PG98: GOP Health Care 'Victory', Spending Bill, What We're Reading

The Guys start out this week's show with a detailed look at the American Health Care Act, which the House of Representatives passed in a squeaker of a vote. Both Mike and Jay expect that the Senate will take up and pass some version of the AHCA, but that it's likely to be somewhat different from what the House approved. In their discussion of the bill, the Guys discuss where people get their insurance, what Obamacare did (or tried to do), and how the AHCA would change things. Next, it's a look at the bipartisan spending bill that Congress approved, with almost all of the opposition coming from Republicans. Mike and Jay talk about why so many Republicans were against it and whether or not conservatives are right to be worried about federal spending and debt levels. Finally, the Guys introduce a new segment to the show: What We're Reading. Every week, Mike and Jay will talk about an article, book, podcast episode, or documentary they've been reading, listening to, or watching, in an attempt to break away from the of-the-moment, 'instant analysis' of the news cycle.

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