Ear Hustle Crushes It! Adnan's Judges Get It! & Another S-Town Twist

What should Toby's standard karaoke song be? THE WORLD IS WEIGHING IN. Rebecca heard something in this week's Undisclosed episode on Adnan Syed's cross appeal proceeding that she REALLY wants you to hear. The judges really seem to get it...we think? S-Town is making SO much news as the trial of Tyler Goodson will now incorporate his part in the podcast as evidence. Should Brian Reed have used tape that put Tyler in legal peril? The panel is split. (Note: This episode was recorded before news of Tyler's arrest for animal cruelty.) Ear Hustle is finally here, and - spoiler alert - it's AWESOME. But we review it anyway. In our crime of the week, Florida Man is back! And he REALLY loves Hooters. This week's sponsors: Thrive Market - Get a 30 day-free trial AND an additional 25% off your first purchase and free shipping at thrivemarket.com/crimewriters MHZ Choice - Free 30 days and 50% your first month at mhzchoice.com/writers. Use code WRITERS at checkout Bombas Socks - They'll be your favorite socks as soon as you put them on. To save 20%, go to Bombas.com/crime Thumbtack - Find the services you from pros in all kinds of industries. Try it out at Thumbtack.com

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