Loads And Loads (And Loads) Of Laundry: The Mom Hour, Episode 167

We’ve yet to meet a mom at any stage of parenthood who didn’t have to deal with laundry–it’s one of the great equalizers of the mothering experience, no? Today on The Mom Hour Meagan and Sarah take you inside their homes and laundry rooms for a look at how we keep up with the piles, what our routines and rituals are, and how the whole clothes cycle works. Join us! Sponsor Spotlight: Victorious Victorious brings the fitness studio to you, with live group fitness classes that you can participate in from anywhere, at anytime! Committing to a class can be a great motivator, but having to travel and show up at a fitness studio can be challenging. Victorious makes it easy to stay committed, because you can participate from anywhere. Get one FREE month of unlimited Victorious fitness classes when you sign up at victorious.com/mom. Sponsor Spotlight: Hydralyte Hydralyte is a clinical hydration product that comes in great flavors and is available as a pre-mixed drink, a powder, or effervescent tablets. Compared to sports drinks, Hydralyte delivers up to FOUR TIMES the electrolytes with 75% less sugar. Available on Amazon or at Hydralyte.com. Visit our Amazon Storefront! In nearly 200 episodes we’ve [...] The post Loads And Loads (And Loads) Of Laundry: The Mom Hour, Episode 167 appeared first on Life, Listened..

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