Bush Funeral, NC Vote Fraud, Lame Duck Legislation, Khashoggi Killing, Trump and ChinaDec 08, 2018 Listen
Trump vs The Fed, Compulsory Voting, Underreported Bipartisanship, Hidden TribesDec 05, 2018 Listen
George H.W. Bush, Cohen Plea, Mississippi Senate Runoff, GM Layoffs, Tear Gassing ChildrenDec 01, 2018 Listen
Mike the Obnoxious Centrist, E-Cigarettes, Jay and the Facts, Why Liberalism FailedNov 28, 2018 Listen
Trump v Roberts, House Democrats Face Winning and Pelosi, In Defense of Saudi Arabi, the Whitaker AppointmentNov 24, 2018 Listen
Jamie Susskind on Future PoliticsNov 21, 2018 Listen
Is Jay Far Right?, Recounts, Tobacco Regulations, Saudi Sanctions, Challenges to PelosiNov 17, 2018 Listen
Jeff Sessions, the Mueller Investigation, Trump’s Asylum Denial ProclamationNov 14, 2018 Listen
Mike & Jay on the 2018 Midterm ElectionsNov 10, 2018 Listen
Mike & Jay LIVE! Synagogue Bombing, Immigration Rhetoric, and Midterm PredictionsNov 05, 2018 Listen
Midterm Elections, Voters, and the 14th AmendmentNov 03, 2018 Listen
Psychiatrist Justin A. Frank Puts Trump on the CouchOct 31, 2018 Listen
Mail Bombs, the Caravan, INF Withdrawal, and Voter Suppression in GeorgiaOct 27, 2018 Listen
Canadian Trade, Our Overton Window, Tax Policy, Is Libertarianism Realistic?Oct 24, 2018 Listen
Khashoggi Killing, ‘Borrow and Spend’ Republicans, New Rule Targets Big Pharma Oct 20, 2018 Listen
Greg Lukianoff on the Coddling of the American MindOct 17, 2018 Listen
Trump's Op-Ed, Kavanaugh Apology, Midterms, Haley's Exit, Khashoggi's MurderOct 12, 2018 Listen
Sami Saydjari on Cyber-ThreatsOct 10, 2018 Listen
Kavanaugh, Nafta 2.0, Hacks, Trump MoneyOct 06, 2018 Listen
Onkar Ghate on The Enduring Appeal of Ayn RandOct 03, 2018 Listen
Kavanaugh-Ford, the Budget, Jay Responds to His Critics, and a Trump HypotheticalSep 29, 2018 Listen
Kavanaugh Accusations, Trump Intel Release, Trade War, SCOTUS & Anonymous DonationsSep 22, 2018 Listen
Michele Gelfand on Rule Makers & Rule BreakersSep 19, 2018 Listen
Woodward, Op-Eds, Cruz, Canada, and ManafortSep 15, 2018 Listen
Larry Bartels on Democracy for RealistsSep 12, 2018 Listen
Kavanaugh Hearings, ‘Resistance’ Inside the White House, Arizona’s New (Old) Senator, Tech ThreatsSep 08, 2018 Listen
Do Never-Trumpers Skew the Numbers? and other questions answeredSep 05, 2018 Listen
McCain’s Legacy, NAFTA, Google, and Printed GunsSep 01, 2018 Listen
Glen Weyl on Radical Markets: Uprooting Capitalism and Democracy for a Just SocietyAug 29, 2018 Listen
Manafort & Cohen, Kavanaugh Confirmation, Hunter Indictment, EPA & ‘Affordable Clean Energy’Aug 25, 2018 Listen
Joshua Cohen on Donald Trump, Bernie Sanders, and AttentionAug 22, 2018 Listen
Behind the Scenes in the Obama (and Trump) White House with Beck Dorey-Stein (Politics Plus)Aug 20, 2018 Listen
Democratic Diversity, Pulling Security Clearances, Strzok Fired, Predator Priests, For-Profit SchoolsAug 18, 2018 Listen
Libertarians, Medicare for All, GOP Racism, 3rd Parties, Obama Spying ScandalAug 15, 2018 Listen
Neuroscientist Tali Sharot on Political Influence, Persuasion, and Donald Trump (Politics Plus)Aug 13, 2018 Listen
The Ohio 12th, Missouri and the “Right to Work” Law, the Manafort Trial, Insider Trading and Representative Collins, Nunes’ Private RemarksAug 11, 2018 Listen
Antitrust, Occam’s Razor, Bad Candidates, Lines in the Sand, Farmer Payments, Russia InvestigationAug 08, 2018 Listen
Mona Charen on how Modern Feminism Lost Touch with Science, Love, and Common Sense (Politics Plus)Aug 06, 2018 Listen
