Podbay Features

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New and updated player
The Podbay player now features a cleaner look and easier access to customization settings like volume and playback speed.
Resume on another device
Podbay automatically syncs what you're currently playing, allowing you to open Podbay on another device and pick up right where you left off.
Stored episode history
Podbay automatically keeps track of your positions for the last 500 episodes you've started, so you can jump back into them.
We may increase this number in the future for free or as part of a paid option. Please send us your feedback if you'd find a higher limit useful!
My Podcasts and My Queue
One click, zero sign up subscriptions
Just click Add to My Podcasts from a podcast page or menu and it'll get added to My Podcasts.
Automatic episode refresh
When a new episode of a podcast in My Podcasts is released, Podbay will automatically notify you and add it to My Queue. This feature can be disabled in Settings.
Manual queue management
You can add or remove episodes manually from My Queue by clicking the Add / Remove from My Queue button on an episode page or menu.
Drag and drop support
If you're on a laptop or desktop browser, you can drag and drop podcasts and episodes to My Podcasts or My Queue in the sidebar to add them.
Set your layout preferences
Anywhere you see a collection of podcasts, episodes, or charts, you can customize the layout by clicking on the menu icon and selecting a new layout option. Your preferences are saved and synchronized for you across devices.
Player settings
Customize aspects of your player like playback speeds and volume.
Automatic sync for everything
Your lists, your episode history, your settings and personalizations all get synchronized automatically behind-the-scenes. Just sign up and log in to access all your stuff from a different device.
Search and Discover
Fast, powerful podcast and episode search
Search from over 70 million podcasts and episodes in milliseconds. Podbay searches for your keywords across a number of parameters (including titles, authors, and descriptions) to help you find the best results.
Charts and Reviews
Chart ranking history
For podcasts that have ranked in the Apple Podcasts charts, Podbay offers a simple way to view its chart positions over time.
We currently show a limited history but will be allowing podcasters to view a more complete history in the future.
Reviews aggregation
For podcasts listed on Apple Podcasts, Podbay automatically collects ratings and reviews for podcasters and listeners to view.
Automatic YouTube integration
For podcasts with video versions on YouTube, Podbay will automatically attach your videos to your episodes as they're released.
We'll make this easier for podcasters to manage in an update in the near future, but in the meantime you can send us a message via Feedback if you'd like to enable this for your podcast.
User experience and privacy
Fast and lightweight pages
The new Podbay is the fastest and lightest version yet: the first page load is only ~150 kilobytes of data and subsequent pages are ~2 kilobytes on average. Podcast episodes and artwork will add to a page's load time and bandwidth use, but Podbay's app layer stays lightweight so it's always fast to load and fast to start.
Zero registration necessary
Every feature on this page, with the exception of Synchronization, works in full and without limitation without needing to register or log in.
Zero intrusive popups or ads
Podbay provides a zero distraction experience for discovering, listening to, and sharing podcasts on the web, with no intrusive popups or ads asking you to register or download our apps.
Minimal analytics
Podbay uses the most basic version of Google Analytics to monitor overall anonymized site traffic and anonymized error reports. Podbay opts out of Google's more advanced analytics features to ensure there is no tracking of our users for advertising purposes.
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