Case 39: Janelle Patton

Norfolk Island is a small island in the Pacific Ocean, situated between Australia and New Zealand. A place of spectacular scenery and peaceful beauty. The total area of the Island is 34 kilometers squared. Or 13 miles squared. With a population of around 2000 people, Norfolk Island is a tight-knit community with a unique and complex web of friendships and relationships. It was discovered by Captain James Cook in 1774, and it was first used as a jail for the worst convicts from the Australian colony. The Island is a self-governing territory of Australia with its own laws, including strict customs and immigration regulations. Tourists from all over the world flock to Norfolk Island for its unique history and its reputation for being a paradise.  It was considered a safe and friendly place. Somebody was always willing to give you a helping hand, and doors and windows were left unlocked at night. Violent crime almost didn’t exist. There hadn’t been a murder on Norfolk Island since 1893…   Victoria Dieffenbacher researched and co-wrote this episode.

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