Manafort Trial, 3D Printer Guns, Fuel Efficiency Standards, Another Blow to ObamacareAug 04, 2018 Listen
John Sides on Public Perceptions of Muslims in the Trump EraAug 01, 2018 Listen
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Farm Subsides, US and Iran Spat, The Michael Cohen Tape, and Facebook’s Record DeclineJul 28, 2018 Listen
Fake News, Judicial Deference, Environmental Regulation, Abolishing ICE, Ideological OrthodoxyJul 25, 2018 Listen
Trump-Putin Summit, Endangered Species Act, EU Fines Google, Judicial NominationsJul 21, 2018 Listen
Dr. Mona Hanna-Attisha on Politics, Lead, and the Flint Water CrisisJul 18, 2018 Listen
Russia Indictments, SCOTUS Pick, NATO Summit, Trade War, Strzok TestifiesJul 14, 2018 Listen
Power Imbalance, Trump Supporter Motivations, What if the Democrats Win?, The National Debt, How to Effect ChangeJul 11, 2018 Listen
SCOTUS Strategy, Pruitt Resigns, Trade Wars, Immigration, Republicans in RussiaJul 07, 2018 Listen
Anthony Kennedy, the Politics of the Supreme Court, and how a New Justice May Change the CourtJul 04, 2018 Listen
Kennedy Retires, Travel Ban, Public Unions, CA Abortion Law, TX Redistricting, ImmigrationJun 30, 2018 Listen
Police Immunity, Regulating Business, Covering Trump’s Lies, How We Perceive MigrantsJun 27, 2018 Listen
Family Separation, SCOTUS on Gerrymandering & Sales Tax, Space Force!, US Leaves Human Rights CouncilJun 23, 2018 Listen
Why the Electoral College? Why a Two Party System? Ranked-Choice Voting Systems ExplainedJun 20, 2018 Listen
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DOJ Investigates FBI, Trump Meets Kim, Supreme Court Upholds Ohio Voter Purge, China vs U.S. on TariffsJun 16, 2018 Listen
Pro-Choice Healthcare, North Korea, Voter Mobilization, GOP Strategy, Trade Philosophy, Good Regulations?Jun 13, 2018 Listen
G7 Meet, Masterpiece Cakeshop, Immigration, Trump's PardonsJun 09, 2018 Listen
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Trade Wars, Trump-Kim Summit, Jobs Report, Arkansas Abortion Law, Trump's PardonsJun 02, 2018 Listen
Trump's Unconstitutional Twitter Feed, The Supremes & Arbitration, House GOP Mini-Rebellion, Is Mike Too Moderate?May 30, 2018 Listen
PG151: North Korea, Dodd-Frank Rollback, 'Right to Try' Act, Fixing the VA, Spygate & MuellerMay 26, 2018 Listen
Herbert Hoover - the most fascinating, under-appreciated man of the 20th century (Seriously!)May 23, 2018 Listen
PG150: Santa Fe, U.S. Opens The Embassy in Jerusalem, North Korea Has Harsh Words for Bolton, Haspel Is Confirmed, Senate Intel Committee Agrees Russia Tried to Influence 2016 Election, and 2,500 Pages of Trump Tower Documents May 19, 2018 Listen
Ran Levi on Hacking, Cybersecurity, and RansomwareMay 16, 2018 Listen
PG149: Iran Nuclear Deal, North Korea Summit, Torture & the CIA Nomination, 2018 Primaries, Michael Cohen's ShenanigansMay 12, 2018 Listen
Broken Healthcare, The Value of Protest, Labor Unions, Syria, Thoughts on TrumpMay 09, 2018 Listen
PG148: Mueller's Questions for Trump, Pornstar Payoffs, Trump's Trade Wars, Sprint T-Mobile Merger, States Sue EPAMay 05, 2018 Listen
Kurt Andersen on Fantasyland: How America Went HaywireMay 02, 2018 Listen
PG 147: North and South Korea Meet, Macron Goes to Washington, How Special of a Special Election in Arizona?, Ronnie Jackson Withdraws, and the Scott Pruitt's "Secret Science"Apr 28, 2018 Listen
Sheila Tate on First Lady Nancy ReaganApr 25, 2018 Listen
