ADU 0872: Interview with Skywatch’s Brandon Packman – How Their Innovative Drone Insurance Can Empower Pilots to Fly SafelySep 18, 2018 Listen
ADU 0871: How Do You Fix a Drifting Horizon Line?Sep 17, 2018 Listen
ADU 0870: Will the Introduction of New Hobbyist Rules via Section 344 Bring About Greater Compliance in the Drone Industry?Sep 14, 2018 Listen
ADU 0869: How Can a Drone Pilot Help out with Hurricane Florence Disaster Relief?Sep 13, 2018 Listen
ADU 0868: Can I Build My Drone Business by Processing Imagery for Other Mapping Companies?Sep 12, 2018 Listen
ADU 0867: Can I Use My Phantom 3 for Drone Mapping?Sep 11, 2018 Listen
ADU 0866: Phantom 5 – Are the Rumors True?Sep 10, 2018 Listen
ADU 0865: How Do I Rent Airspace Authorizations from Another Drone Pilot?Sep 08, 2018 Listen
ADU 0864: How Can a Drone Pilot Share Live Feed with a ClientSep 04, 2018 Listen
ADU 0863: How to Create a Hyperlapse of a Construction SiteSep 03, 2018 Listen
ADU 0862: What Are the Alternatives for Interior 3D Drone Mapping and Modeling?Aug 31, 2018 Listen
ADU 0861: What Happens If I Do Not Renew My Part 107?Aug 30, 2018 Listen
ADU 0860: Mavic 2 Pro vs. Mavic 2 Zoom – Which Is a Better Buy?Aug 29, 2018 Listen
ADU 0859: Reviewing the All New Mavic 2 – Specifications, Capabilities and ApplicationsAug 28, 2018 Listen
ADU 0858: How Do You Upload Your Real Estate Videos to MLS and YouTube?Aug 24, 2018 Listen
ADU 0857: How Do You Gauge the Skill Level of a Drone Pilot?Aug 24, 2018 Listen
ADU 0856: How Do You Pitch Your Drone Services to a Construction Company?Aug 22, 2018 Listen
ADU 0855: Do You Need a Property Release in Order to Sell Drone Footage of Private Property?Aug 21, 2018 Listen
ADU 0854: DroneDeploy Is Easier to Use. Why Should I Go for Pix4D?Aug 20, 2018 Listen
ADU 0853: How to Resolve Poor Video Transmission on Your DJI Phantom 4Aug 17, 2018 Listen
ADU 0852: Can I Buy a Used Osmo or Ronin-S?Aug 16, 2018 Listen
ADU 0851: What Is the Importance of an IMU Calibration?Aug 15, 2018 Listen
ADU 0850: Can You Fly over All Participants in a Drone Operation? How Does FAA Define “Participants”?Aug 14, 2018 Listen
ADU 0849: Systems, Equipment and Applications Necessary for Producing Survey Grade Accuracy in UAV MappingAug 13, 2018 Listen
ADU 0848: Why You Should Refrain from Flying Your Drone near a WildfireAug 10, 2018 Listen
ADU 0847: The 2018 Drone U Fly-InAug 09, 2018 Listen
ADU 0846: Should You Start a Drone Business with Your Best Friend?Aug 07, 2018 Listen
ADU 0845: How Can Becoming a Drone U Member Help You Kickstart Your BusinessAug 03, 2018 Listen
ADU 0844: Is Raptor Maps a Good Solution for Solar Site Inspections? Are There Any Other Comparable Software?Aug 02, 2018 Listen
ADU 0843: How to Deal with Unlicensed Pilots and Convince Them to Take Their Part 107 CertificationAug 01, 2018 Listen
ADU 0842: Why Do We Recommend the DJI Phantom 4 Pro Instead of the Mavic Pro for Drone Business?Jul 31, 2018 Listen
ADU 0841: How to Renew Your Part 107 Remote Pilot Certificate, and How the FAA Test Has ChangedJul 27, 2018 Listen
ADU 840: Can I Use Maps Made Easy Instead of Pix4D for Acquiring and Processing Data?Jul 25, 2018 Listen
ADU 0839: Drones in Real Estate – Tips and Tricks That Will Help You Sell Houses FasterJul 24, 2018 Listen
