Darkness is a Recurring Theme (LPDR 00001)

Welcome to LIZARD PEOPLE DEAR READERS, the science fiction and fantasy podcast by lizard people, for lizard people. In this episode Peter, George, and Nathan discuss who we are and what we think we're doing, plus what we've been playing, reading, watching and listening to these days.    Peter's Pick: Twilight Struggle, Cold War card-based strategy game by Ananda Gupta / GMT Games   George's Pick: What We Do In The Shadows, mockumentary about vampire roommates in Wellington, by Taika Waititi and Jemaine Clement 

Nathan's Pick: Sunless Sea and Fallen London, by Failbetter Games   Misc: Terry Pratchett was fantasy's Vonnegut, not its Douglas Adams What is Ortus Regni, and what happened to the people who made it? Can bees really detect royalty? Should anyone watch Jupiter Ascending?   Next episode's book: The Bees, by Laline Paull. We know nothing about it! We love bees though.   RSS | Twitter

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