here. Recommendations:Dan recommends the carnivore compromise, the Impossible burger.Jamilah recommends the kids book, C Is For Consent.Join us on Facebook and email us at momanddad@slate.com to tell us what you thought of today’s show and give us ideas for what we should talk about in future episodes. Got questions that you’d like us to answer? Call and leave us a message at 424-255-7833. Podcast produced by Jess Jupiter.Hosts Jamilah Lemieux and Dan KoisLearn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices
This week Keri and Ashley are joined by Sekiya Dorsett, who shares stories about the Bahamas, and how we can help moms there struggling to rebuild. Later, OG Mom drops by to school us on Mom Guilt, Ashley and Keri take us on a deep dive through Paw Patrol in a new segment called Cartoon Confidential, and we round everything out with your confessions. Scary Mommies, please follow the following links to contribute to the Bahamas relief effort: Choose from requested items on the Red Cross' Amazon list: tinyurl.com/helpforbahamas Donate to Head Knowles Foundation For Hurricane Relief: https://together.bealiv.com/campaign/28/headknowles-foundation-relief-fund AND To keep updated on efforts directly: The Bahamas Consulate https://m.facebook.com/BAHCONNY/ Emergency Management Bahamas https://m.facebook.com/NEMA242/
Big developments are afoot in Childish-land. Greg's son leaves for college and his daughter gets her driver's license. Alison's son starts preschool and switches from a crib to a toddler bed. A caller wonders if she should break the news to a friend that her husband isn't faithful. Plus some important soup talk, a discussion about intimacy, and more. Follow Childish: twitter.com/childishpod instagram.com/childishpod Follow Greg: twitter.com/GregFitzShow instagram.com/gregfitzsimmon Follow Alison: twitter.com/AlisonRosen instagram.com/alisonrosen Our Lovely Sponsors!   Pact WearPact.com (promo code CHILDISH) Michelin MichelinMan.com Marvel Hero Tales apps.apple.com/us/app/marvel-hero-tales/id1449137879 “Shout Out” Product Mentioned: Color My Bath Color Changing Bath Tablets
11-year-old Ben struggles with feelings and expressions of anger particularly after he loses at a game or a sport. Dr. Laura explains to Ben that these mini "failures" are all necessary on the path of proficiency, achievement, and success.
On this episode of "Mommies Tell All" Tanner Tolbert gives his version of Jade’s birthing story. He unveils the 911 call he made and gives every emotional detail of watching his wife give birth inside their master closet. Plus, Tanner joins Carly and Jade to break down the baby naming process, fatherhood with a newborn & more.
Tony has difficulty communicating with his 14-year-old daughter regarding chores and her willingness to help around the house. Dr. Laura helps Tony organize his expectations and together they develop a list of his daughter's favorite activities AND chores that must be done in order to enjoy those activities.
Deanne's brother is dating a woman who regularly abuses drugs, has slept with other men for drugs, and has even been incarcerated for attempting to physically harm him. Deanne's brother continues to see this woman and Deanne asks Dr. Laura if she should try to maintain a relationship with her brother or distance herself from a dangerous situation.
As a new mom, I have so many questions about everything from what’s normal in terms of development to potty training Sonny to what I should be feeding him (especially when he’s being picky). That’s why I’m SO excited to have Dr. Tanya Altmann here today to chat about all these concerns! Dr. Tanya is a best-selling author, local pediatrician, American Academy of Pediatrics parenting book author and parenting expert, not to mention, a mom to three. I wish I took notes while talking with her…I am so glad I can listen to this anytime! I hope you take away as much as I did, and I definitely recommend you break out your notes app. STAT.    Visit thrivemarket.com/withwhit to get 25% off your first order + Free 30 day trial.   For 40% off your first month’s subscription, visit mylola.com and enter WITHWHIT when you subscribe.