ADU 0838: How Can a Drone Pilot Get Work from a Big Production House like Netflix?Jul 23, 2018 Listen
ADU 0837: Is DJI’s Ronin S the Best Solution for Shooting Real Estate Interiors?Jul 20, 2018 Listen
ADU 0836: Which App Should I Use to Organize My Drone’s Flight Data?Jul 19, 2018 Listen
ADU 0835: Are “FAA Certified Drone Instructors” a Myth or Reality?Jul 18, 2018 Listen
ADU 0834: Can I Get Accurate UAV Mapping Data by Using Plywood Ground Control Points (GCP’s)?Jul 17, 2018 Listen
ADU 0833: Can You Use DJI’s M600 with DSLR for UAV Mapping?Jul 16, 2018 Listen
ADU 0832: Should You Use NDVI Mapping for Golf Course Maintenance?Jul 13, 2018 Listen
ADU 0831: Should Drone Pilots Use a VPN to Protect Their Data?Jul 12, 2018 Listen
ADU 0830: Do You Need Part 107 Certification for Flying a Tethered Drone? And, What Are Some Its Applications?Jul 11, 2018 Listen
BONUS EPISODE: How to Conduct Search and Rescue Missions with DronesJul 05, 2018 Listen
ADU 0829: Can You Sell Drone Footage That You Captured Before Getting Your Part 107 License?Jul 03, 2018 Listen
ADU 0828: Key Steps to Survey Grade Maps and Getting Surveyors to Partner with You and Sign off on Your WorkJul 02, 2018 Listen
ADU 0827: Do I Still Need a Waiver to Fly in Controlled Airspace?Jun 29, 2018 Listen
ADU 0826: Will DJI Replace a Faulty LiPo Drone Battery?Jun 28, 2018 Listen
ADU 0825: Will You Run into Any Problems If You Fly Your Drone at Low Altitudes?Jun 28, 2018 Listen
ADU 0824: Networking Strategies for Building a Sustainable Drone BusinessJun 26, 2018 Listen
ADU 0823: Will a Professional Attire Help You Market Your Drone Business?Jun 25, 2018 Listen
ADU 0822: How a Friday Flyday Can Help You Market Your Drone BusinessJun 22, 2018 Listen
ADU 0821: How to Determine Military Operating Areas and Restricted Airspace by Reading Sectional ChartsJun 21, 2018 Listen
ADU 0820: Should You Buy a Used DJI Inspire 1?Jun 20, 2018 Listen
ADU 0819: Should You Use the DJI CrystalSky for UAV Mapping?Jun 19, 2018 Listen
ADU 0818: Best Practices for Using High End Drone Cameras to Create Sophisticated 3D MapsJun 19, 2018 Listen
ADU 0817: Is Whitefox the Counter UAS System That Will Bring Accountability to the Industry?Jun 15, 2018 Listen
ADU 0816: How to Master Business Conversations, Sales Meetings and Negotiating for Your BusinessJun 14, 2018 Listen
ADU 0815: Should You Add a Watermark to Copyright Your Drone Photos?Jun 12, 2018 Listen
ADU 0814: How to Deal with WiFi Interference While Flying Your DroneJun 11, 2018 Listen
ADU 0813: This Week’s Interesting Drone StoriesJun 08, 2018 Listen
ADU 0812: What Are the Ideal Conditions for 3D Drone Mapping?Jun 05, 2018 Listen
ADU 0811: How to Get Smooth Motion with Your DJI DroneJun 01, 2018 Listen
ADU 0810: How Do You Map a Structure Surrounded by Trees?May 31, 2018 Listen
ADU 0809: Phantom 3 Pro vs. Phantom 4 Pro – Is There a Significant Difference in the Quality of 3D Mapping Data?May 29, 2018 Listen
ADU 0808: How Much Should I Charge to Fly for a Car Dealership?May 28, 2018 Listen
ADU 0807: I Need a Drone Camera with Good Zoom. What Are My Options?May 25, 2018 Listen
ADU 0806: Do I Need a Formal Education to Start a Drone Business?May 24, 2018 Listen
ADU 0805: Can You Fly over People If You Are Inside?May 23, 2018 Listen
ADU 0804: Can You Capture Great Photos and Videos with the Yuneec H520?May 22, 2018 Listen
