For the one-year anniversary of President Trump's election, we brought back Mike's friend Joe, who Mike talked to in the 'A Trump Supporter Speaks' episode in October of 2016. ( At the time, Mike thought it would be good to hear from an actual Trump supporter (as opposed to an 'anyone buy Hillary' Trump voter) to get a sense of how Donald Trump convinced so many people to follow him down a path that would surely lead the Republican Party to a crushing electoral defeat giving President Hillary Clinton House and filibuster-proof Senate majorities Obviously, things didn't turn out that way. One year on, how does an intelligent, decent Trump supporter see the Trump presidency? In this interview you'll find out. (And no - 'intelligent, decent Trump supporter' isn't an oxymoron. Mike says that Joe is one of the smartest and most fundamentally decent people he knows.) Listener support helps make The Politics Guys possible. If you’re interested in supporting the show, go to and click on the Patreon link.

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