Case 23: The Frankston Serial Killer Part 1

Donna had recently received a few prank calls and she was getting nervous. She had a young baby and didn’t like the idea of being alone at night. Her boyfriend Les worked as a pizza delivery driver, and she decided to spend the night driving around in the car with him, rather then stay home alone. The first thing Donna saw when she returned home was her cat on the lounge room floor, dead. The words “Donna you’re dead”, were written in blood up on the wall. In the bathroom were Donna’s two kittens. Both also dead. The unit had been ransacked. Drawers pulled out, cupboards opened, her things thrown everywhere. There were knife slash and stab marks on the walls and in cupboards. It’s a good thing Donna didn’t stay home alone… Subscribe on iTunes A preview video of the upcoming episode is released each week. Check it out on any of our social media accounts; Twitter Facebook Youtube or email us MUSIC 1. 'Flatline intro' and 'Come play with me' intro and outro 2. All other music scoring performed by Mike Migas and Andrew Joslyn Logo design by Wendel Topper Casefile is part of the Paragon Collective podcast network RESOURCES (contains spoilers) 1. The Frankston serial killer, book by Vikki Petraitis. 2. Forensic investigators season 1, episode 1 – Paul Denyer 3. The following newspaper articles from ‘The Age’ as found on Wednesday June 16 1993 Sunday July 11 1993 Monday July 12 1993 Wednesday July 14 1993 Friday July 16 1993 Sunday July 18 1993 Sunday August 1 1993 Monday August 2 1993 Saturday December 11 1993

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