28 - New Phone, Who Dis?

The relationships between PR pros and journalists can be... complicated, to say the least. But, it's not all form pitches and frustration - in the best case scenario, PR folks and reporters can establish mutually beneficial relationships that result in great stories and reliable sources. On this week's Hacks and Flacks, Manny Veiga and Paul Davenport talk to HealthITSecurity's Elizabeth Snell about her preferred rules of engagement when it comes to PR pitching and outreach. We also talk about the unique experience of finding compelling angles and navigating PR relationships when writing and editing for a vertical publication like HealthITSecurity. LINKS: Visit HealthITSecurity.com Follow Hacks and Flacks on Twitter: @hacksflacks Follow Hacks and Flacks on Instagram: @hacksflacks Join our Facebook Group: Hacks and Flacks Podcast Follow March Communications on Twitter: @MarchComms Visit the M+PR Nonsense blog: MarchComms.com/blog Subscribe to Hacks and Flacks on iTunesStitcher or Podbay today. The show's music is provided by Job Creators. Check them out at JobCreatorsBand.com!

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