PG146: North Korea, Russia, Gorsuch Sides with Liberals, Crafty Congressional Republicans, James Comey's Media BlitzApr 21, 2018 Listen
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PG145: US Strike on Syria, Ryan Out, Zuckerberg Testifies, Cohen Raid, IG McCabe ReportApr 14, 2018 Listen
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PG144: A War of Words and Tariffs between China and the United States, Zuckerberg Goes to Congress, the Potential U.S. Pullout from SyriaApr 08, 2018 Listen
Military Force, Healthcare Workers, Does Jay Respect Young People?, Thoughts on Burke, Flip-FloppingApr 04, 2018 Listen
PG143: VA Shakeup, Census Concerns, Kim Jung Un Takes a Trip, Repeal the 2nd Amendment?, Russia RelationsMar 31, 2018 Listen
Jacob Hacker on What We've Forgotten About Growth & ProsperityMar 28, 2018 Listen
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Bryan Caplan on The Case Against EducationMar 21, 2018 Listen
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'Collusion' Investigation, Healthcare, Contempt & Civil Discourse, Chain Migration Mar 14, 2018 Listen
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What We've Learned About Fake NewsMar 07, 2018 Listen
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Reforming an Unresponsive Political SystemFeb 28, 2018 Listen
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School Shooting, Contempt for Religion, Universal Healthcare, GOP DebtsFeb 21, 2018 Listen
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The Crisis of the Middle Class ConstitutionFeb 14, 2018 Listen
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Abortion, Trump's Racism, Podcasts We Like, How Mike Became a Liberal Feb 07, 2018 Listen
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The Age of American Unreason in a Culture of LiesJan 31, 2018 Listen
The Flu Bug Strikes! | Sam Quinones on the Opioid EpidemicJan 27, 2018 Listen
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GOP vs Facts, Politics Guys vs Diversity, Jay's Burkean Ideals, 2020 ContendersJan 17, 2018 Listen
The Politics of Farm LaborJan 15, 2018 Listen
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Whistleblowing, Leaking, and Employment DiscriminationJan 10, 2018 Listen
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Political Bribery, Corruption, Secret Money, and Broken ElectionsJan 03, 2018 Listen
Avocado PoliticsDec 30, 2017 Listen
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Patients, Physicians, and Employers on Value in Health CareDec 20, 2017 Listen
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Norman Ornstein - One Nation After TrumpDec 13, 2017 Listen
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The U.S. Constitution ExplainedDec 06, 2017 Listen
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Spy Schools: How Intelligence Services Have Infiltrated Higher EducationNov 29, 2017 Listen
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Bad News for Mike's Favorite Agency, Mendez Mistrial, Listener MailNov 22, 2017 Listen
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How Safe is Your Food?Nov 15, 2017 Listen
PG125: The Great House and Senate Tax Plan Question, Elections in VA, NJ, and ME, Trump Visits Asia, and Roy Moore's DenialNov 11, 2017 Listen
TrumpaversaryNov 08, 2017 Listen
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Americans for Financial ReformNov 01, 2017 Listen
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MIT Professor Luis Perez-Breva on InnovationOct 25, 2017 Listen
