Listener Questions (Vol.4): The Mom Hour, Episode 73

In this week’s episode Meagan and Sarah answer three listener questions and offer our advice, experience and encouragement. Join us! First up is Rosalynn, who let her five-year-old quit an activity she had begged to start, and wonders how to handle the same situation as kids get older and the commitment-stakes get higher for sports and activities. Then we answer Tessa’s question about helping a trio of girl cousins get along without forcing inclusiveness or letting hurt feelings dominate. Finally, we talk about weaning a breastfeeding toddler as suggested by an anonymous participant in our listener survey. Links we mentioned (or should have!) in Episode 73 Episode 18, all about sports and activities Episode 29, about raising siblings who like each other How to wean your three-year-old with a cupcake (our friend Doña Bumgarner of Nurtured Mama for Motherwell Magazine) Other episodes where we’ve taken your listener questions: Episode 41, Episode 52, and Episode 65 Submit YOUR question! We read every single one of your questions and include as many as we can in episodes like these! Here’s how to reach us: Send an email to with “Topic Idea” in the subject line Record your question at (or use the little [...] The post Listener Questions (Vol.4): The Mom Hour, Episode 73 appeared first on Life, Listened..

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