EPISODE 141: Hunting Roosevelt Elk With Angry Spike Productions

On this episode of Gritty Bowmen, we visit with Shannon Mobbs and Cory Ford of Angry Spike Productions and we talk Roosevelt Elk hunting. I remember when I bought my first Angry Spike Productions DVD more than 10 years ago. I bought the DVD from good friend Cory Miller, who was in a couple of those early DVDs. I remember watching these guys call-in elk, on over the counter tags in thick coastal, rain forest country--Shannon Mobbs can hunt Roosevelt elk. He’s a Roosevelt killing machine and his wall at home displays some amazing coastal bulls, which I have included in the video version of this podcast. He’s also been blessed to shoot a Rocky Mountain Bull Elk, on a draw tag, that scores just shy of 400 inches. Shannon knows how to hunt elk. He’s been consistently getting it done in the elk woods for multiple decades. On this podcast he shares his opinions and experiences calling-in elk. It’s a fascinating show whether you’re into Roosevelt elk hunting or not--in many ways, an elk, is an elk, is an elk. Angry Spike Productions quit producing DVDs a few years ago. So, we got them set-up online and now you can digitally download their old DVDs on a link on the Gritty Bowmen Website. Just go to grittybowmen.com and click the VHX link and follow the prompts from there. Type in the coupon code ‘GRITTY’ at checkout and you can get 50% off each DVD download. It’s a cool thing. I tremendous much respect for anybody who attempts to film and produce video content from their hunts--these guys have done it. The footage is a little old but the call-ins and the bugling are solid. I learned a lot from watching these guys hunt on these old films. Listen to this podcast and see what you think. And then go download one of their videos from our website and enjoy some raw and real roosevelt elk hunting. And hopefully, these guys will produce a new film this year--get on Instagram and follow them at AngrySpikeProductions. And feel free to send them your questions and to ask them about producing a new and updated elk hunting film for 2016--rumor has it they’re sitting on tons of great elk hunting video.

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