PG122: Healthcare, Budget Resolutions, Travel Ban 3.0, The Honest Ads ActOct 21, 2017 Listen
Listeners Ask About: Guns, WW3, Healthcare, Plus Facebook DataOct 18, 2017 Listen
PG 121: Trump and the Democrats on Dreamers and Healthcare, Harvey Weinstein’s Worst Kept Secret, The Boy Scouts Make A Change & A Presidential Library Without BooksOct 14, 2017 Listen
Overturned Courts, Market-Based Healthcare, Affirmative Action, Political Correctness, Politicizing WeatherOct 11, 2017 Listen
PG120: Gun Policy After Las Vegas & GerrymanderingOct 07, 2017 Listen
Harvard's Nancy Koehn on Courageous Leadership in Turbulent TimesOct 04, 2017 Listen
PG119: Price Resigns, Puerto Rico, Senate Primary, Graham-Cassidy, New Travel Ban, Tax ReformSep 30, 2017 Listen
Glenn Hubbard on Tax Cuts, Growth, Inequality, & Secular StagnationSep 27, 2017 Listen
PG 118: Trump's UN Speech, The Escalating Nomenclature of North Korea and the United States, Facebook and Drudge go Russian, and the Alabama PrimarySep 23, 2017 Listen
Congressman Jim Jordan on the Debt Limit, Tax Reform, and the 2016 ElectionSep 20, 2017 Listen
PG117: Trump's DACA Deal, Bernie's Medicare For All, Equifax BreachSep 16, 2017 Listen
Political Correctness and Identity PoliticsSep 13, 2017 Listen
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Henry Petroski on The State of American InfrastructureSep 06, 2017 Listen
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Trump vs the Senate, Browns Protest, Trump vs the Eclipse, Listener MailAug 30, 2017 Listen
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Saadia Madsbjerg on Changing the Status Quo with Innovative Finance Aug 23, 2017 Listen
PG113 Charlottesville (again), Bannon's Out, and the Rise of Hope HicksAug 19, 2017 Listen
Journalist & Environmental Activist Mark LynasAug 16, 2017 Listen
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Defense Spending, Future Jobs, Overpaying for Health Care, Fossil Fuel SubsidiesAug 09, 2017 Listen
PG111: Scaramucci Out & Kelly In, Immigration, Jobs, Senate Ignoring TrumpAug 06, 2017 Listen
Former Colorado Governor Bill Ritter on The New Energy EconomyAug 02, 2017 Listen
PG110: The Senate Skinny Bill Fails, Scaramucci Unloads, & the Senate Russian SanctionsJul 30, 2017 Listen
Lawrence Lessig on Campaign Finance ReformJul 26, 2017 Listen
PG109: Health Bill, Spicer Resigns, Sessions' Rough Week, Electoral IntegrityJul 23, 2017 Listen
Kenneth Rogoff on Eight Centuries of Financial Folly & The Curse of CashJul 19, 2017 Listen
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Harvard's Gary King on Gerrymandering, Big Data, & Chinese Social Media Use Jul 12, 2017 Listen
PG107: North Korean Missile Test, American First Meets the G20, Modern Day Presidential, and Illinois BudgetJul 09, 2017 Listen
Brooke Gladstone On The MediaJul 05, 2017 Listen
PG106: Healthcare Holdup, Travel Ban, Religious Funding, Seattle's Fight for 15Jul 02, 2017 Listen
Kurt Schlichter Explains How Hillary Clinton is Evil & Listener MailJun 28, 2017 Listen
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An A+ For Donald TrumpJun 21, 2017 Listen
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Moneyball for Politics: Sasha Issenberg's 'The Victory Lab'Jun 16, 2017 Listen
Climate Change Politics & Policy after ParisJun 14, 2017 Listen
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The Economist's Ryan Avent on The Wealth of HumansJun 07, 2017 Listen
PG102: Paris Accord Exit, Afghanistan, Suing Big PharmaJun 04, 2017 Listen
