From Olympic dreams to a career in comedy and community service with Sheilah D. Smiley, Ep. 129

Ep. 129: Sheilah D. Smiley is a person of many ethnicities and races and many talents.  A Black woman with White, Black, Native American and Puerto Rican relatives and ancestors, she dreamed in high school and college of being an Olympic track star.  And, she nearly got there -- making it to the Olympic trials in Atlanta in 1996.  Sheilah's life and career then pivoted, as she embarked upon a career in acting and comedy, where she captivates audiences with her passion, brutal honesty, and fresh delivery.  Her comedy ‘univer-soul’ performances are a mixture of observations, radical confessions, parodies, characters and physical comedy that bring all her personal experiences to life. Moreover, Sheilah never loses sight of the struggles we all face, and she has committed to giving back to the community as much as possible.  Indeed, the beneficiary of the production of her show Diary of a Mad Black Comic is SmileTrain.Org, a cleft lip and palate children's charity.  For more on Sheilah, her show, and her body of work, check out her website at:   For more on host, Alex Barnett, please check out his website: or visit him on Facebook ( or on Twitter at @barnettcomic To subscribe to the Multiracial Family Man, please click here: MULTIRACIAL FAMILY MAN PODCAST Intro and Outro Music is Funkorama by Kevin MacLeod (
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