Breach of Insecurity: Former White House Aide Omarosa Manigault Releases Termination Tape, Accuses Trump of Racism as 'Unite The Right' Rally Fails

On NBC's 'Meet The Press' last night, Former White House Aide, and 'Apprentice' contestant Omarosa Manigault released a secretly-recorded tape of her termination from the Trump Administration in the White House Situation Room.With the tape, comes the bombshell accusation, from Ms. Manigault, that President Trump is a "racist" and has used "the n-word" on multiple occasions during filming of 'The Apprentice.'Ms. Manigault has a forthcoming memoir, to be released this week, detailing her time at the White House. Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders has said that the publication is "filled with lies," and that Ms. Manigault is "trying to profit off these false attacks."As Ms. Manigault's accusations have come to light, over the weekend, a second 'Unite The Right' Rally -- a "gathering" of white supremacists in response to last year's Charlottesvile, VA rallies -- took place in Washington, D.C, putting further public strain on race relations in the country.However, the rally was, according to The New York Times, "over before it started," with only a handful of alt-right attendees, and thousands more counter-protesters.Joining us, this morning, to discuss her latest for 'VICE News Tonight,' is VICE Correspondent Elle Reeve who went inside a white supremacist camp to interview one of their more prominent members.Also making headlines, this morning: we'll preview and break down the continuation of Paul Manafort's trial, and Rudy Giuliani's new spin on President Trump's meeting (or non-meeting) with James Comey over the termination of Michael Flynn.It's Monday, August 13, 2018. Welcome to Morning Joe.

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