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Dan Crenshaw is a politician and former United States Navy SEAL officer serving as the U.S. Representative for Texas’s 2nd congressional district since 2019. His new book "Fortitude: American Resilience in the Outrage Era" is now available everywhere.
Eric Weinstein is a mathematician and economist, and he is also the managing director at Thiel Capital. His new podcast  “The Portal” is available now on Apple Podcasts & Spotify.
This week we're breaking down Dwight's Speech. Jenna hits up The Office Line Producer, Kent Zbornak for some behind the scenes info on who exactly is in the audience during Dwight's speech. Then the ladies track the thermostat fight, Pam's wedding invites causes some "Ryan Sass", and Angela tries to explain Lord of The Rings to Jenna. Finally, the ladies dive deep into the big speech from it's historical inspirations to how many takes it took Rainn to nail it, and they explain that wizard appearance. Don't worry Brad Pitt will be just fine after this episode.
Greg Fitzsimmons is a writer and stand-up comedian. He also hosts a podcast with Alison Rosen called “Childish” that is available now on iTunes & Stitcher.
Lex Fridman is a research scientist at MIT working on human-centered artificial intelligence and autonomous vehicles. Check out is podcast “Artificial Intelligence Podcast” available on Apple Podcast & YouTube –
Actress D’Arcy Carden feels hopeful about being Conan O’Brien’s friend.   D’Arcy and Conan sit down to talk about bringing Janet to life on The Good Place, meeting her comedic heroes, babysitting for Bill Hader, and being rewarded for working hard and not asking too much. Later, Conan takes a look at an old college photo with his team.   Got a question for Conan? Call our voicemail: (323) 451-2821. For Conan videos, tour dates and more visit
Alicia Keys is an American musician, singer, composer, actress and pianist. Alicia joins the Armchair Expert to discuss overcoming resentments, her pattern of people pleasing and releasing the notion that being overworked equals success. Dax relates to Alicia's love of her grandparents and Alicia talks about a life lesson that taught her the necessity of boundaries. The two talk about fear of abandonment, the mix of work and friendship and Dax proves to have good phone game.
In Part 9: Monica & Jess love Love Addiction, M and J chat with author and the Clinical Director of Center for Healthy Sex in Los Angeles, Dr. Alex Katehakis. Dr. Alex talks about the tenants of unmanageability and addiction. Monica wonders if you can be a love addict who’s never fallen in love and Jess asks questions about post relationship nostalgia. Dr. Alex declares both Monica and Jess have some dissociative tendencies in relationships and adhere to fantasy as an outlet. Monica expresses her fears of being replaceable and Dr.Alex thinks Jess uses sex to mitigate anxiety. The three talk about childhood abandonment and how that has trickled into adulthood and she gives both Monica and Jess 90 day challenges to take into the world.
Kumail Nanjiani and Emily V. Gordon, comedic writers and producers, join us along with panelists Mo Rocca, Roxanne Roberts, and Alonzo Bodden.
The 2 Bears Tom Segura and Bert Kreischer are back in the cave this week and it's a real special one. It starts off with Bert showing off his latest homage to Wood on social media. Is he good enough at photoshop to keep people from reversing what he put up? We then get into Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard, alleged slander on Sean William Scott, smearing brown on your significant other's nose, and some amazing raps written by Bert and performed by Tom. Wow.
Bill rambles about peak week, long drives, and documentaries.
Peter Hotez, M.D., Ph.D. is Dean of the National School of Tropical Medicine and Professor of Pediatrics and Molecular Virology & Microbiology at Baylor College of Medicine where he is also the Director of the Texas Children’s Center for Vaccine Development (CVD) and Texas Children’s Hospital Endowed Chair of Tropical Pediatrics.
Brian Redban is a comedian and the founder of the Deathsquad podcast network. Also look for him on “Kill Tony” available on Apple Podcasts & YouTube:
We're still here and we're still being safe! On today's show we talk about Breaking Bad, Covid conspiracies, Shai, a story from the Coffee Bean, a story about small bites, and an update to the rat kid story.
Pack your day bags because we're headed to New York! This week we're breaking down Valentines Day, and we are joined by the wonderful Andy Buckley (The Office, Veep, Avenue 5). Andy chats with Jenna and Angela about his time as a stock broker, how he got the part of the David Wallace, and his surprise to be a recurring character. Then Jenna does a deep dive on Sbarro Pizza and Angela gives us some insider info on 30 Rockefeller Plaza, and the ladies ponder the best and worst Valentine's gifts. Finally, we couldn't end this episode without talking about the Faces of Scranton video and Micheal running into Devin on the streets of New York.
Christina Pazsitzky and Tom Segura are comedians who are also married. They are the Mommies and they welcome you to join them. Dental updates! Dudes! Stories! Wiping!
This week, JD tries to help a patient stop smoking, while Turk works up the nerve to ask Carla out. In reality, Zach and Donald continue their binge, sing the song that made Leroy famous, and share some never before told stories of what happened at the 2001 upfront Scrubs' party.
Joey “CoCo” Diaz is a Cuban-American stand up comedian and actor.  Joey also hosts his own podcast called “The Church of What’s Happening Now”.
In today’s episode, we set a new record for Lack of Commitment to an Opening Bit — a record whose previous holders include … let’s see here … oh, it’s us! The list just says us, like, fifty times. Suggested talking points: Hot Gin, Sonic’s Sacrifice, Timesheet Secrets, Bathroom Investigations, Goldfish Punishment, Large Old Pizza News, Titanic Kaiju
At the top of the show, Adam recalls his conversation with Dr. Drew about ‘intent’. He then rants about the studio not being cleaned up despite him asking, and talks with Steve Gregory about the latest Coronavirus updates, including ethnicity statistics, the importance of everyone staying home during this time, and the tricky part of testing and detection. Gina then reads news stories about possible MLB games with no crowds, people racing to purchase Tylenol, and increased fines for breaking social distancing rules. Before the break, the guys respond to a couple more stories about Dana White buying a private island for UFC fights, and Tori Spelling’s virtual meet and greet. PLEASE SUPPORT TODAY’S SPONSORS! BetOnline enter PODCASTONE enter ADAM enter ADAM
Comedian Jeff Dunham talks with Marc about ventriloquism, making dummies, perfecting a craft, and dealing with racial sensitivity in puppet comedy.
Bill and Bert prattle about dogs, burning balls, and social narratives.
Tom Segura is a stand-up comedian, and hosts his own podcast with his wife, Christina Pazsitzky called Your Mom’s House. His new special “Ball Hog” is now streaming only on Netflix.
