Ep 21: Stewart Reynolds, also known online as Brittlestar!

Today's episode is brought to you by... Stewart Reynolds is best known online as the one and only Brittlestar! He gained notoriety through his cutting edge development of his presence on Vine, but there is way more to Brittlestar than just Vine as we find out in this episode.  Brittlestar is Stewart JW Reynolds.  Based in Stratford, Ontario, Canada, he has established a worldwide following thanks to his books, music and videos. “I used to want to be a coroner because I loved the TV show, Quincy M.E..  I quickly realized that being a coroner did not guarantee you your own TV show, so I changed direction.” He’s happily married to a beautiful woman well out of his league and has two talented sons that have both enjoyed more chart success than he has (he’s more proud than bitter about that). You may know Brittlestar from Vine. Millions of people have enjoyed his vines on the app and other social media and best of the web sites. His Vines have received over 145 million loops! Brittlestar is also an author of the Shortcuts Book Series and he is also a musician having written, recorded and produced songs that have been heard on American Top 40, MTV’s Real World, Kim Kardashian’s The Spin Crowd and radio stations around the world. Brittlestar share’s some of his success on know how on his creative secrets behind making videos that get plays from around the world and how you can use them to your advantage as well! You can find Brittlestar: VINE: http://vine.co/brittlestar INSTAGRAM: http://instagram.com/brittlestar TWITTER: http://twitter.com/brittlestar SNAPCHAT: brittlechat WEB: http://www.brittlestar.com/ Although we never discussed it, Stewart is available to assist you and your online presence with creating Vine’s for your agency or speaking at your conferences. Reach out to him via his website. From Stewarts Site: Top 5 Tips for Vine Success Keep it simple
Initially, 6 seconds seems like a very short amount of time but once you start working in Vine you realize that there is a tremendous amount you can fit in that time frame.  At that point you need to back away from iphone and remember what your core message/concept was to begin with and stick with that.
~ Relatable rules/Show people themselves
Some of the most successful Vines are the ones who show the viewer a version of themselves or a familiar experience.  Those Vines get shared a lot. It doesn’t have to be realistically portrayed but it should show the viewer something that makes them say “I know this feeling!”
~ Know your audience
If you have an idea for a Vine, ask yourself who you think would appreciate it… and make sure it would make sense to them. Though the majority of Vine’s audience is young adults (teens to early twenties), there is a huge number of other demographics on the app that are desperate for content that speaks to them. That said, the younger the target audience, the more visible the engagement (Likes/Revines).
~ Let the camera tell at least part of the story
If there is a prop, person or action that is integral to your Vine’s concept, use the camera to make sure it is seen.  Don’t be afraid to move the camera from establishing shot to close-up and back again if it will help you tell your story.
~ Have fun!
No one wants to watch someone forcing themselves to ‘do it for the vine’.  Have fun making Vines!  Be creative.  Test what works and what doesn’t with your audience.  Vine is an amazing creative outlet that can be used by individuals and businesses alike to spread happiness worldwide.        

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