Fighting Trump State by State & Mapping Police ViolenceMay 31, 2017 Listen
PG101: Trump's Travels, Fantastical Budgets, SCOTUS on RedistrictingMay 28, 2017 Listen
Die-Hard Independent Matthew Dowd on 'A New Way'May 24, 2017 Listen
PG100: Special Counsel, Trump's Trip, NAFTA RenegotiationMay 21, 2017 Listen
Donald Trump: Threat to Democracy?May 17, 2017 Listen
PG99: Trump Fires Comey, Sessions Gets Tough on Crime, Election FraudMay 14, 2017 Listen
Daniel Drezner InterviewMay 10, 2017 Listen
PG98: GOP Health Care 'Victory', Spending Bill, What We're ReadingMay 06, 2017 Listen
James Fallows InterviewMay 03, 2017 Listen
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Larry Sabato & Listener MailApr 26, 2017 Listen
PG96: Elections, Bill O'Reilly, Executive Orders, Ann CoulterApr 23, 2017 Listen
The Indivisible Guide - Being Heard in the Age of TrumpApr 19, 2017 Listen
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Polling, The Selfie Vote, & Data Driven GovernmentApr 12, 2017 Listen
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Politics and Policy in a Second Machine AgeApr 05, 2017 Listen
PG93: Russia, Trump vs Freedom Caucus, GOP vs EPA, NATO SlackersApr 02, 2017 Listen
Brad DeLong InterviewMar 29, 2017 Listen
PG92: Obamacare Lives!, Gorsuch, Russia, ImmigrationMar 26, 2017 Listen
Progress, Abortion, Liberals & Conservatives, Transgender RightsMar 22, 2017 Listen
PG91: Budget, Healthcare, Travel Ban, Taxes, WiretappingMar 19, 2017 Listen
Norman Ornstein InterviewMar 15, 2017 Listen
PG90: GOP Health Plan, Revised Travel Ban, Wikileaks & the CIAMar 12, 2017 Listen
Interview with Crowdpac's Steve HiltonMar 08, 2017 Listen
PG89: Trump's Speech, Russia & Sessions, Budget Plans, Anti-SemitismMar 04, 2017 Listen
Lane Kenworthy InterviewMar 01, 2017 Listen
PG88: CPAC, LGBTQ Rights, Kudos to POTUS, Mexico, Town HallsFeb 26, 2017 Listen
Jason Brennan InterviewFeb 22, 2017 Listen
PG87: Chaos Cabinet, 'Unhinged' Press Conferences, Russia Connections?Feb 19, 2017 Listen
Future of the Dems, Misogyny, Depolarization, Fearing TrumpFeb 15, 2017 Listen
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Marc Levinson InterviewFeb 08, 2017 Listen
PG85: Host Swap! Supreme Court Nominee, Immigration Ban, Trump Executive OrdersFeb 05, 2017 Listen
Marion Nestle InterviewFeb 01, 2017 Listen
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Is Jay a Trump shill? Is Mike wrong about Cuba?Jan 25, 2017 Listen
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Ask The Politics Guys: Obama’s Legacy?Jan 18, 2017 Listen
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A National Popular Vote for President?Jan 11, 2017 Listen
PG81: Russian Hacking, Building the Wall, House Ethics, Repealing ObamacareJan 08, 2017 Listen
Martin Ford InterviewDec 21, 2016 Listen
PG80: Russian Hacking, Questionable Trump Picks, Fed Rate HikeDec 18, 2016 Listen
Brendan Nyhan InterviewDec 14, 2016 Listen
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Ask The Politics Guys: Election QuestionsDec 07, 2016 Listen
PG78: Recounts, The Carrier Deal, More Trump Picks, OSU Terror AttackDec 04, 2016 Listen
Bryan Caplan InterviewNov 30, 2016 Listen
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Sunday SpilloverNov 23, 2016 Listen
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Ask The Politics Guys: The Green PartyNov 02, 2016 Listen
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Ask The Politics Guys: Is the U.S. A Flawed Democracy?Oct 26, 2016 Listen