Bryan Callen is an actor and stand-up comedian, and together with Brendan Schaub he also hosts “The Fighter & The Kid” podcast.
Richard Marx is in next, and Adam chats with him about being quarantined in Malibu with his beautiful wife, Daisy Fuentes. They also talk about Richard’s upbringing, his dad’s career in the jingle-writing biz, and his own song writing ambitious since he was a small child. Later Adam and Richard discuss their different relationships with their dads and kids, and everyone reacts to the notion that as computers have sped up, the operators have slowed down. Bald Bryan also asks Richard about one of his classic MTV music videos, and Daisy Fuentes joins the feed to help verify a story Adam recalls from the Kids Choice Awards. In the last part of the show, Gina reads news stories about more celebrities diagnosed with Coronavirus, Allstate refunding customers for not driving during this time, and more measures being taken to slow the spread of the virus. As the show wraps up, the guys chat about the return of Wrestlemania. PLEASE SUPPORT TODAY’S SPONSORS! BetOnline enter PODCASTONE enter ADAM enter ADAM enter ADAM
David and Natalie get a new puppy, the guys talk CGI, and why Jason won't hang out more. Plus, David thinks he peed the bed and Jason and Natalie pan a Vlog Squad uprising.
Adam welcomes Larry the Cable Guy to the podcast, and Adam compliments him on his new standup special, ‘Remain Seated’. Adam also asks Larry about how he got his role in the Pixar film, ‘Cars’, and the guys go on to discuss Larry’s relationship with John Lasseter, and what happened to John during the #MeToo movement. They also talk about maintaining a great work ethic, being a smart businessman, and the process of writing Larry’s standup specials. Later, they talk about the legacy of Steve Martin, how blessed Larry feels to have all the success he has, and why golf makes you want to pursue perfection. As the show wraps up, the guys talk about the Steve McQueen Bullitt car. PLEASE SUPPORT TODAY’S SPONSORS! BetOnline enter PODCASTONE enter ADAM enter ADAM
Adam opens the show talking about everyone wearing facemasks and bandanas everywhere. Adam also wonders where some people get their confidence from, and the guys listen to a clip from Adam’s upcoming audiobook, ‘I’m Your Emotional Support Animal’. Later he talks about looking at Malibu real estate with Natalia just for the fun of it, and no one in his family liking what he likes. The guys also discuss how people are handling their quarantine differently, and they go on to talk about self-improvement, facing your fears, and taking some time to learn something new. PLEASE SUPPORT TODAY’S SPONSORS! BetOnline enter PODCASTONE enter ADAM enter ADAM enter ADAM
Marc's 2016 conversation with singer/songwriter John Prine, who passed away on April 7, 2020.
The Brand is Strong! The Bronx's very own Desus Nice & THE KID MERO aka the Bodega Boys are giving you their irreverent yet hilarious takes on all things pop culture. Live from our homes! This week: NBA 2K, sports, movies, merch and more!
Zach and Donald talk about filming in an abandoned hospital, discuss the audition process, and explain why they were so starstruck by Sarah Chalke, aka Dr. Eliot.
Stephen Dubner is an author, journalist, and podcast/radio host. He is co-author of the Freakonomics book series and host of Freakonomics Radio. Stephen sits down with the Armchair Expert to discuss being drawn to counterintuitive thinking, his journey to Judaism and looking at politics through an objective lens. Dax asks about Stephen’s childhood and Stephen talks about popular Freakonomics pieces. The two weave in and out of many topics including the prevalence of artificial insemination in turkeys, the uptick in pedestrian deaths and the potential of eating humans.
Wisconsin holds its primary election despite the pandemic, Roy Wood Jr. and Michael Kosta cap off Trump's Best Word Bracket, and Trevor interviews IMF economist Gita Gopinath. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Bert Kreischer is a stand-up comedian, actor and podcast host. His new special “Hey Big Boy” is now streaming only on Netflix.
Kyle Dunnigan is in next and the guys talk about extra red lights being run to control people from driving too quickly during the quarantine. The guys then talk about Kyle’s tour being canceled because of Coronavirus, and Adam chats with ‘Sylvester Stallone’ and ‘Bill Maher’ about what they’ve been up to during the quarantine. Adam also chats with ‘New Matt’ about going to Home Depot and helping the Carolla family during the current crisis. As the show wraps up, Gina reads news stories about the latest Coronavirus headlines, and ‘President Trump’ chimes in on some international developments. PLEASE SUPPORT TODAY’S SPONSORS! enter ADAM Scott's Turf Builder Triple Action
We’re back but in quarantine! Heath and Mariah got their COVID test results. One of us is getting a new house! Zane’s dad used to be an underwear model. Did Carol Baskin from Tiger King kill her husband?
Steebee Weebee makes his return. Jules is Relucant Rudy. Khalyla is a camo twin. Bobby misses the comedians he hates. We talk Comedy Gives Back, Tom Cruise as Elon Musk, raising a teenager, and once again Handumanan.    Recorded in our respective homes via Zoom.   More Steve:
Comedian and actor Steve Coogan feels quietly optimistic about being Conan O’Brien’s friend.   Steve sits down with Conan to talk about channeling comic persona Alan Partridge, Steve’s newest film Greed, portraying Stan Laurel in Stan & Ollie, and not minding when someone doesn’t think he’s funny. Plus, Conan and his team look back on Conan’s technological achievements with a special montage.     Got a question for Conan? Call our voicemail: (323) 451-2821. For Conan videos, tour dates and more visit
At the top of the show, Adam talks about a cut together montage of Dr. Drew’s COVID19 predictions that went viral over the weekend. Dr. Drew is on the air right at the top of the pod, and Adam talks to him about the negative social media reactions. Adam also talks about his road trips to Malibu with Natalia, updates on a potential ‘Uppity’ feature, and more ‘Guys I Can’t Hang Out With’. Later he talks with Dr. Drew about what happens when money becomes invisible, and the latest research on paying for your education and your success. Before the break, the guys play a round of the Rotten Tomatoes Game. PLEASE SUPPORT TODAY’S SPONSORS! enter ADAM Scott's Turf Builder Triple Action
Ladies, please report to the conference room, boys to the bowels of the office! That's right, this week we're breaking down Boys and Girls, an episode of The Office based of a pitch straight from Jenna and Angela themselves! We chat about those classic Angela Martin moments, alpha wombs vs beta wombs, and do you call Jim and Pam JAM, or PB&J? Finally, we talk about Michael wrecking the warehouse, Jan union busting, and Pam and Jims first fight.
