TW167:The Trivialympics

This week's show features Ken, Matt, Neal and Jeff from Triviality, AJ Mass from Beat My Guest, and Andy Saunders from Complete the List. Andy has been a TW supporter for a long time now and it was great to meet AJ and the Triviality crew in Boston earlier this year. I have had the idea for a big trivia podcast crossover brewing for a while but meeting everybody and getting to each other was the thing that pushed it over the top. As Triviality, Beat My Guest and Complete the List have grown over the last year I've been excited about the expansion of our little niche. Each show has found it's audience and goes about things a little bit differently. I knew I wanted to highlight that when we did our first big crossover event. So that's exactly what we did. Today's game features 4 different mini-games. Each one is a modified version of one of the podcasts represented. Each show will be competing with the others across the different formats to crown a winner of the first ever Trivialympics.   Today's show is sponsored by Hims. Go to to get a full month of hair loss prevention for just $5!

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