ADU 0803: How to Gain Initial Traction for Your Small BusinessMay 21, 2018 Listen
ADU 0802: Is It Viable to Use a Hydrogen Fuel Cell to Power an Industrial Drone?May 18, 2018 Listen
Wedding Day SpecialMay 17, 2018 Listen
ADU 0801: How to Start a Drone Business for Less Than $1,000May 16, 2018 Listen
ADU 0800: How to Acquire and Process Data for Greater Accuracy in 3D Drone MappingMay 15, 2018 Listen
ADU 0799: Can I Use My Drone to Shoot a Football Game?May 14, 2018 Listen
ADU 0798: Is the Intel Insight Platform the Mapping Automation System the Industry Has Been Waiting For?May 11, 2018 Listen
ADU 0797: How Drone Mapping Can Help Crime Scene Investigations and What to Look forMay 10, 2018 Listen
ADU 0796: How Remote ID Works and Will Move the UAV Industry ForwardMay 08, 2018 Listen
ADU 0795: How the Smallest Variables Can Have a Huge Effect on Mapping – Interview with Pix4DMay 05, 2018 Listen
ADU 0794: Can I Use Desktop for Drone Mapping in Agriculture?May 03, 2018 Listen
ADU 0793: Is It Worth Buying the DJI Osmo Pro for Shooting Real Estate?May 02, 2018 Listen
ADU 0792: Which Is the Best Agricultural Drone for Surveying Large Farmlands?May 01, 2018 Listen
ADU 0791: I Just Crashed My Drone. How Do I Get Rid of It?Apr 30, 2018 Listen
ADU 0790: How to Provide Drone Services to the Oil and Gas IndustryApr 27, 2018 Listen
ADU 0789: Do You Need to Be in the US to Take Your Part 107 Test?Apr 26, 2018 Listen
ADU 0788: How Can You Use Drones in Your Business?Apr 25, 2018 Listen
ADU 0787: How Do I Charge My Client If a Drone Shoot Is Cancelled Due to Bad Weather?Apr 24, 2018 Listen
ADU 0786: Traveling with Your Drone – Do You Have the Right Tools for the Job?Apr 23, 2018 Listen
ADU 0785: Which Is the Best App for Creating a Real Estate Virtual Tour?Apr 20, 2018 Listen
ADU 0784: 2018 FAA Reauthorization BillApr 19, 2018 Listen
ADU 0783: What Is the Best Way to Get Your Part 107 If You Have a Private Pilot License?Apr 18, 2018 Listen
ADU 0782: Can I Bootstrap a Drone Mapping Business?Apr 17, 2018 Listen
ADU 0781: Can You Build Better Maps and Models Using Yuneec H520 and Pix4D?Apr 16, 2018 Listen
ADU 0780: How Will the Passage of the “Tort Law Relating to Drones Act” Affect Commercial Drone Business?Apr 13, 2018 Listen
ADU 0779: What Is the Best Way to Deal with Realtors Hiring Unlicensed Drone Operators?Apr 11, 2018 Listen
ADU 0778: Building Your Own Drone vs. Buying DJI – Which Is the Better Option?Apr 10, 2018 Listen
ADU 0777: Should I Use DJI’s Zenmuse Z30 for Infrastructure Inspections?Apr 09, 2018 Listen
ADU 0776: How Do I Find Clients for My New Drone Business?Apr 06, 2018 Listen
ADU 0775: Should You Use Airdata for Storing Your Flight Data?Apr 05, 2018 Listen
ADU 0774: Should You Get Drone Jobs Through Websites?Apr 04, 2018 Listen
ADU 0773: What Are the Rules for Flying Your Drone in a National Park?Apr 03, 2018 Listen
ADU 0772: Swellpro’s Splashdrone – Should You Buy This Waterproof Drone?Apr 02, 2018 Listen
BONUS EPISODE: RMUS Joins Us to Discuss DJI Releasing the XT2 Thermal Camera, Skyport and PSDKApr 01, 2018 Listen
ADU 0771: Can You Open Multiple Applications While Flying Your Drone?Mar 30, 2018 Listen
ADU 0770: How Do I Apply for a Daytime Waiver to Fly at Night?Mar 30, 2018 Listen