Bill rambles about making your bed, armed drones, and a report from the kitchen.
Tim Gunn, fashion icon, joins us along with panelists Peter Grosz, Negin Farsad, and Adam Burke.
Today on the show Bishop TD Jakes called in and blessed us with some words of wisdom and prayer during these stressful times. Also, to keep the good spirits up we opened up the phone lines to see who you think will win in a basketball game between Nene Leakes or Wendy Williams after they had a few words for each other on social media the other day. Moreover, Charlamagne gave "Donkey of the Day" to an Ohio man that is going against staying 6 foot away from each other. Learn more about your ad-choices at
  Theo gets some feedback from listeners on how they’re getting through the pandemic, checks in with Trick Lung Mickey, and gives his thoughts on Louis CK’s new special. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------   New Merch    ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This episode is brought to you by…   Bespoke Post   Betterhelp Visit to receive 10% off your first month   PowerDot Visit and use code THEO for 20% off ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Intro “Shine” - Bishop Gunn   Outro “Makin’ It” - Bishop Gunn ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hit the Hotline 985-664-9503   Video Hotline for Theo Upload here:  -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------   Find Theo   Website:  Instagram: Facebook: Facebook Group:  Twitter: YouTube: Clips Channel:   -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------   Producer Nick   
Trevor enlists his correspondents to help him figure out how to make a protective mask, and actress Jennifer Garner discusses her charitable initiative, Save with Stories. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Adam and Drew open the show discussing parents, both their own and their experience of being parents as they lament how they are treated by those they have dedicated their lives to raising and providing a life for. Adam and Drew then go on the examine the close relationship between fear, pain & shame and how the three are very much interconnected and how those emotions play into the behavior of our younger generation. Please Support Our Sponsors:, promo code Adam, promo code Adam
Today on the show we opened up the phone lines after NBA Young Boy's video went viral of him ranting and disrespecting his girlfriends father who happen to be Floyd Mayweather, and we asked what out listeners would do if their daughter boyfriend said the things he said. Also, we opened up the phone lines to see what other battles they would like to see live on ig. Also, Charlamagne gave "Donkey of the Day" to a man that was complaining about only getting $1,200 from the stimulus package. Learn more about your ad-choices at
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In Part 8: Monica & Jess Love Cock Buffets, M and J welcome Dan Savage (author, media pundit, journalist, and LGBT community activist) to the attic via video chat. Dan delineates many differences between dating in the gay community vs. the straight one. He talks to Monica about why women are engrained to "vet a guy before they bed a guy" and talks to Jess about transgressive behaviors in the gay community. He discusses the notion that we meet a few people in life who are .68 and we make the choice to round them up to a 1. He talks about the equality complex and how we need to give ourselves permission to have successful short term relationships. Monica talks to Sam on the phone and relays to Jess what they talked about and Dan takes the challenges to a new level of scary.
On today's episode I speak with the star of the new Bravo show, Family Karma, Anisha Ramakrishna. She tells me the truth about all of her costars, moving back in with her parents, and if she will ever have a 5-day Indian wedding. But first, I recap all of your favorite shows. Real Housewives of New York is back and Dorinda has it out for Tinsley while Ramona just wants to be held. 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days, Big Ed and Rose finally have sex. On Real Housewives of Atlanta, Kandi and her husband Todd get serious about their issues. Also, I figured out the real reason that Kody and Meri, from Sister Wives, hate each other.  New Stand Up Dates and Exclusive Merch Sponsors: Midroll's I Weighwith Jameela Jamil a Support the show.
Andy Stumpf is a retired Navy SEAL and was also a two-time wingsuit world record holder. He hosts his own podcast called “Cleared Hot” that can be found on Apple Podcasts & Stitcher.
Christina Pazsitzky and Tom Segura are comedians who are also married. They are the Mommies and they welcome you to join them. Dental updates! Dudes! Stories! Wiping!
Today on the show we had friend to the show Lala call in where she spoke how she is holding up during the quarantine as well with her new show about herself and more. Also, Charlamagne gave "Donkey of the Day" to Ellen because of her comments comparing her quarantine lifestyle to jail and Angela helped some listeners out during "Ask Yee" Learn more about your ad-choices at
Emmy-award winning writer, director, and producer Alan Yang (Parks and Recreation, Master of None, Forever) joins Scott and his nephew Todd to talk about his Netflix directorial debut Tigertail being the opposite of Tiger King, working with a Mandarin translator on the film, and shares a Harris Wittels story from his time at Parks and Rec. Plus, salesman Gigantic Dan drops by to talk about selling self-made doors door-to-door.
Dean Delray, comedian, actor, and the host of the "Let There Be Talk" podcast, joins Joey Diaz and Lee Syatt via Zoom. This podcast is brought to you by:    CBD Lion - For all of your CBD needs, from shatter to gummies, go to and use code CHURCH for 20% off. -  Use code promo joey to get a 50% match on your first deposit up to $1,000.   
Thank you so much for tuning in for another episode of Tin Foil Hat with Sam Tripoli. This episode we welcome Ricardo Salazar to discuss his days at the North Dakota Pipeline protest and the US Government Police State tactics that were used to stop them. What happened to the protestors could easily be our future with the Elites begging for Martial Law. Please check out Ricardo Salazar's Internet:Youtube: _hawk303Please check out all of our platforms:Our Youtube out all the Tin Foil Hat Full Episode Videos atbrokensimulation.comMy you to our sponsors:Grubhub: Just for our listeners, if you download the Grubhub app and enter promo code SAMT, you'll get $10 off any order of $15 or more on your delivery. That’s promo code SAM for $10 off any order of $15 or more on your delivery. So download the Grubhub app today and use promo code SAMT to enjoy the restaurants you love, delivered.Strong Coffee: Go to FOR 30% OFFOMAX CryoFreeze: Get 20% off a full bottle of CryoFreeze Pain Roll Relief and anything site wide plus free shipping just go to promocode TINFOILHAT.Manscaped: Get 20% Off and Free Shipping with the code TINFOILHAT at That’s 20% off with free shipping, and use code TINFOILHATBlue Chew: Visit Blue Chew dot com and get your first shipment free when you use promo code tinfoil. Just pay $5 shipping. That’s B-L-U-E-Chew dot com promo code tinfoil. Chew it and do it! hey have tons of different colors and styles. they have suits in solid colors, pinstripes, plaids, houndstooth, double breasted, corduroy, tuxes. and all for $39 to $69. AND they give away 1 free suit every week to one of our listeners. thats just tinfoil hat fans. we announce the winner here the following week on the show. Just go to and put in your email. or don't put in your email in for the free suit and just go to and get a 2-button suit for $39Live Shows:May 1st: Spokane Comedy ClubMay 2nd: Tacoma Comedy Club
How about a great love story to brighten our souls in these dark days, huh? We're excited to be joined by one of our favorite, been-following-for-years #CoupleGoals -- Arielle Vandenberg and Matt Cutshall. They share how they went from best friends to fiancés, what it's like to work with your partner, why they rarely fight (but also a fight they had recently), tips for couples (and everyone) for staying sane during this time, and more. We're also sharing the funniest/most ridiculous fights our listeners have had with their significant others while being quarantined, and catching up on our latest masturbation mishaps. We hope you enjoy and stay safe! Follow Arielle on Instagram @Arielle and Matt @MattCutshall, and check out their podcast Riled Up. Follow us @GirlsGottEatPodcast, Rayna @Rayna.Greenberg, and Ashley @AshHess. Check our website for tour dates and merchandise. Thank you to our partners for this episode: Everlane: Go to for a personalized collection + free shipping on your first order. Helix: Helix is offering up to $200 off all mattress orders for our listeners at Aurate: Visit and use code GGE for 15% off your first purchase. Postmates: Download the free app and use code GGE for $100 of free delivery credit in your first 7 days. 
