Case 24: Russell Street Bombing Part 2

We left part one just after the government announced a 500 thousand dollar reward for any information to help solve the case. It was hoped this large reward would be enough to entice a male caller to make contact again. He had already called numerous times before, claiming to know who the bombers were. Police weren't sure if he was making it up or if he really did know something, but they needed to find out either way. Did the lure of the big reward work? A preview video of the upcoming episode is released each week. Check it out on any of our social media accounts; Preview videos created by Wendel Topper Twitter Facebook Youtube or email us MUSIC 1. 'Flatline intro' and 'Come play with me' intro and outro 2. All other music scoring and production performed by Mike Migas and Andrew Joslyn and Alex Aldea Logo design by Paulina Szymanska Casefile is part of the Paragon Collective podcast network

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