ADU 0769: Can You Ruin Your Drone Batteries If You Don’t Fly for a Long Time?Mar 28, 2018 Listen
ADU 0768: How Can You Use Drones for Making Building Inspections?Mar 27, 2018 Listen
ADU 0767: How Can You Claim Insurance If You Are Flying Someone Else’s Drone?Mar 26, 2018 Listen
ADU 0766: Do You Need a COA or a COW If You Have Permission from ATC?Mar 23, 2018 Listen
ADU 0765: How Do You Use Drones for Traffic Accident Reconstruction?Mar 22, 2018 Listen
ADU 0764: When Is FAA’s LAANC System Rolling Out?Mar 21, 2018 Listen
ADU 0763: Where Can You Fly Your Drone? Find out Using These Must Have Apps…Mar 20, 2018 Listen
ADU 0762: DJI Mavic Air Review – Should You Buy It?Mar 19, 2018 Listen
ADU 0761: Should FAA Make It Easier to Get BVLOS Waivers?Mar 14, 2018 Listen
ADU 0760: 2018 FAA UAS SymposiumMar 13, 2018 Listen
ADU 0759: Should You Offer Free Drone Services to Attract a Client?Mar 12, 2018 Listen
ADU 0758: Which Are the Best External Hard Drives to Store Your Drone Footage?Mar 09, 2018 Listen
ADU 0757: Does a Drone School Need Certified Flight Instructors?Mar 08, 2018 Listen
ADU 0756: Can You Apply for a Night Waiver as a LLC?Mar 06, 2018 Listen
ADU 0755: What Is the Average Life Expectancy of My Drone Battery?Mar 05, 2018 Listen
ADU 0754: Can You Use a Zoom Lens When Processing Data with Pix4D?Mar 02, 2018 Listen
ADU 0753: Can You Fly Your Drone Above Clouds?Mar 01, 2018 Listen
ADU 0752: How Should You Charge If Your Drone Footage Is Used by Multiple Clients?Feb 28, 2018 Listen
ADU 0751: What Are the Rules for Flying Your Drone near a Hot Air Balloon?Feb 28, 2018 Listen
ADU 0750: What Is the Benefit of Using Oblique Imagery?Feb 27, 2018 Listen
ADU 0749: What Is the Best Screen for Your Drone?Feb 23, 2018 Listen
ADU 0748: What Are the Rules for Flying in Class E Airspace?Feb 22, 2018 Listen
ADU 0747: How Many FAA Enforcement Actions Have Been Taken Against Illegal Drone Operators?Feb 21, 2018 Listen
ADU 0746: How Do You Deliver Drone Videos to Realtors?Feb 20, 2018 Listen
ADU 0745: Which Is the Best Place to Check for TFR’s?Feb 16, 2018 Listen
ADU 0744: Which Is the Best Drone to Shoot an Automotive Commercial?Feb 15, 2018 Listen
ADU 0743: Can DJI’s Aeroscope Locate a Drone Flying in Atti Mode?Feb 13, 2018 Listen
ADU 0742: What Do I need to Know About the Part 107 Recency Exam?Feb 13, 2018 Listen
ADU 0741: Will Parachute Safety Systems Make Flight over People Possible?Feb 09, 2018 Listen
ADU 0740: International LiDAR Mapping ForumFeb 08, 2018 Listen
ADU 0739: Should You Use Propeller Aeropoints as Your Ground Control Points?Feb 07, 2018 Listen
ADU 0738: Unlocking Your DJI DroneFeb 06, 2018 Listen
ADU 0737: The Week’s Most Interesting Drone StoriesFeb 05, 2018 Listen
ADU 0736: Can a licensed surveyor make more money from drone mapping?Feb 02, 2018 Listen
ADU 0735: Can you use the DJI Mavic Pro for promoting hotels and resorts?Feb 01, 2018 Listen
ADU 0734: What is a good, all-in-one drone solution for a startup?Jan 31, 2018 Listen
ADU 0733: Can you get slow motion footage using the Zenmuse X7?Jan 30, 2018 Listen
ADU 0732: Drone Industry Trends 2018Jan 29, 2018 Listen
ADU 0731: Zenmuse XT or Yuneec H520?Jan 23, 2018 Listen
ADU 0730: Is there certification for flying UAS over 55 lbs?Jan 22, 2018 Listen
ADU 0729: Can you tow someone with a drone?Jan 19, 2018 Listen