On today's show the guys spend the entire episode in Digs Debates, as they take all the different "you can only keep 3" memes going around and give their opinions as they cover, movies, snacks, candy, comedians, you name it. The guys also check in on Tony as he gets ready for the upcoming 48 miles that he has staring him down come Thursday. It's a fun one. Stay safe out there, and enjoy.
Hello from Whitney's panic/podcast room. Today's topics include farting couples in lockdown, crazy porn, wiping, makeup, the rush to report news to each other, and we chat with Benton over the phone! Leave a message for Whitney here and you might wind up on this podcast: (818) 538-9940
This week, we bodyslam our way through the story of a man who defines the term "wasted potential". No one in wrestling history has been given more chances to be employed, or screwed those chances up quite so badly.  He did plenty of drugs, fought cops in bar parking lots, and that's only the beginning. Tales of his debauchery are legendary. Some are hilarious, and some are downright criminal. He is a unique kind of disaster!   Have sex with your cousin, snort your way out of every job you get, and never learn from your mistakes with Marty Jannetty!!   Check us out, every Tuesday!   We will continue to bring you the biggest idiots in sports history!!    Hosted by James Pietragallo & Jimmie Whisman    Donate at... or with using our email:    Get all the CIS & STM merch at    Go to for all things CIS & STM!!    Contact us on...
Seth takes a closer look at public officials urging Americans to continue observing social distancing rules while President Trump and Jared Kushner contradict those experts and spread misinformation. Then, he has a remote conversation with Senator Kamala Harris about how she and how the Senate is dealing with the coronavirus pandemic.
We talk about sex, today on Timesuck. Who's having it, what kind of sex are they having, how does porn affect our sex lives and more!
Some things may never be the same. Whether it be temporary or forever, R&L discuss how the coronavirus pandemic has changed various aspects of their daily lives in this episode of Ear Biscuits!
Comedian and actress Whitney Cummings feels stressed out about being Conan O’Brien’s friend.   Whitney and Conan sit down to talk about being a serious child, impetigo and epigenetics, and the stresses of planning a wedding. Later, Conan hears about his assistant Sona’s medical procedure.   Check out Whitney’s latest comedy special Can I Touch It? on Netflix here.     Got a question for Conan? Call our voicemail: (323) 451-2821. For Conan videos, tour dates and more visit
The 2 Bears are back in the Cave this week for ANOTHER extra episode to help you stay safe at home! First, remember to check out Bert Kreischer's special "Hey Big Boy" and Tom Segura's special "Ball Hog" on Netflix now! The bears start off with sharing a drinking game someone made on Bert's podcast habbits called "Bertus Interruptus." Can you survive it? Then Tom shares his story behind his new "Wash Your Hands" merch and the story of contacting the widow of the famed "Wood" who most of you have seen via text messages. Bert talks about his recent trip to the dentist and how much of an emergency his root canal was. He was sleeping with RAW ONIONS in his mouth! All new teeth for Berty Boy? Then Tom and Bert trade stories about getting fired (which makes Bert LOSE CONTROL) , sleeping around in their early days, and how good Bert is at listening/acting.
We have a real "who done it" episode for y'all! That right, this week we're breaking down The Carpet, and you better buckle up because we have officially reached FULL MINDY! Angela gets a little edgy talking about the TV show Fear Factor, and we answer the question "why are the warehouse guys changing the carpet?". We also get some Michael Sass, Jenna does a deep dive on Rock 107, and of course we can’t end the episode without talking about those Pam voicemails.
Stephen Colbert joins us, along with panelists Maz Jobrani, Paula Poundstone, and Luke Burbank.
Adam and Dr. Drew open the show discussing the evolving coronavirus situation including the controversy surrounding facemasks, China's role in the pandemic and more. They also discuss the amount of traffic that our nation's hospitals are seeing as a result of the situation and they review an LA Times article suggesting that the school shutdowns are worsening already existing inequities. Please Support Our Sponsors:, promo code Adam, promo code Adam
Don't forget to Subscribe, Rate 5 Stars, and leave a review! KFC and Feits go over the list of Barstool Quarantine Houses and decide which house they'd wanna stay in. They discuss the new Louis CK stand up special. After 4 weeks in quarantine, the guys go over what they miss most about bars. Voicemails include: Covering Up a Crime, Sex Equivalent, and Spiderman or Orgasms. Cory G (@corygfitness) joined the show. He tells us about how he used to be an actual coal miner, how he started his first gym, and what we can do to get in shape while in quarantine. Jo Koy returns to the show. We discuss being quarantined with family, how coronavirus has effected the comedy scene, and Jo tells us about a heartwarming, cathartic moment he had with Tiffany Haddish at one of his recent arena shows.
Bitch better have my bells...
Bobby talks to Mike D because he thinks he should ask his girlfriend again to come stay in Nashville with him. The show talks about what they think it means for them to be together right now and not be long distance. Amy talks about new rules she set for her kids to earn things. Bobby gives her ideas on how to make her new system work. Plus, someone on the show gets tattled on for not doing something they said they would! Learn more about your ad-choices at
Grace and Mamrie contemplate self isolation, dip their toes into Critter Corner and answer some questions. For 20% off your first purchase, visit and use promo code tmgw20 during checkout! Get 10% off your first order and free shipping when you use promo code TMGW only at Try ShipStation free for 60 days when you use offer code TMGW at!