On this week's episode of "Mommies Tell All" Jade and Carly discuss the similarities between Brooks & Emmy, how Jade is adjusting to life with two little ones and dealing with Brooks' gas pain issues. Plus, the girls are joined by EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) Therapy Dr. Cassidy Freitas. Follow Jade on Instagram: @JadeLizRoper  Follow Carly on Instagram: @CarlyWad  Follow Reviver Jewelry: @ReviverJewlery Visit Reviver Jewelry's Website Listen to Carly’s Album “Dream Train” Thanks to our sponsors: Skura Style (Promo Code: MOMMIES) mybillie.com/mommies Care.com/MOMMIES (Promo code: MOMMIES)
Jennifer is 49 and has been married since she was 17. She thanks Dr. Laura for 31 years of priceless advice that has helped her lovingly maintain her marriage and truly appreciate her husband for who he is.
On August 15, 2019, we did the wildest thing…we recorded a LIVE episode at The Grove (an outdoor mall here in LA)!! I was SO nervous leading up to it. Thankfully, I recorded the first portion with my friend Kaitlynn Carter! She totally helped calm down my nerves. Kaitlynn has joined me on “The Hills: New Beginnings” this year, and it has been amazing to have someone like her to confide in through all the craziness!! We talk all about “The Hills”, fashion, social media, skincare and MORE. After my conversation with Kaitlynn, I took questions from the audience! They were so thoughtful, and I had the best time meeting everyone afterwards. I hope you enjoy this episode! It was an experience I will never forget!    For 25% off your first Care Of order, go to TakeCareOf.com and enter WITHWHIT   Start listening with a 30-day Audible trial and your first audiobook plus two Audible Originals are free. Visit audible.com/WITHWHIT or text WITHWHIT to 500-500    Visit tamaraamellon.com and use code WITHWHIT for $100 off your first purchase   Produced by Dear Media.   
For a variety of reasons, childhood anxiety rates are soaring, especially among girls. My guest Sissy Goff is here to share some of her insights on how to recognize worry and anxiety in your daughter and empower her to overcome. We talk about tools we can use to help us understand why our brains are often working against us in times of anxiety and grounding techniques to slow and stop the emotional spiral that often ensues. We always want her to know she's stronger than her worries and that she has a voice to talk back to the worry. A lot of people who work with kids call it the worry monster because that separates it out from her voice. We don't want her to think it's the truth, which is what kids are going to think when they have voices in their heads telling them things. This is a short, hope-filled bonus episode that just scratches the surface on all that we can learn about equipping our kids to work through anxiety. For more encouragement, follow Sissy and her team at https://www.raisingboysandgirls.com and watch for her book Raising Worry-Free Girls coming out September 17.  What we chat about: * 1 in 4 kids are dealing with anxiety of some kind and girls are twice as likely to feel it* Anxiety is hard to recognize in kids. Sometimes it comes out as anger or meltdowns and other times it’s deeply buried* People whose personalities lean toward Type A tend to have baseline anxiety at all times. If your child’s personality leans that direction, it’s important to give them tools to deal with it* Anxiety is always an overestimation of the problem and an underestimation of ourselves* Techniques to help a child with anxiety calm down and redirect blood flow to their prefrontal cortex* Integrating our faith as we teach our kids to fight back against fear and worry Connect with Sissy:  * Website: raisingboysandgirls.com* Podcast: raisingboysandgirls.com/listen * Facebook: facebook.com/raisingboysandgirls * Instagram: @raisingboysandgirls Links Mentioned:   * Raising Worry-Free Girls [BOOK] Releases September 17, 2019* [Ep 160] Emotional Milestones:: Sissy Goff and David Thomas [PODCAST]* [Ep 141] Raising Girls:: Sissy Goff [PODCAST] Featured Sponsor: Treasured Study The “tween” years are a critical transition period in the life of a young girl. Girls this age are changing in profound ways, which makes it a little more complicated to know how to connect with them. My friend Courtney DeFeo felt this tension as a mom of tween girls and has created an incredible resource designed for moms and daughters to help them have meaningful conversations during these critical years.    Loaded with fun activities and engaging content, the Treasured Study and the Treasured Journal will help moms and daughters talk about things they both care about. Things like: Identity, body, emotions, friendships, technology, and faith. You can get the Treasured journal and go through it a...
When cartoonist Cathy Guisewite turned 35, she told her parents she was never getting married and never having a kids. Hear what changed her mind.
Erin is recently sober after years of alcohol abuse and she is feeling better than ever! Her family still drinks, and Erin wants to know how to navigate and maintain relationships with those who drink at every occasion without risking relapse herself.