13 -Live From President Taft's Oversized Bathtub

When thinking about how social media analytics and reporting has evolved, it's helpful to borrow an example from the world of sports. In baseball, traditional statistics like batting average and runs batted in are equivalent to retweets, likes and favorites on social media − they provide some insights, but they don't tell the whole story. In his work with Crimson Hexagon, customer success manager (and baseball fanatic) Justin Gagnon uses social listening tools to dig deeper than surface-level analytics and help companies understand trends on social media. On this episode, Justin pulls back the curtain on the social data Crimson Hexagon provides, by showing us how podcasts are perceived on social media, and specifically how social media reacted to President Obama's recent appearance on Marc Maron's show. Justin also explains how social listening is a new, modern form of market research, and why the successes of prominent brands like Always and Uber show that hashtags may still matter. Follow Justin on Twitter: @_JustinGagnon_ Read the Crimson Hexagon Blog: CrimsonHexagon.com/blog Follow Hacks and Flacks on Twitter: @hacksflacks Follow Hacks and Flacks on Instagram: @hacksflacks Join the discussion in our Facebook Group: Hacks and Flacks Podcast Follow Manny and Jim on Twitter: @zmveiga and @JW_Young Follow March Communications on Twitter: @marchpr Visit the M+PR Nonsense blog: MarchPR.com/blog Show Notes: Ice Cream, Kittens and Now Christmas Trees: Uber Aims to Be More Than a Car Service (Time) Why That 'Like A Girl' Super Bowl Ad Was So Groundbreaking (Huffington Post) Episode 613 - President Barack Obama (WTF w/ Marc Maron) Subscribe to Hacks and Flacks on iTunesStitcher or Podbay today. The show's music is provided by Job Creators. Check them out at JobCreatorsBand.com!

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