Actor Will Arnett feels pretty put out about being Conan O’Brien’s friend.   Will and Conan sit down to talk about being known as a voice-over artist, the best bits of Brian McCann, and finding his crowd with Arrested Development. Plus, Conan and Sona take another swing at a Podcast Quiz.   Got a question for Conan? Call our voicemail: (323) 451-2821. For Conan videos, tour dates and more visit
Comedian and podcaster Marc Maron talks with Andy Richter about growing up Jewish in Albuquerque, hosting Short Attention Span Theater, and dealing with high-stakes podcast patent trolls. Plus, Marc reflects on what matters most to him right now.   Check out Marc’s new special End Times Fun on Netflix here.
We're still here folks as Mark see's some bum fights and get's a flat tire while Joe keeps fighting his apartment mouse before telling a tragic tale from his childhood. Check it out! Sponsored by: Blue Chew ( code: tuesdays) & MyBookie ( code: tuesdays) Subscribe to our Patreon for full video of the show, bonus eps, and all of our pre-2017 episodes Get our new T-Shirts right here baby!
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Bachelor Peter Weber on Being 'in Quarantine' with Kelley Flanagan: We Have 'Good Chemistry' (PEOPLE) Michael Che announces grandmother's death from coronavirus (Page Six) Kristin Cavallari Returns Home After Coronavirus 'Isolation' in the Bahamas for 3 Weeks (PEOPLE) The 'Real Housewives of Beverly Hills' Season 10 Taglines Are Here! (Entertainment Tonight) 'One World: Together at Home' Telecast Will Span Major Networks, Feature Lady Gaga, Paul McCartney, Lizzo, Billie Eilish, More (Variety) One Tree Hill Recap Love, Rosie Recap Toast Movie of The Day: Confessions Of A Teenage Drama Queen The Morning Toast with Claudia (@girlwithnojob) and Jackie Oshry (@jackieoproblems) Merch: The Morning Toast Patreon:
Wait, really? Garrison Keillor? Yes, Garrison’s here to talk to instruct Paula and Adam in the fine art of writing. In a related story, everyone discusses what they remember from 6th grade English for our “Quarantine Corner” feature. And also... they say comedy is a high-wire act, but Paula makes that a LOT less metaphorical. GUEST Garrison Keillor   HOUSE BAND Dennis Lichtman Clarinet Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Join Barbara Dunkelman, Gavin Free, Blaine Gibson, and Chad James as they discuss quarantining with children, breakfast pizza, when they met one another, and more on this week's RT Podcast!
Old salt Comedian Dave Attell sits with me during a recent trip to LA and talks about good and bad podcasts.  
Comedian Byron Bowers talks with Marc about schizophrenia, drug dealing, LSD, Mitzi Shore, and how comedy taught him who he is.
History meets Herstory and Their Story. You’re Welcome.
Broads, Broads, Broads - it is time to start doubling up on these LIB recaps and, wow, there is A LOT to cover a lot as the episodes continue to get crazier. The Broads spend the first half discussing episode 5 which had some major highlights BUT OH GOD BUT The Broads spend the second half discussing episode 6 which was WILD. There are many laughing fits during this episode - prepare yourselves, #broadsquad.  ***Reminder: we are watching this show episode by episode as we recap - though the show has been out for a long time, we do not know how anything ends so please no *SPOILERS*. Theses are our in real time takes:) *COMING UP THURSDAY APRIL 9th: LOVE IS BLIND EP 7,8,&9 RECAP INSTAGRAM: Chatty Broads: @chattybroads Bekah: @bekah Jess: @thebaddmom  THANKS TO OUR SPONSORS:  *** ARTICLE: GET $50 OFF YOUR FIRST PURCHASE OF $100 OR MORE AT ARTICLE.COM/CHATTY ( *** YOGASLEEP: GO TO YOGASLEEP.COM/CHATTY ( TO SAVE AN EXCLUSIVE 20% OFF A SOUND MACHINE FOR NATURAL SLEEP FOR THE WHOLE FAMILY. *** FAB FIT FUN: Use coupon code "CHATTY" for $10 off your first box at ( #fabfitfunpartner
David gets roasted for posting a TikTok, Jason hears a gunshot in his back yard, and Natalie complains why David won't ever kiss her. Plus, David finds out he has a lisp, and the guys stall their Bronco at Stormi's birthday party.
Step In The Name Of MILF by Charlamange Tha God and Andrew Schulz
Matt and Bow: A Tale of Two Coasts! The boys connect while socially distancing due to Covid-19 and discuss this new (but temporary!) normal, as well as the habits they've developed in isolation. They touch base on the culture that's gone down over the past month including the Real Housewives of New York premiere (as well as the LEAH of it all), Dua Lipa's new album Future Nostalgia and Gaga's Chromatica delay. Both the boys reveal their new TV binge obsessions while in quar (Survivor for Matt, The Leftovers for Bowen) and also talk all things Quibi! Matt's new show Gayme Show! is out now on that platform, and you can check it out now. And...against all odds...the boys literally almost forget to talk about Tiger King, but not to fear, they touch on it! So if you were hungry for more Carole Baskin takes? We got you, bitch. Stay safe and stay inside and...give the pod a 5 star review. See? Not everything's changed.
This isn't an episode of MBMBaM, but hey! Every living human being on Earth is talking about this game, so we decided to toss our Besties discussion here on the MBMBaM feed! (Don't fret -- this isn't taking the place of a MBMBaM; it's back Monday!) The Besties is a gaming podcast featuring Justin, Griffin, and Polygon co-founders Chris Plante and Russ Frushtick. We've been doing the show for a while, but only recently relaunched as a Spotify Original! You can follow the show for free at
My HoneyDew this week is the Ball Hog himself, Tom Segura! We share some embarrassing stories about our dads & Tom tells a story about the car accident he had one day after he got his license. Please make sure you’re subscribed to my YouTube channel! I’ll be adding HoneyDew episodes, standup and more! Stay healthy y’all!
The cuzzies catch up and give their takes on the Netflix sensation Tiger King! Make no mistake, there's no holding back from these two stir crazy kids! Join for exclusive content! Follow @historyhyenas @chrisdcomedy and @yannispappas on Instagram!
Bill and Bert prattle remotely about how to enjoy quarantine, tough dads, and the long road to success.
