Two And A Half Crime Writers (AKA The One Where We Chat With Jon Cryer!)

Why the heck would mega TV and movie star Jon Cryer agree to be on our little podcast? Because he's a fan, dammit! It also turns out that he's a HUGE fan of true crime, including many of the podcasts we've talked about, like Serial and Undisclosed. But does the artist formerly known as Duckie qualify as a crime writer? YES! (Sort of.) He's got a hilarious memoir, So That Happened, in which he explains his crime scene-rich formative years, including the shooting of his hooker-loving, soup-making next door neighbor. So yeah, that happened. We talked to Jon Cryer. And yes, he DID spill the beans on being in Pretty in Pink, the weird antics of Charlie Sheen, and serving on jury duty (more than once!) Plus, our Crime of the Week tackles the question...of all the child/teen actors you used to love, which one does the panel most which would make a comeback?

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