A GAME OF THRONES PODCAST THAT IS TALKING ABOUT OTHER GREAT POP CULTURE DURING THE OFF SEASON With Joanna Robinson from Vanity Fair, Dave Gonzales from and Neil Miller from Film School Rejects! Welcome to another off season tour episode of A STORM OF SPOILERS! This week, Da7e, Joanna and Neil have all spent 13 hours in Harlem (and Seagate...and Georgia) with Netflix's newest binge-watching super-hard punching reluctant hero Luke Cage (Mike Colter who - SPOILER - everyone likes as the title character). It's also a big step forward for black representation in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but might have some major story problems as the season goes on. Everyone ready to have media based opinons about a superhero show again? Plus, the gang can't help but speculate about what's to come for Marvel and Netflix when they get to The Defenders and beyond. THIS WEEK'S TIMECODES: 0:00:00 - Intro, Game of Thrones News 0:14:28 - Luke Cage 01:03:48 - Preview: DC TV Follow Neil (@rejects), Joanna (@jowrotethis), Da7e (@da7e) and the show (@StormofSpoilers) on Twitter! Like this podcast? Subscribe to FIGHTING IN THE WAR ROOM through iTunes or your podcast app. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit (

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