Death in Ice Valley! And our review of Unforgotten (on PBS!)

Internet fame is bestowed upon one of the crime writers (thanks to The Daily podcast and interpretive dancing). News from West Cork...Ian Bailey is going to have to pay a lot of money. And the panel wants to know more about what a "taint team" is.The crime writers give their first impressions of a new podcast collaboration from the BBC World Service and NRK called, “Death in Ice Valley.” The colder the rain, the colder the case.Masterpiece on PBS is now airing the limited British crime series, “Unforgotten.” The show follows police as they try to solve the decade’s old mystery of a skeleton found in a clay basement. The investigation involves a diverse group of characters who may have had a hand in the crime, then went on with their lives. Is "Unforgotten" worth remembering?FOR A SPOILER-FREE REVIEW, FAST FORWARD TO 52:30.The crime of the week - breaking balls.SPONSORS THIS WEEKNamely - get a free demo by visiting Breakout games - save 50% on your first box by going to and use code WRITERS at checkoutFelix Gray Glasses - Go to to try a pair of Felix Gray glassesHavenly - visit and get twenty-five percent off your design packageLe Tote - go to and enter promo code CRIME at checkout to get 50% of your first monthBombas - buy your new socks at and get twenty percent off your first purchase

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