39: "Beyond the Wall" (S7E6)

Holy s&!t! Heartrending, emotional, exciting episode this week. It took four of us (Mr. Blahg, Duncan, Lucy, and Jason) and an extra day to process it :) Here you go. Hope you enjoy. This podcast is made possible by listeners like you (and you too) who support us through Patreon. To check it out, go to patreon.com/jasonandkaren. Thank you! Subscribe in iTunes: gameofmicrophones.com/itunes Episode download: http://traffic.libsyn.com/gameofmicrophones/GoM_39.m4a Email: game@podcastica.com Phone: (813) JOFFREY, that's (813) 563-3739 Facebook: facebook.com/gompodcast Network: podcastica.com  

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