New Evidence in the 'Making A Murderer' Case? And Last Call for 'The Night Of'

We heard you missed us. But hey, we're back! After a semi-vacation over the summer, the crime writers are back weekly to talk about all things criminal - in real life and in pop culture. News on the Steven Avery case continues to break. The new lawyer for the "Making a Murderer" subject has filed a petition to have evidence re-tested using the most modern (and most expensive) analysis currently available. She says the results will definitively prove Avery's innocence (or, she concedes, his guilt). Is doubling down on the police conspiracy theory Avery's best play? Now that HBO's limited series "The Night Of" has signed off, what does the panel make of it? Did the show live up to the high expectations set by episode one? Who's the hero? What does the ending mean? And why did Stone's eczema come back? These are questions the public demands answers to. (PS: If you want to skip past the discussion to remain "unspoiled," skip from 35:47 to 58:36.) The Crime of the Week is a cream pie to the face. Who's responsible for all the creepy-looking clowns popping up in neighborhoods throughout the Carolinas? Is it a sick criminal perpetrator or just a scary joke?

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