ADU 0728: Do cities have the legal right to enact drone ordinances?Jan 18, 2018 Listen
ADU 0727: How do I price on-call drone services?Jan 17, 2018 Listen
ADU 0726: CES 2018Jan 16, 2018 Listen
ADU 0725: Are there lenses made specifically for interior shots?Jan 15, 2018 Listen
ADU 0724: Do tracking devices interfere with GPS?Jan 12, 2018 Listen
ADU 0723: What is photo bracketing and should I be doing it?Jan 10, 2018 Listen
ADU 0722: Should I deep-cycle batteries when it’s cold out?Jan 09, 2018 Listen
ADU 0721: How do I manage the changing resolution of my maps and models?Jan 08, 2018 Listen
ADU 0720: Setting goals, increasing margins and being more productiveJan 05, 2018 Listen
ADU 0719: How can I educate a fire department that thinks I’m flying illegally?Jan 02, 2018 Listen
ADU 0718: What type of computer do I need to process maps?Jan 01, 2018 Listen
ADU 0717: Should I animate my drone models to market my skills?Dec 29, 2017 Listen
ADU 0716: How should I price my drone services for a horse race?Dec 28, 2017 Listen
ADU 0715: Why didn’t we use the Yuneec H520 to shoot our mapping course?Dec 28, 2017 Listen
ADU 0714: Where can I rent a thermal camera?Dec 27, 2017 Listen
BONUS EPISODE: What happened when a drone hit a Blackhawk helicopter?Dec 26, 2017 Listen
ADU 0713: Is there a more affordable mapping software than Pix4D?Dec 22, 2017 Listen
ADU 0712: Do I own the videos I post on SkyPixel?Dec 21, 2017 Listen
ADU 0711: Which industries are paying for drone models?Dec 20, 2017 Listen
ADU 0710: How do I apply for a daytime waiver to fly at night? (UPDATED)Dec 19, 2017 Listen
ADU 0709: Who should I contact to get work at a real estate company?Dec 18, 2017 Listen
ADU 0708: Is the DJI X7 useful for mapping and modeling?Dec 15, 2017 Listen
ADU 0707: What does the National Defense Authorization Act mean for pilots?Dec 14, 2017 Listen
ADU 0706: Can I film indoors without a Part 107?Dec 13, 2017 Listen
ADU 0705: Have you obtained instant authorization for Class B airspace?Dec 12, 2017 Listen
ADU 0704: What is the life expectancy of my drone?Dec 08, 2017 Listen
ADU 0703: What do I need to know about RTK?Dec 07, 2017 Listen
ADU 0702: How do you prepare for a system failure emergency?Dec 06, 2017 Listen
ADU 0701: How do I get drone jobs while traveling?Dec 05, 2017 Listen
ADU 0700: How can I build a good maintenance checklist?Dec 04, 2017 Listen
ADU 0699: Can I monetize YouTube videos recorded while I was still hobbyist?Dec 01, 2017 Listen
ADU 0698: Can I obtain a night waiver if I don’t know which drone I’ll be flying?Nov 30, 2017 Listen
ADU 0697: How much should I charge to map a 1,000 acre property?Nov 29, 2017 Listen
ADU 0696: I want to map with my P4P+ but can’t download third-party apps. What should I do?Nov 27, 2017 Listen
ADU 0695: How can I build a drone business in a rural area?Nov 24, 2017 Listen
ADU 0694: How lucrative is 3D imaging? How much should I charge?Nov 22, 2017 Listen
ADU 0693: I nearly had a collision with a jet. Was it my fault?Nov 20, 2017 Listen
ADU 0692: I’m twelve years old and want to start a drone business. What can I do to prepare?Nov 17, 2017 Listen
ADU 0691: What is the best drone for law enforcement?Nov 16, 2017 Listen
ADU 0690: How can I fly in Attitude Mode with my Mavic Pro?Nov 15, 2017 Listen
ADU 0689: How does DJI AeroScope work?Nov 13, 2017 Listen
