34 - I'm Just Asking the Question

If some content is good, more is better, right? Marketers know that's not always the case, especially in today's content marketing environment, where the sheer volume of content available for buyers to read can be overwhelming. When there's too much content out there, you have to change your own content creation strategy to get noticed. In the final Hacks and Flacks of 2016, we talk with Joe Flynn, Managing Editor at Sales Engine Media, about that exact challenge. A veteran B2B content marketer, Joe tells us how his own content strategy has changed to reflect the current state of SEO, social media and content consumption habits. LINKS: Visit Sales Engine Media: salesenginemedia.com Follow Hacks and Flacks on Twitter: @hacksflacks Follow Hacks and Flacks on Instagram:@hacksflacks Follow our Facebook Fan Page: Hacks and Flacks Podcast Follow March Communications on Twitter:@MarchComms Visit the M+PR Nonsense blog: MarchComms.com/blog Subscribe to Hacks and Flacks on iTunesStitcher orPodbay today. The show’s music is provided by Job Creators. Check them out at JobCreatorsBand.com!

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