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Jay for President!Oct 19, 2016 Listen
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A Trump Supporter SpeaksOct 12, 2016 Listen
PG 70: Is Trump Toast?, Russian Hacking, VP Debate, Israeli SettlementsOct 09, 2016 Listen
Dan Carlin InterviewOct 05, 2016 Listen
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Ask The Politics Guys: Special NFL EditionSep 28, 2016 Listen
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Trey Grayson InterviewSep 14, 2016 Listen
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James Taranto InterviewSep 07, 2016 Listen
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Ask The Politics Guys: Mike for President???Aug 31, 2016 Listen
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Ask The Politics Guys: Who are the Libertarians?Aug 24, 2016 Listen
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Ask The Politics Guys: Who would you vote for?Aug 17, 2016 Listen
PG62: Trump’s Troubles, Econ Plans, Baltimore Police, More Hacks, Pot PolicyAug 14, 2016 Listen
David Frum InterviewAug 10, 2016 Listen
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Ask The Politics Guys: Liberal HollywoodAug 03, 2016 Listen
PG60: Dem Convention, Russian Hacking, Voter ID Laws OverturnedJul 31, 2016 Listen
John Sides InterviewJul 27, 2016 Listen
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Russ Roberts InterviewJul 20, 2016 Listen
PG58: Dallas Shooting, Trump’s VP, Cleveland in the Spotlight, The Notorious RBGJul 17, 2016 Listen
Summer VacationJun 15, 2016 Listen
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Ask The Politics Guys: Are Liberals Smarter?Jun 08, 2016 Listen
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Ask The Politics Guys: The Case for TrumpJun 01, 2016 Listen
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Ask The Politics Guys: Voter Fatigue?May 25, 2016 Listen
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Ask The Politics Guys: Fixing the Broken Primary SystemMay 18, 2016 Listen
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Ask The Politics Guys: Holding Politicians Accountable for LiesMay 11, 2016 Listen
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Ask The Politics Guys: Are Liberals Smug?May 04, 2016 Listen
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Ask The Politics Guys: What Do You Guys Read (and Watch)?Mar 16, 2016 Listen
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Ask The Politics Guys: Should the U.S. Have a Parliamentary System?Mar 09, 2016 Listen
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Ask The Politics Guys: Disguised Socialism in the U.S.?Mar 02, 2016 Listen
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Ask The Politics Guys: How Bad are Sanders and Trump on Foreign Policy?Feb 24, 2016 Listen
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Ask The Politics Guys: Race and DiversityFeb 17, 2016 Listen
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Ask The Politics Guys: Can a Social Liberal / Fiscal Conservative Win?Jan 20, 2016 Listen
PG 37: Obama’s Big Speech, Iran ‘Hostages’, GOP Debate Madness, Bernie Closes the Gap, Union Free RidersJan 17, 2016 Listen
Ask The Politics Guys: Can government fix the student debt crisis?Jan 13, 2016 Listen
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Ask The Politics Guys: Can Government Control Gun Violence?Jan 06, 2016 Listen
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Ask The Politics Guys: Can Trump Win?Dec 27, 2015 Listen