ADU 0688: Does a DROTAM stop other pilots from flying in my airspace?Nov 10, 2017 Listen
ADU 0687: Which is a better modeling platform–DroneDeploy or Pix4D?Nov 09, 2017 Listen
ADU 0686: Can my employer prevent me from using my footage in a demo reel?Nov 08, 2017 Listen
How To Get Instant Airspace AuthorizationNov 07, 2017 Listen
ADU 0685: Do students in a high school drone class need Part 107 licenses?Nov 07, 2017 Listen
ADU 0684: What app should I use to monitor airspace?Nov 06, 2017 Listen
ADU 0683: When can we expect more airports to join LAANC?Nov 03, 2017 Listen
ADU 0682: Is DJI’s AeroScope a good thing for the drone community?Nov 02, 2017 Listen
ADU 0681: How does the Part 107 affect FPV racers?Nov 01, 2017 Listen
ADU 0680: Should public safety offices get a Part 107 or a COA?Oct 30, 2017 Listen
ADU 0679: Should I use intelligent flight mode when shooting golf courses?Oct 26, 2017 Listen
ADU 0678: Do you need a Part 107 to fly for a non-profit?Oct 26, 2017 Listen
ADU 0677: Is the West Hollywood drone ordinance legal?Oct 24, 2017 Listen
ADU 0676: What do I need to know about property releases?Oct 23, 2017 Listen
ADU 0675: How do you equip a Phantom 4 Pro for mapping?Oct 20, 2017 Listen
ADU 0674: What are the best mapping apps and data platforms?Oct 19, 2017 Listen
ADU 0672: How do I practice precision flying without crashing my drone?Oct 17, 2017 Listen
ADU 0673: Which light should I use when flying at night?Oct 17, 2017 Listen
ADU 0671: I’m a Part 107-certified police officer. Does my agency need a COA?Oct 16, 2017 Listen
BONUS EPISODE: Waivers for flying over people (with Vic Moss)Oct 13, 2017 Listen
ADU 0670: Can I use my drone to aid hunters?Oct 11, 2017 Listen
ADU 0669: Should I buy a Yuneec drone?Oct 10, 2017 Listen
ADU 0668: How can golf courses utilize drones?Oct 09, 2017 Listen
ADU 0667: How should I start editing drone videos?Oct 06, 2017 Listen
ADU 0666: Can I buy a thermal camera for my Inspire 2?Oct 05, 2017 Listen
BONUS EPISODE: Can you fly under another pilot’s airspace authorization?Oct 03, 2017 Listen
ADU 0665: How lucrative is the drone mapping business?Oct 02, 2017 Listen
BONUS EPISODE: Should drone pilots be supporting Airmap?Oct 01, 2017 Listen
ADU 0664: Do VIP TFRs affect all drones or only Part 107 pilots?Sep 29, 2017 Listen
ADU 0663: How do I get over my fear of flying?Sep 28, 2017 Listen
ADU 0662: What should I know about drone insurance?Sep 26, 2017 Listen
BONUS EPISODE: Michael Singer v. City of Newton (City Drone Ordinance Nullified!)Sep 25, 2017 Listen
ADU 0660: What is the best multi-battery charging station?Sep 21, 2017 Listen
ADU 0659: Can I price my drone services by the minute?Sep 20, 2017 Listen
ADU 0658: What’s the best to transfer my client’s deliverables?Sep 19, 2017 Listen
ADU 0657: How can security companies utilize drones?Sep 15, 2017 Listen
ADU 0656: How do I improve the colors on my drone videos?Sep 15, 2017 Listen
ADU 0655: Do I need to record audio when shooting drone footage?Sep 12, 2017 Listen
BONUS EPISODE: Interdrone 2017Sep 11, 2017 Listen
ADU 0654: Is the Z3 compatible with an Osmo?Sep 11, 2017 Listen
ADU 0653: What drone equipment do I need to do cellphone tower inspections?Sep 08, 2017 Listen
ADU 0652: What is the best drone for real estate mapping?Sep 07, 2017 Listen
