Case 22: Marguerite Edwards

CASE 22: Marguerite Edwards It was Wednesday the 2nd of August 1989. 41 year old Marguerite Edwards started the day like any other. Making sure her three daughters were up, and ready for school. Marguerite was happily married to Iain Edwards, a successful orthodontist with a surgery in Bondi. They lived in a two storey house on Victoria Road, Woollahra in Sydney’s Eastern suburbs. After getting her daughters organised, Marguerite dropped them at Ascham school, in the nearby suburb of Edgecliffe. She then made her way to an aerobics class, before doing some shopping at Bondi. She returned to her Woollahra home sometime after midday. Later that afternoon, Marguerites 3 daughters were waiting. School had finished, and they were wondering where Mum was…… Subscribe on iTunes…id998568017?mt=2 A preview video of the upcoming episode is released each week. Check it out on any of our social media accounts; Twitter Facebook Youtube or email us MUSIC 1. 'Flatline intro' and 'Come play with me' intro and outro 2. All other music scoring performed by Mike Migas and Andrew Joslyn Logo design by Wendel Topper Casefile is part of the Paragon Collective podcast network RESOURCES (Warning contains spoilers) 1. Excellent documentary to watch after listening to the podcast 'Chrysalis' from Benjamin Mathews 2. The suspects: True Australian Thrillers. Season 1 episode 2 3. Coroner’s report 4. Following newspaper articles from the Sydney Morning Herald Newspaper Saturday August 5th 1989 Wednesday August 9th 1989 Sunday December 17th 1989 Thursday 31st May 1990 Tuesday January 12 1993 Wednesday 13 January 1993 Thursday January 14th 1993 Saturday 27th of November 1993

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