Case 16: Chris and Cru Kahui

Chris and Cru Kahui were twins, aged just 3 months old when they died in hospital, both suffering from traumatic brain injury. There death was the result of severe impact, either from direct blows or being hit, thrown or slammed against a hard surface. Violent shaking was another possible cause, and couldn’t be ruled out. What was clear was that the twins injuries weren’t accidental. There death was the result of somebody using deliberate force against them. It was determined the injuries were most likely inflicted at the same time, by the same person. The twins had been murdered. So who was responsible? Subscribe on iTunes…id998568017?mt=2 Follow us on twitter and facebook and youtube or email us MEDIA CLIPS First news report media clip First Macsyna King interview courtesy of Ian Wishart who wrote a book on the case 'Breaking silence'. (See link below under resources) All other media clips courtesy of Radio New Zealand. 1.…5&q=kahui&utf8=✓ 2.…4&q=kahui&utf8=✓ 3.…1&q=kahui&utf8=✓ 4.…9&q=kahui&utf8=✓ 5.…8&q=kahui&utf8=✓ 6.…7&q=kahui&utf8=✓ 7.…4&q=kahui&utf8=✓ RESOURCES 1. Coroner's report…uly%202012.pdf 2. Breaking silence, book by Ian Wishart 3.…hui-trial-at-risk 4. Media clips and articles already listed above. MUSIC 1. 'Flatline intro' and 'Come play with me' intro and outro 2. All other music scoring performed by Mike Logo design by Wendel Topper Image:

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