ADU 0651: Would you buy a used DJI drone?Sep 06, 2017 Listen
ADU 0650: Is there a place for me in the real estate industry if I lack photography and video skills?Sep 05, 2017 Listen
ADU 0649: How do I make more engaging real estate drone videos?Sep 01, 2017 Listen
ADU 0648: Do you have any advice about flying drones indoors?Aug 31, 2017 Listen
ADU 0647: Can drone pilots help out with Hurricane Harvey disaster relief?Aug 30, 2017 Listen
ADU 0646: Is it legal to fly drones over emergency scenes?Aug 29, 2017 Listen
ADU 0645: What equipment should I bring to my first drone job?Aug 28, 2017 Listen
ADU 0644: How do I prolong the life of my LiPo drone batteries?Aug 25, 2017 Listen
ADU 0643: What’s up with North Carolina’s drone laws? Do other states have special regulations as well?Aug 24, 2017 Listen
ADU 0642: Do older folks face a learning curve when starting to fly drones?Aug 23, 2017 Listen
ADU 0641: Is my U.S Part 107 valid in Canada?Aug 22, 2017 Listen
ADU 0640: Can I capture the eclipse with a drone camera?Aug 21, 2017 Listen
ADU 0639: What is the best way to launch a drone from a boat?Aug 17, 2017 Listen
ADU 0638: Is there a demand for drones in the agriculture industry?Aug 16, 2017 Listen
ADU 0637: Do all airspace classes have multiple designations?Aug 15, 2017 Listen
ADU 0636: How can drones help construction companies?Aug 14, 2017 Listen
ADU 0635: How should I deal with a client who wants to micromanage?Aug 11, 2017 Listen
ADU 0634: Should I buy an Osmo or an Osmo Plus?Aug 10, 2017 Listen
ADU 0633: Is the DJI Mavic Pro 2 coming out soon?Aug 09, 2017 Listen
ADU 0632: Can I use Facebook Live to market my drone business?Aug 07, 2017 Listen
ADU 0631: Should you care about DJI and 3D Robotics partnership?Aug 04, 2017 Listen
ADU 0630: Can I run a competitive drone business flying a 3DR Solo?Jul 31, 2017 Listen
ADU 0629: Can I fly my drone under Class B airspace? Can I fly if my Mavic doesn’t have a Mode C transponder?Jul 28, 2017 Listen
ADU 0628: What is the max descent speed on the Inspire 2?Jul 27, 2017 Listen
BONUS EPISODE: The first Drone U Fly-In happened and it was amazing!Jul 26, 2017 Listen
ADU 0627: Is the DJI Spark a good drone?Jul 24, 2017 Listen
ADU 0626: Can hobbyist drone pilots fly in National Forests Areas?Jul 21, 2017 Listen
ADU 0625: INTERVIEW WITH ANDY LUTEN: The man who uncovered details around Casey Neistat’s FAA investigationJul 20, 2017 Listen
ADU 0624: What are the pros and cons of DJI’s Inspire 2?Jul 19, 2017 Listen
ADU 0623: What does the end of FAA registration mean for drone pilots?Jul 18, 2017 Listen
ADU 0622: How can I shoot drone footage of a wedding or property without flying over people?Jul 17, 2017 Listen
ADU 0621: Is it legal to fly your drone over moving vehicles?Jul 14, 2017 Listen
ADU 0620: An Apology from Mr. Paul AitkenJul 13, 2017 Listen
ADU 0619: How do I prevent my Phantom 4 Pro from overheating when flying in hot climates?Jul 12, 2017 Listen
ADU 0618: How do I advertise my drone business?Jul 11, 2017 Listen
ADU 0617: How does the DJI Phantom 4 Pro compare to the Inspire 1 and Inspire 2?Jul 10, 2017 Listen
ADU 0616: Do I need to re-register the used drone I bought if it is already FAA registered?Jul 07, 2017 Listen
ADU 0615: How do I use meta tags and descriptions to optimize my drone photography?Jul 06, 2017 Listen