The gang gets a special Debate Club question from Tiger King's Kody Antle and talk Survival, Tobacco, Getting Lockdown Crazy, Viral Family Photos, Church Games, Big Lunch Weiner's, Latin Basketball, Kidnapping Nick's Grandma, Panty Business Name Submissions, All New Rap Battle Submissions looking to dethrone Lil Brow's, Lifted Trucks vs Lowriders, Theo becomes an Angry Latino and much more! Hims - MVMT -
Mo Rocca (Mobituaries) talks to Justin about the eclectic jobs he has had over the years, how he enjoyed having a strict upbringing, and his CBS Sunday Morning adventures.  Support us by supporting our sponsors! Squarespace - Check Out for a free trial and when you’re ready to launch, use the offer code LONG to save 10% off your first purchase of a website or domain!
Joy Bryant (For Life, Parenthood, Get Rich or Die Tryin') is an American actress. Joy returns to Armchair Expert and sits down with her ex-TV husband to discuss her new obsession with duck, living bi-coastal and the parameters of when she wears a headscarf. Dax tries to induct two new people to the soul spectrum and Joy revisits the conversation of house note vs. house payment. The two talk about whether traumatic backgrounds give you a pass for problematic behavior, they discuss the extremities of the societal pendulum swing and Dax updates Joy on a recent change of opinion.
Duncan Trussell is a stand-up comedian, and host of his own podcast “The Duncan Trussell Family Hour”. Look for his new show "The Midnight Gospel" which starts streaming April 20 on Netflix.
On this week's show, Neal and Bianca discuss: -Boris Johnson (5:39) -French doctors (23:30) -Trump (30:09) -Louis C.K.'s new special (41:13) -Tik Tok dances (58:18) -Dumb Purchases (1:00:13) -Doc Watch: In Transit, The Scheme, Frontline + more (1:04:25) -Your Emails (1:14:08) Keep sending your *audio and video* questions to Connect with other feelers on Reddit! Discuss the show with the #hownealfeel hashtag on Twitter and everywhere else, and don't forget to rate, review, and listen on iTunes, Google, Spotify, Stitcher, or your favorite podcast app. Thanks to: Local Teen + Joseph D'Alfonso for the Doc Watch themes Local Teen for the intro song LMNtlyst for the Emails song FLAAWs for the closing song ETC.
Celebrity trainer and nutritionist David Higgins joins Emily and Kumail to discuss exercising without access to a gym.
We're starting our spring cleaning early this week and breaking down The Secret! Jenna and Angela chat about Steve Carrell's charming Golden Globe speech from 2006 and Angela notices it's another Friday that's not a Casual Friday. And of course the ladies cover the hilarity of Micheal's struggle to bond with Jim over "the secret", Dwight spying on Oscar, and hold the chicken breast, because Jenna does a deep dive on Hooters.
It's another Tuesday Episode! Zach plays the adorable, insanely popular Animal Crossing game, and he has some BEEF. Also Keith is back with another Egg Update. MAIN CHANNEL PODCAST CHANNEL FOLLOW US @keithhabs @nedfulmer @korndiddy @eugeneleeyang @milesbon
Chris just turned 40, happy birthday, Chris! Topics today include: Tiger King, the Apple TV remote, televangelist Kenneth Copeland destroying coronavirus, Akon's real name, and how people need to stay the fuck at home.
Today's episode is a tough one, but it is one that we think is important to share. Kelly Anne Bates was a 14 year old child when she met a much older Dave Smith. While her parents helplessly looked on, she slipped further and further into his grasp until finally, he snuffed her out in one of the most gruesome murders to date.  During this uncertain time, we know a lot of people have found themselves quarantined in a dangerous situation, quite possibly with their abusers. Kelly's story is an extreme case but it is a reality for those in abusive relationships. If you find yourself in trouble, here are some ways to reach out for help: Advocates at the National Domestic Violence Hotline are available 24/7 at 1-800-799-SAFE (7233) in more than 200 languages. Battered women’s support services 604-652-1867 or send us an email at Call 604-687-1867 or 1-855-687-1868 or text 604-652-1867 Last week, local authorities in Spain and the Canary Islands have advised victims of abuse to go to their pharmacies and to use the code word ‘mask 19’ for help. In the UK, the Independent Office for Police Conduct advises anyone who feels afraid of being overheard when dialing ‘999’ to listen to the questions from the phone operator, respond by coughing or tapping the handset if you can and press ‘55’. Visit out sponsors! First Leaf Sign up today to get 6 bottles of wine for only $29.95, plus free shipping for a year! Just go to Try Causebox Our listeners get an exclusive discount- go to and use the code morbid to get your first box for 30% off- as in you can get your first box worth over $250+ for less than $39.
Quibi Launches Today: A Comprehensive Guide to All the Celeb-Studded Shows You Can Watch on Your Phone Right Now (PEOPLE) Teresa Giudice shares sweet Instagram tributes to late father Giacinto (Page Six) Selena Gomez reveals bipolar diagnosis during Miley Cyrus live stream (Page Six) Real Housewives of Atlanta Season 12 Reunion Will Be Filmed Remotely Due to Coronavirus Crisis (PEOPLE) A Tiger at the Bronx Zoo Has Tested Positive for Coronavirus (TIME) Keeping Up With The Kardashians Recap Real Housewives of New York Recap Unorthodox Recap Toast Movie of The Day: Love, Rosie The Morning Toast with Claudia (@girlwithnojob) and Jackie Oshry (@jackieoproblems) Merch: The Morning Toast Patreon:
My brand new stand up comedy special "Hey Big Boy" is streaming right now on Netflix!  Today I chat remotely with one of The Backstreet Boys founding member, AJ McLean. We talk about when The Backstreet Boys started, his shoe game, rehab/sobriety, their Vegas residency, the first time he did drugs, getting screwed over by their former manager, and much more!  This episode is also brought to you by Whoop. Get 15% off your membership at by using the promo code “BERT” at checkout This episode is also brought to you by Hims. A one stop shop for hair loss, skincare, and sexual wellness for men. Try hims today and get your first month free. Go to  This episode is brought to you by Blue Apron. Check out this weeks menu at This episode is brought to you by MeUndies. Get 15% off your first order, free shipping, and a 100% satisfaction guarantee at  This episode is brought to you by Policy Genius. In just a few minutes you can find your best price and apply at My Brand new stand up special "Hey Big Boy" is streaming right now on Netflix!  For all TOUR DATE & MERCH click HERE: Twitter: Facebook: Instagram: Youtube:
Debra Messing talks about Will & Grace. Paul F. Tompkins, Janie Haddad Tompkins act as contestants.
