Case 15: The Weepy Voiced Killer

In the early 80’s a series of attacks occurred in the twin city area of Minnesota, USA. The victim’s were all women. Police struggled in the initial part of the investigation. There was no physical evidence, and there were no witnesses. But there was one person who wanted to help the police, the man responsible. He called 911 after committing the attacks . The tapes were released to the public in the hopes that somebody would recognise the voice. This is how he came to be known, as the “The weepy voiced killer”. But was he just taunting the police, or did he really want to be stopped. Subscribe on iTunes…id998568017?mt=2 Follow us on twitter and facebook and youtube or email us 1. 'Flatline intro' and 'Come play with me' intro and outro 2. All other music scoring performed by Mike Logo design by Wendel Topper Image:…fore-they-grow-up/

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