ADU 0614: Should I retain copyright over my commercial drone footage?Jul 05, 2017 Listen
ADU 0613: What is the best equipment for methane pipeline inspections?Jul 03, 2017 Listen
ADU 0612: What does a non-US citizen have to do in order to fly their drone in the United States?Jun 30, 2017 Listen
ADU 0611: How do I fly near the various designated areas in my region?Jun 29, 2017 Listen
ADU 0610: How do you price out travel expenses when taking your drone business on the road?Jun 28, 2017 Listen
ADU 0609: What are the legal ramifications of crashing your drone on private property?Jun 27, 2017 Listen
ADU 0608: Can I fly my drone over people if I have their consent?Jun 23, 2017 Listen
ADU 0607: Can authorizations and waivers be shared with or transferred to someone else?Jun 22, 2017 Listen
ADU 0606: What type of iPad would you say is best for flying a Phantom 4 Pro?Jun 21, 2017 Listen
ADU 0605: As a licensed pilot, do the Part 107 rules still apply to me when I’m flying for fun and not commercially?Jun 20, 2017 Listen
ADU 0604: Are racing drones good for helping aerial cinematographers learn to fly better?Jun 19, 2017 Listen
ADU 0603: Can I fly my drone at eye-level around people?Jun 16, 2017 Listen
ADU 0602: Can I fly my drone over stadiums and arenas?Jun 15, 2017 Listen
ADU 0601: How much should I charge for land-only drone jobs?Jun 14, 2017 Listen
ADU 0600: Can I fly 400 feet over a 1,000 foot radio tower?Jun 13, 2017 Listen
ADU 0599: Can you fly a drone over moving traffic?Jun 12, 2017 Listen
ADU 0598: What are some ways I can stand out in this incredibly competitive drone market?Jun 09, 2017 Listen
ADU 0597: What do I need to know about using a spotter or visual observer?Jun 08, 2017 Listen
ADU 0596: Should I join a union to get work from production companies?Jun 05, 2017 Listen
ADU 0595:Can you tell us about different trainings Drone U offers?Jun 02, 2017 Listen
ADU 0594: SPECIAL REPORT – Details about the proposed bill by Senator Dianne Feinstein of CA giving drone law authority to the statesJun 01, 2017 Listen
ADU 0593: Do I really need to spend the time developing a full operations manual? How would it help me?May 31, 2017 Listen
ADU 0592: What drone should I buy to be able to easily switch out sensor packages?May 30, 2017 Listen
ADU 0591: What is the best drone for doing power line inspections? What about fixed wing?May 26, 2017 Listen
ADU 0590: What are the pros and cons to merging my business with another?May 21, 2017 Listen
ADU 0589: As it relates to AGL (Above Ground Level) measurement, how does it work when you’re launching from a high point? Is it based on your launch position regardless?May 21, 2017 Listen
BONUS EPISODE: Interview with John Taylor regarding the FAA’s Part 48 drone registration for hobbyists being thrown out in courtMay 21, 2017 Listen
ADU 0588: Do we only have to register one drone and then use that number for all our other drones?May 21, 2017 Listen
ADU 0587: What are COAs and why would I need one?May 21, 2017 Listen
ADU 0586: What is a realistic salary to expect from companies who are hiring drone pilots?May 20, 2017 Listen
ADU 0585: How can drone pilots make money on YouTube?May 19, 2017 Listen
ADU 0584: How should I handle flying near local airports that are Class G airspace? What do I need to know and do?May 19, 2017 Listen