PG34: Budget Bipartisanship, GOP Debate, The Fed, Big Pharma, Obama Doesn’t Drink His Own Urine, Bombing Fictional CitiesDec 20, 2015 Listen
PG33: Climate Accord, Obama vs Trump on Terror, The End of No Child Left Behind & (Possibly) College Affirmative ActionDec 13, 2015 Listen
PG32: Terrorism in California, Women in Combat, Agreement on Infrastructure, Climate Talks, and Trump’s Perfect HealthDec 06, 2015 Listen
PG31: More Shootings, Guantanamo to Stay Open, Voting Felons, ‘Greedy’ Companies & the U.S. Tax Code, and FDR’s Bold Thanksgiving MoveNov 29, 2015 Listen
PG30: Syrian Refugees, Fighting ISIS, Trump’s Latest Brainstorm, Frankenfish, Hillary’s Sense of HumorNov 22, 2015 Listen
PG29: Paris Attacks, Immigration, More Debates, College Protests, Baby Hitler, and the Medal of HonorNov 15, 2015 Listen
PG28: The Democrats’ Horrible Election, Ben Carson’s Tall Tales, Obama Rejects Keystone, and Papa Bush Slams Cheney & RumsfeldNov 08, 2015 Listen
PG27: Budget Deals, GOP Debate, Speaker Ryan, Syria, and Runaway BlimpsNov 01, 2015 Listen
PG26: Ryan Runs (Biden Doesn’t), Hillary Grilled, Bush Flounders, and the Special Bond between the US, Liberia, and BurmaOct 25, 2015 Listen
PG25: No Afghan Pullout, Democrats Debate, Presidential Campaign Funding, Pot Legalization in Ohio, and Pork Returns to Federal PrisonsOct 18, 2015 Listen
PG24: The GOP Leadership Mess, Big Trade Deals, Hospital Bombings & the Limits of Airpower, and Inmate Debaters Stick it to HarvardOct 10, 2015 Listen
PG23: Another Mass Shooting, Russia & Syria, The Pope and Kim Davis, Goat Sacrifices and the Invincible Sun GodOct 04, 2015 Listen
PG22: Republican Quitters, China Talks, VW Cheating, Popeamania in D.C., and Monkey SelfiesSep 27, 2015 Listen
PG21: Ridiculous Presidential Debates, What the Fed Didn’t Do, Planned Parenthood, Nobel Peace Prize Second Thoughts … and Bigfoot.Sep 20, 2015 Listen
Summer VacationJul 11, 2015 Listen
PG19: Justice Scalia’s Really Bad WeekJun 28, 2015 Listen
PG18: Papal Encyclicals, Right-Wing Terrorism, The Confederate Flag, and Alexander HamiltonJun 21, 2015 Listen
PG17: Iraq, Trade Policy Bizarro World, Israel, Abortion, and Marco Rubio’s BoatJun 14, 2015 Listen
PG16: Privacy, Security, a Presidential Cast of Thousands, and Lying Graduate StudentsJun 07, 2015 Listen
PG15: Harvard’s Alex Jones on Losing The NewsMay 31, 2015 Listen
PG14: Left Turn: How Liberal Media Bias Distorts The American MindMay 24, 2015 Listen
PG13: Navigating the News: A Political Media User’s GuideMay 17, 2015 Listen
PG12: America’s Failing Experiment: How We The People Have Become The ProblemMay 10, 2015 Listen
PG11: Police Brutality, Riots, and Same-Sex MarriageMay 03, 2015 Listen
PG10: Can Politics Save The Planet?Apr 26, 2015 Listen
PG09: Hillary & Marco Join the Party, Obama Makes Nice with Iran and CubaApr 20, 2015 Listen
PG08: Rand Paul, Iranian Demands, and Police BrutalityApr 12, 2015 Listen
PG07: Iran, Indiana’s Anti-Gay Law, Corruption in the SenateApr 05, 2015 Listen
PG06: Ted Cruz, Anti-Gay Laws, Bowe BergdahlMar 29, 2015 Listen
PG05: Meaningless Budgets, Mandatory Voting, Talking Race at StarbucksMar 22, 2015 Listen
PG04: The Senate Writes to Iran, Hillary Hides Her Email, Progress in Ferguson?Mar 15, 2015 Listen
PG03: Obamacare at the Supreme Court, The Justice Dept Slams FergusonMar 08, 2015 Listen
PG02: Funding Homeland Security, Dr. Seuss and Obamacare, Net NeutralityMar 01, 2015 Listen
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