Journey to the Center of the Earth with Ta-Shana Taylor

What is the Earth made of? That’s the question at the core (pun intended!) of this episode. Geologist Ta-Shana Taylor shares the fascinating story behind a decades-long quest to drill into the Earth. You’ll be wanting to “Get Down to the Moho” after listening! Thanks to listeners Brody and Liam for sending in their questions. This is our first episode of Tumble, Season 2! We’ve got much more in store, including educational resources! Check out our blog at and Patreon at for additional information and a complete list of resources to stoke your curiosity! Like Tumble? Tell the world! Leave us a review on iTunes, Stitcher, or share on social media. Your enthusiasm means EVERYTHING to us - and helps more people discover our podcast! And don’t forget to fill out our partner survey for Wondery at In this episode, we mentioned that we love Stories Podcast. Check them out, and our other friendcasts, at It’s an organization we started to advocate for more high quality children’s audio! #kidslisten

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