After clarifying which power rangers are doing porn and which are deceased, Nicole & Sasheer talk their crushes on Patrick Stewart, the 2019 film The Fanatic starring John Travolta, and the limpest bizkit there ever was. Then they answer listener questions on meeting your friend's significant other, trying to change when you feel like you've been a bad friend, and staying in touch with friends who are long distance.   Email or call Nicole & Sasheer with your friendship questions at: (424) 645-7003
In which we find a hero in these trying times: A hero with a cybernetic, socially-conscious snake and a land speed rivaling a mid-2010s Toyota Corolla. Suggested talking points: Look to Britney, Porch-Stable Food, Angel Babysitter, In My Lungs, Unfortunate Grocery Replacements, Burritoing with Gronk, Duck Interpreter
The boys invite Dr. Shawn Nasseri to speak on the reality and repercussions of COVID-19, discover hidden Tik Tok gems in India, tell horrifying masturbation stories and ask the titillating question: If your dick could speak, what would it say?
We decided to take a slightly lighter subject after a heavy episode this week. Tonight, we dive deep into the emergence of spiritualism and the creation and demonizing of the Ouija Board. We end it all with a couple of listener tales specifically referencing some Ouija Board madness! Come on in, it is spooky as hell in here! Visit our sponsors! Best Fiends Best Fiends has thousands of levels already, with new levels, events, and characters added every month. It’s hours of fun right at your fingertips—and you can even play offline! With over 100 million downloads and tons of five-star reviews, Best Fiends is a must-play! Download Best Fiends FREE on the Apple App Store or Google Play. That’s FRIENDS without the R – Best Fiends! Daily Harvest Go to and enter promo code MORBID to get twenty-five dollars off your first box! That’s promo code MORBID for twenty-five dollars off your first box at
In PART 2 of the this epic Q&A two-parter, Karen and Chris catch-up some more and answer even more listener questions! Follow DYNAR:  Buy Merch!
Drink sweetly for this Groceries: Covid Edition! Bryan and Erin go deep on their grocery habits in this new-shopping era. Bryan shares different delivery services vs grocery store shopping yourself, how he eats refried beans quarantine-style, how jiff is his jam, his wessonality, and the dark chocolate lover’s dark chocolate bar. Plus, Bryan is all in on Ruffles, and gives advice on how to get produce from your favorite local restaurants. Then, Erin shares about her love for and experience with CSA boxes! She talks about the Queer Farmer Collective, butternut squash phones, victory gardens, and all the places you can get fresh food direct. Bryan & Erin answer your grocery store questions about when stores will open again, how to ask someone to give you 6ft of space, what people are hoarding, and more! Email or call with grocery store questions/topics at:  (818) 660-5543
Alyssa Milano, the de facto leader of the #MeToo Twitter brigade, has discovered due process now that her longtime friend Joe Biden has been credibly accused by Tara Reade of sexual assault. The actress went on Andy Cohen's Sirius XM show to defend her #MeToo inconsistencies. Kevin. F. Clancy joins the show to defend Mike Francesa in his battle against Fun House, the anonymous Twitter account that used to post videos of Mike farting and ripping President Trump (0:37:41). Speaking of the Commander-in-Chief, he was the first person to call into the show this morning (1:28:35).
Today on the show we had a expert call up and give us more information about the Corona Virus and how to prevent others from getting it. Also, since it is Freak freaky Friday we opened up the phone lines to see what out listeners thought about certain things being essential, with one being dildos, after an Amazon worker spoke out about them not being as important. Also, Charlamagne gave "Donkey of the Day" to Georgia Governor Brian Kemp for spreading misinformation. Learn more about your ad-choices at
The Brand is Strong! The Bronx's very own Desus Nice & THE KID MERO aka the Bodega Boys are giving you their irreverent yet hilarious takes on all things pop culture. Live from our homes! This week: deliveries and supplies, economy, reggaeton beefs and more!
Kumail and Emily discuss maintaining self-worth, cutting your loved one’s hair, and gross pandemic food. This Week’s Recommendations: Samsara Blow The Man Down 2001: A Space Odyssey Lord of the Rings (Marathons) Gears of War 5 (Horde Mode) The ‘Seek’ app Project Runway Next in Fashion Making the Cut High Maintenance  100% of the Net Revenue* from Staying In With Emily and Kumail will be donated in equal portions to the following three charities to support their efforts to assist individuals and families affected by the COVID-19 pandemic: Restaurant Workers Community Foundation, the Center for Disaster Philanthropy and Feeding America. *“Net Revenue” is defined as the “Advertising Gross Proceed” received by Hyperobject Podcast and Three Uncanny Four less agency fees and actual costs incurred by Hyperobject Podcast and Three Uncanny Four to produce, distribute, and promote the Staying in with Emily and Kumail (such agency expenses and actual costs incurred is collectively defined as the “Podcast Expenses”). “Advertising Gross Revenue” is calculated by the (cost per thousand) rate times the total impressions delivered (which is a factor of listens and number of ad spots per episode).
Hold on to your George Foreman grills and watch your feet because this week we're breaking down The Injury episode of The Office. The ladies chat about Dwight and Pam's blossoming friendship, Michael's hilarious talking head, and what's with the sofa in the conference room?! Then Jenna reveals that yes, that really was Steve Carell's foot, and Angela reads from her journal about that Dwangela moment in the breakroom. Unfortunately, we cannot confirm if there are Yams at any Carbondale gas stations, but check out the reviews of Pam's Prism DuroSport-6000!
Deon Curry and Chris Spangle watched Tiger King and explain it to Ms. Pat. That leads her to stories from her past that are just as crazy. - Get the Crack Baby T-Shirt! - Facebook Group: - Patreon: - Website: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Dennis is joined by author Sam Wasson, who discusses his latest book, "The Big Goodbye: Chinatown and the Last Years of Hollywood" about the making of the film "Chinatown" which was made at a time when Jack Nicholson, director Roman Polanski, producer Robert Evans and screenwriter Robert Towne were all at the heights of their abilities. Dennis also talks about a time he met Roman Polanski, and they also discuss some of the other books he's written, including one on Audrey Hepburn, Paul Mazursky and Bob Fosse. They also discuss reading Woody Allen's memoir. This episode is brought to you by our sponsors: Blinkist SkyLight (Code: MILLER)
On today's show, the guys discuss the conclusion of the March Sadness Tournament which saw an incredible tilt in the title game and how Connor became the poster child for the SDDEO movement. They also dive into everything they watched this weekend and look for suggestions as they start to feel like they've hit the bottom of the barrel on Netflix, Hulu, etc. Digs chats about his weekend in preparation for attempting to walk 48 miles in one day this Thursday. He describes where his body is at after walking 12 miles this weekend to try and get in game shape, and they iron out a time when the 24 hour challenge will begin. Today's a fun one. Hope you're doing your best to stay sane. Be Safe, and enjoy.
