Richard Simmons Emerges! Adnan Syed Update! And Casey Anthony...WTF?

Did Missing Richard Simmons flush out our favorite fitness guru? The Crime Writers give their take. Plus, Kevin reaches out to Legal Siri (AKA Colin Miller of Undisclosed) to get the latest scoop on the never-ending Adnan Syed appeal. Then, WTF was up with that three-part Investigation Discovery special Casey Anthony: An American Murder Mystery? Do *any* of the Crime Writers think this case is a mystery? And how does Toby feel about the first I.D. show he's ever been forced to watch? Much less having to talk about it TWICE?? (Listen to Toby on The Blotter Presents with Sarah D. Bunting.) Sponsors for this episode: Bosch Season 3 on Amazon (get 20% off!) - use promo code CRIME for 50% off your first month! - mention our show at checkout for a special deal!

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