Adnan Syed's Setback, Serial's Audio Boo-Boo, and a Homecoming Podcast Review

After a holiday break, we're back. And so much has happened again. In the land of true crime podcast updates, Adnan Syed has been denied bail while he awaits a new trial. The panel talks about that decision. In other Serial news, we learned Sarah Koenig & co made a big boo-boo when putting together season one. Namely: using courtroom audio that was prohibited from broadcast. This time, justice was merciful. Kevin responds to listener reaction to his criticism of "Someone Knows Something." Again, it's another feisty split decision. In this week's installment of "Should You Listen?" the panel weighs in on Gimlet's star-powered "Homecoming." Is this the latest Gimlet podcast to break the mold? In the Crime of the Week, an FBI sting operation on Capitol Hill! The target - no, not corrupt politicians - a bootleg DVD ring. Related: In this episode, Rebecca talks about a news station covering a trial with puppets. Here's a link.

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