Robots, Humans, and Eldritch Horrors (LPDR 00013)

It's a mild winter here in, uh, Earth, but not warm enough to stop us from hibernating for two months instead of uploading this episode! Weird!  First: In this culture club episode, George and Peter are into Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans. Nathan is sleep-deprived but manages to make words about Humans and Sens8.  Next: the first half of the current season of Doctor Who! Pacing issues! Sonic sunglasses! Two-part arcs! Clara's last name! It's Barton, we're pretty sure. Then: One-Punch Man!  And: John Carpenter's Apocalypse Trilogy: The ThingPrince of Darkness, and In The Mouth of Madness.  Also: Cigarette Burns, John Carpenter's episode of Masters of Horror. AND THEN: Our impressions of Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens! From...six weeks before it came out! Revel in our inaccurate guesses, you with perfect vision of the immediate past, which to us at the time was the future. Also, we talk about the correct order in which to show the Star Wars movies to your kids. NEXT TIME: We finally discuss Kim Stanley Robinson's Aurora, with a special guest host!

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