Parenting Through Hard Times: The Mom Hour, Episode 42

Rough patches in (and out!) of parenthood: whether it’s a temporary crisis, a general mom funk, or full-blown depression, we’ve all been there. In this episode, Sarah and Meagan have a frank conversation about some hard times we’ve been through as moms, give advice for taking care of yourself when things aren’t going well, and offer encouragement to help you see the light at the end of the tunnel. Links we mentioned (or should have) in Episode 42 Posts from The Happiest Home Why is it so hard to say ‘This is hard’? (Sarah) You can design a life you love (Meagan’s ‘rock bottom’ story) 3 ways to get past a mom funk and Getting past a mom funk and Think better, not perfect: take baby steps to get out of a mom funk (Meagan) Parenting when life isn’t so happy (Meagan) Postpartum Progress Dr. Jessica Michaelson Brené Brown NYT Article Meagan mentioned about women’s feelings The post Parenting Through Hard Times: The Mom Hour, Episode 42 appeared first on Life, Listened..

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