DE40 Lisa Casalino Sings with Style, and has The Classic Approach, but still loves Motley Crue!

Welcome back to the dHarmic Evolution podcast with me James Kevin O’Connor, singer/songwriter and master storyteller. Today, I have my first-ever jazz vocalist artist guest, and she’s got one heck of a voice - Lisa Casalino, all the way from Beverly Hills, California.   Lisa talks about how she got started in music, being raised in a family of music lovers - she tells me that her father had a collection of records which she grew up listening to. You know, this lady is full of surprises! She’s into music that I never really thought she’d be digging - she’s a big fan of Motley Crue! Can you imagine that?   She discovered her musical inclination at a very young age and eventually decided to take up music in college, and actually became a music teacher! Lisa’s really something, you guys! You better check her out.   Listen to the full interview to find out more of Lisa’s story and how she makes music - plus her dog Alyssa Do is something! Just adorable!   On this episode: Lisa shares about her early beginnings, singing in the choir in her hometown and how she really wanted to sing more She talks about singing in nursing homes - which was where she had her first gigs! How the heck did she think about that?  Lisa also talks about how she wanted to write country music during the early years of her career. What made her shift to jazz? YACHT ROCK - what is that? Find out what Lisa has to say about that type of music! She also shares about her plans for her upcoming projects - check them out! Of course, sound clips of Lisa’s beautiful songs!   Lisa Casalino Songs featured: S’Wonderful Call Waiting Break a Leg Christmas Is Still Christmas   Follow Lisa: Lisa Casalino’s website Facebook: Lisa Casalino Twitter: @LisaCasalino Instagram: @lisacasalino MySpace: Lisa Casalino YouTube: Lisa Casalino Soundcloud: Lisa Casalino Reverbnation: Lisa Casalino   Don’t forget!  Subscribe to dHarmic Evolution on iTunes  Please sign up on for free bonus content! Follow dHarmic Evolution on social media  

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