Ep 23: John Bertetto, Police Officer, Researcher, Author. Co-Director and Managing Editor at Foreign Intrigue.

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John A. Bertetto is a sworn member of the Chicago Police Department. His current areas of study and work include criminal street gangs, social network analysis, and asymmetric threat mitigation. He is the author of Counter-Gang Strategy: Adapted COIN in Policing Criminal Street Gangs, Countering Criminal Street Gangs: Lessons from the Counterinsurgent Battlespace, Designing Law Enforcement: Adaptive Strategies for the Complex Environment, and Toward a Police Ethos: Defining Our Values as a Call to Action. Officer Bertetto’s most recent research article “Reducing Gang Violence through Network Influence Based Targeting of Social Programs” has been accepted to the Industry & Government Track of the 2014 Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining (KDD) annual conference, a conference with a 20% acceptance rate. Officer Bertetto has worked street patrol, organized crime, and research and development assignments. His applied research projects have led to collaborative partnerships with students and faculty at USMA West Point, George Mason University, and the University of Maryland. He is one of the primary designers and the law enforcement SME behind the GANG social network analysis software, which has been featured in Popular Science, Governing, and on MIT’s technology blog, as well as profiled on ABC and BBC news. Officer Bertetto holds a Master of Science degree from Western Illinois University and a Master of Business Administration degree from St. Xavier University. John is one of those coppers that doesn't just see policing as a job with set hours or responsibilities, but he likes to go the extra mile to see a better community and a smarter police agency through educating officers. This is highly evident by not only his writing, which can be found at https://www.scribd.com/john_bertetto#, but also with a very heart touching story that he shares with our listeners about the death of a yong man and the lasting impact his mother made on John when he met her. That meeting gave way to the #DriveForDemario. A push to get a school transport vehicle to help ensure that kids aren't killed trying to get to or from extra-curricular activities at their schools, as is what happened to Demario. You can find John online: Twitter: http://twitter.com/chitowncopper
Scribd: https://www.scribd.com/john_bertetto#
eb: http://foreign-intrigue.com/


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