16 - Air Force Ones In Mint Green

The last time you went shopping, did you actually drive to a store, or did you just stroll over to your couch and log into your computer or phone? If you bought online because the cost was lower, did you wish you had an opportunity to pick up and preview whatever it was you purchased? Even though websites and mobile apps have taken some traffic away from brick-and-mortar retailers, customers still crave an engaging in-store experience, and that desire has helped some of these stores undergo a renaissance of sorts. This week, we were joined by Marcus LaRobardiere, Assistant Marketing Manager at Bouncepad. Marcus explains how he tells Bouncepad's story, in part by sharing how some of its marquee customers – from McDonalds to Tommy Hilfiger – use its tablet enclosures to create captivating in-store experiences for customers. Follow Marcus on Twitter: @marcusdl Follow Bouncepad on Twitter: @bouncepad Learn more about Bouncepad: Bouncepad.com Follow Hacks and Flacks on Twitter: @hacksflacks Follow Hacks and Flacks on Instagram: @hacksflacks Join the discussion in our Facebook Group: Hacks and Flacks Podcast Follow Manny and Jim on Twitter: @zmveiga and @JW_Young Follow March Communications on Twitter: @marchpr Visit the M+PR Nonsense blog: MarchPR.com/blog Show Notes: The State of Retail 2015 (Time Trade) Tommy Hilfiger Shoppers Embrace the Selfie (Bouncepad) Subscribe to Hacks and Flacks on iTunesStitcher or Podbay today. The show's music is provided by Job Creators. Check them out at JobCreatorsBand.com!

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