On this week’s episode of #TheFriendZone, we step into the Twilight Zone. In Psychology, a false memory refers to cases in which people remember events differently from the way they happened or remember events that never happened at all. But what does it mean when a large group of people collectively misremember an event or experience? We scan some of our (collective) childhood memories in search of the real and imagined. Black Business of the Week - Blk & Bold Coffee Wellness Segment - At-home fitness resources: Well + Good Follow The Lita Massy Arias Yoga With Adriene Jade Venecia Jeff Nippard Thank you to our Sponsors: Door Dash - DoorDash brings all of America’s flavors to your door. Ordering is easy. Open the DoorDash app, choose what you want to eat, and your food will be delivered to you, wherever you are. Not only is your favorite pizza joint already on DoorDash, but there are over 310,000 restaurant partners in 4,000 cities, so you might find a new favorite, too. With door-to-door delivery in all 50 US states, Puerto Rico, Canada, and Australia. With DoorDash, you’ll never have to worry about your next meal. Right now, our listeners can get $5 off their first order of $15 or more when you download the DoorDash app and enter promo code ZONE. Daily Harvest - Daily Harvest makes it easy to eat more fruits and vegetables with thoughtfully sourced, chef-crafted foods that can be prepared in five minutes or less. Choose from more than 65 different options like, smoothies, hearty soups, harvest bowls, and overnight oats. Go to and enter promo code FRIENDZONE to get twenty-five dollars off your first box. Follow us online: Twitter - Facebook - Have a GREAT day!
The J’s start the show with a conversation about dating when you’re stuck inside, and discuss the fact that people are finally willing to try FaceTime dates. Plus, they talk about how the quarantine has forced people to reassess their relationships. The Awkward Sexual Encounter involves sexy lingerie, a wad of toilet paper, and a disappearing act. Next, a listener writes in to ask if it’s okay to be upset with your partner for giving up on seeing each other during the quarantine. Should your significant other be willing to forgo social distancing rules for the sake of your relationship? Then they’re joined by Nicole Byer, comedian and host of Netflix’s “Nailed It!” to talk about dating in this weird and confusing time. They respond to a single listener who feels like a loser right now and needs advice for dating without seeing people in person. Finally, they close out the show with a round of Red Flag or Deal Breaker and Nicole tells us whether or not it’s okay to move into your partner’s childhood home together.
Judge John Hodgman and Bailiff Jesse Thorn are in chambers this week to clear the docket. They talk about putting on one's socks and shoes, speaking with family members in another room, cupcakes, the phrase "bull in a china shop," cat napping, and doctoral tams.
Ben Sinclair from HBO’s High Maintenance talks with Marc about making the show with his ex, learning to say no, and surviving our world of isolation.
Bobby’s girlfriend Caitlin came on the show today to talk about what she wants to get his dog Stanley for their family walks. The show weighs in on if it’s a good idea or not. Amy’s son got recognized by a police officer who stopped him while he was riding his bike. We do our Bobby Bones Show draft of famous blondes! Vote at for your favorite team!  Learn more about your ad-choices at
On this episode of Absolutely Not, Heather is joined by the Georgia Law Lady herself, Ashley McMahan. They may be sisters.... more of a Kourtney and Khloe kinda relationship if you will. Two McMahan's in one room is always a wild time, but as soon as these two hot tots start hashing out stories about their family life, things will finally make sense. It's obvious they were both old eggs from when Robin had them late in life, but thats just the tip of the iceberg, baby. They discuss how the baby boomers need to be locked up, how Jeff is eating them out of house and home and Ashley gives you legal advice! All of this and more on this family drama episode of Absolutely Not. 
Bill rambles about safe walks, oil, and forced quarantine by your family.
This week on Sawbones, it's the fascinating, inspiring and infuriating story of Ignaz Semmelweis. You'll learn how he discovered why it was so important for doctor's to wash their hands and why it took so long for doctors to believe him.Music: "Medicines" by The Taxpayers
Emily and Kumail discuss how their lives have changed over the last two weeks, and provide tips on how to live comfortably when you’re stuck at home.
Highlights from the history of The Adam Carolla Show: 1. Colin Hanks on watching football with Dad (2015) 2. Fake baby in HOV Lane (2015) 3. Baseball and Deaf Frat Guy (2014) 4. Ben Affleck Rotten Tomatoes Game (2014) Hosted by Chris Laxamana and Giovanni Giorgio Request clips: TWITTER: INSTAGRAM: Website: Apple Podcasts: Support the show: Visit for 20% off your first order!
This week, in Port Penn, Delaware, a woman's Sunday night out to pick up a sex tape from an ex-boyfriend, and skating at the local roller skating rink turns into a case of a missing person, then quickly becomes a murder investigation.  What follows is a mess of lies, excuses, alliances, and court battles.  And that's only the beginning, as yet another murder plot unfolds.  This one has more layers than an onion!!   Along the way, we find out that William Penn was overrated, that holding a sex tape hostage is an awful thing to do, and that more murder isn't the answer to your murder conviction!!   Hosted by James Pietragallo & Jimmie Whisman    New episodes every Thursday!    Donate at: or go to & use our email:    Go to for all things Small Town Murder & Crime In Sports!    Follow us on...    Also, check out James & Jimmie's other show, Crime In Sports! On iTunes, Stitcher, or wherever you listen to podcasts#
Comedian and actor Andy Daly joins Conan and crew for a bonus quarantine episode of Conan O’Brien Needs A Friend. Coming to you from Matt’s allegedly safe and socially-distanced home, Conan discusses the current state of things, enjoys a visit from two questionable characters — Dalton Wilcox and August Lindt, and speaks to Team Coco assistant David Hopping about life without access to Disneyland.
Cleveland Cavaliers player Kevin Love talks about his efforts to keep arena workers paid during the canceled NBA season and reflects on his ongoing mental health advocacy. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Marc's conversation with songwriter and musician Adam Schlesinger, who passed away on March 31, 2020.
Sebastian discovers uses for his power washer and Pete writes a corona version of his Man-ario's! Learn more about your ad-choices at