Calendar Tips & To-Do List Strategies: The Mom Hour, Episode 83

How do YOU calendar? Paper planner, digital calendar, color-coded dry erase board, or all of the above? In Episode 83 Meagan and Sarah share our strategies for keeping appointments, deadlines, and family schedules organized. We talk about the pros and cons of both paper and digital systems, offer suggestions for managing large families’ many commitments, and give you a peek into our own quirky way of thinking about a week at a glance. We also discuss to-do lists and we make them work for us. Join us! Note: We mentioned a TON of tips and ideas in this episode and we’ve tried to include as many links as possible in the show notes. If you don’t see something you’re looking for, leave us a comment and we’ll dig it up! Links we mentioned (or should have!) in Episode 83 Amazon links are affiliates and have been updated for 2018. Thanks for helping support the show in this small way at no additional cost to you! Sarah’s digital-to-paper calendaring system (as explained on the podcast, but in a blog post for The Happiest Home) Meagan’s thoughts on To-Do Lists and To-Dream Lists Our listeners had great ideas on Facebook and Instagram [...] The post Calendar Tips & To-Do List Strategies: The Mom Hour, Episode 83 appeared first on Life, Listened..

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