Jeepers! Netflix's The Keepers, Tiger Woods' Fall, and Dede Revisited

We start with a pat on the back for Kevin, as our spin-off podcast "...These Are Their Stories" has been nominated for Best TV/Film Podcast by the Academy of Podcasting. No one know how or why the show was picked, but they needed 10 to fill out the category, so... Thanks to the many listeners who helped fill in some of the narrative holes left by "Mommy Dead and Dearest." Among the questions answered from last week include facts about feeding tubes, Dede's medical knowledge, and reasons why she was able to fool physicians into thinking Gypsy was chronically ill. Rebecca comments on the media coverage of the DUI arrest of Tiger Woods. Is it the typical case of a hero plummeting to Earth, or is race playing a role in the negative coverage? Then...the show you've been waiting for...Netflix's "The Keepers." The documentary seemed to have everything: murder, sex trafficking, cover-ups. Despite the great source material, did the film makers really make the most of the story that was there? In Crime of the Week, two teachers come to blows fighting over a man. The students can't even... Our sponsors this episode Sock Fancy - go to and use code CRIME at checkout MHZ Choice - go to and use code CRIME for 30 free days and 50% off your first month Le Tote - go to and use code CRIME to get 50% off your first month Audible - get a 30-day trial and your first book free at Lola tampons - go to and use code CRIME to get 60% off your first order.

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