207: Birth Principles: Better than a Birth Plan, with Jessie Harrold (Renewed)Apr 17, 2019 Listen
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206: [Postpartum Story] Coming to Terms with the Baby You Got, with Victoria WilsonApr 10, 2019 Listen
205: Big Babies and Shoulder Dystocia, with Rachel ReedApr 03, 2019 Listen
204: [Birth Story] You Mean That Wasn’t My Water Breaking?, with Heather LaufMar 27, 2019 Listen
203 - Choosing Your Care Provider, with Robin Elise Weiss (Renewed)Mar 20, 2019 Listen
202: [Postpartum Story] Hard Postpartum After Back-Labor Induction, with Sarah FowlerMar 13, 2019 Listen
EP201: The World According to Your Newborn, with Greer KirshenbaumMar 06, 2019 Listen
200: [Birth Story] Nuchal Hand at Birth-Center Birth, with Sarah WinwardFeb 27, 2019 Listen
199: The Identity Shift of Becoming a Mom, with Sophie McEnteeFeb 20, 2019 Listen
EP198: [Birth Story] Thinking-Brain Birth, with Julia CooperFeb 13, 2019 Listen
197: Postpartum Fertility: What you need to know, with Lisa Hendrickson-JackFeb 06, 2019 Listen
EP196: [Birth Story] Flowing Birth with Essential Oils, with Chelsy ArnettJan 30, 2019 Listen
195: Rethinking the Pushing Stage, with Whapio (Renewed)Jan 23, 2019 Listen
194: [Postpartum Story] Fast Birth, Hard Postpartum, with Ivy TumlinsonJan 16, 2019 Listen
193: Getting a Good Latch, with Robin KaplanJan 09, 2019 Listen
192: [Birth Story] A non-linear birth from Israel, with Jacky Braun ZukerJan 02, 2019 Listen
EP191: 12 Days of Birth, with Adriana LozadaDec 19, 2018 Listen
190: Pleasure in Birth, with Debra Pascali-BonaroDec 12, 2018 Listen
189: [Postpartum Story] A Nourishing Ayurvedic Postpartum, with Chelsea WileyDec 05, 2018 Listen
188: Inductions, with Gene Declercq (Renewed)Nov 28, 2018 Listen
187: [Birth Story] Unassisted Homebirth After VBAC, with Nichole JoyNov 21, 2018 Listen
186: How Over-Sexualizing Breasts Affects Breastfeeding, with Abby TheuringNov 14, 2018 Listen
185: [Breastfeeding Story] Breastfeeding After Breast Reduction, with Claire LabrosaNov 07, 2018 Listen
184: Breastfeeding your Newborn, with Dr. Jack Newman (Renewed)Oct 31, 2018 Listen
EP183: [Birth Story] A Lioness' Homebirth, with Samantha PercoskiOct 24, 2018 Listen
EP182: Talking Pelvic Health with a PT, with Sara ReardonOct 17, 2018 Listen
EP181: [Birth Story] Navigating a Vaginal Birth with HBP and Preeclampsia, with Tara LangsdorfOct 10, 2018 Listen
EP180: The Purpose of Childbirth Pain, with Rhea Dempsey (Renewed)Oct 03, 2018 Listen
EP179: [Birth/Breastfeeding Story] A Super Fast Third Birth With Lots to Process, with Monica DrakeSep 26, 2018 Listen
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EP176: Baby’s Position and Labor Flow, with Gail Tully (Renewed)Sep 05, 2018 Listen
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EP172: Herbs in Pregnancy and Postpartum, With Kathleen MugnoloAug 08, 2018 Listen
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EP169: [Postpartum Story] When Postpartum Anxiety and Panic Come out of Nowhere, With Kayla SanmiguelJul 18, 2018 Listen
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EP147: [Birth Story] An Empowered Cesarean after a Traumatic Cesarean, with Melissa Divaris Thompson Apr 20, 2018 Listen
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EP 116: Navigating Human Resources to Plan Your Maternity Leave, with Katy DahlSep 20, 2017 Listen
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BS30: No Epidural and No Whining, with Celeste & Claudiu BancosAug 30, 2017 Listen
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BS22: Birth: Not as Bad as Hiking Machu Picchu, with Shelley WylieJul 05, 2017 Listen
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EP102: The Microbiome and Your Baby's Immune System, with Toni HarmanMar 29, 2017 Listen
EP101: Effects of Stress During Pregnancy, with Parijat DeshpandeMar 22, 2017 Listen
EP100: Sharing Your Birth Story with Your Child, with Anika RothfussMar 15, 2017 Listen
EP99: ACOG's Recommendations on Limiting Interventions, with Sharon MuzaMar 08, 2017 Listen
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EP97: Pleasure & Joy During Birth, with Angela GalloFeb 22, 2017 Listen
EP96: Informed Consent, with Cristen PascucciFeb 15, 2017 Listen
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EP75: 3rd. Stage of Labor, with Dr. Sarah BuckleySep 14, 2016 Listen
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BS16: A Challenging Pushing Stage, with Kate BechtoldAug 17, 2016 Listen
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EP65: Mar Oscategui, Taking Care of YouApr 27, 2016 Listen
EP64: Dr. Stu Fischbein, Asking More of Your OBApr 20, 2016 Listen
EP63: Jen McLellan, Plus-Size PregnancyApr 13, 2016 Listen
EP62: Lisa Gillispie, You Pelvic FloorApr 06, 2016 Listen
EP61: Michelle Emanuel, Flat-head SyndromeMar 30, 2016 Listen
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EP58: Whapio, The Holistic Stages of Birth (Part2)Mar 09, 2016 Listen
EP57: Whapio, The Holistic Stages of Birth (Part 1)Mar 02, 2016 Listen
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EP55: Alison Hazelbaker, Figuring Out How To Suck, Swallow and BreatheFeb 17, 2016 Listen
EP54: Circumcision, with Adrienne CarmackFeb 10, 2016 Listen
EP53: Diane Wiessinger, How Your Baby Mammal Sleeps & Starts SolidsFeb 03, 2016 Listen
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EP48: Margaux Khoury, Green Pregnancy (Replay)Dec 30, 2015 Listen
EP47: Margaux Khoury, Green PregnancyDec 23, 2015 Listen
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EP41: Gena Kirby and Lesley Everest, Birthing like a Rock StarNov 05, 2015 Listen
EP40: Dianne Cassidy, Epidurals and BreastfeedingOct 28, 2015 Listen
EP39: Jessica Zucker, Miscarriage and PregnancyOct 21, 2015 Listen
EP37: Adriana Lozada, Birth Prep. Essentials Oct 07, 2015 Listen
EP36: Penny Simkin, Connecting with your baby in uteroSep 30, 2015 Listen
EP35: Loralei Thornburg, High-risk pregnancySep 23, 2015 Listen
EP34: Julietta Appleton, Self-hypnosis for pain managementSep 16, 2015 Listen
EP33 Dr. Rodney Dietert, Your Baby’s MicrobiomeSep 09, 2015 Listen
EP32: Gail Tully, Baby’s Position and Labor FlowSep 03, 2015 Listen
BS08: A non-emergency CesareanAug 26, 2015 Listen
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BS04: Second babies come quicker… or do they?Jul 29, 2015 Listen
BS03: Prodromal Labor With a Side of AcupunctureJul 22, 2015 Listen
BS02: Home Birth After 2 Cesareans, with castor oil and a twistJul 15, 2015 Listen
BS01: Birth and Cheese TastingJul 08, 2015 Listen
EP31: Ashlee Wells Jackson, Loving Your Postpartum BodyJul 01, 2015 Listen
EP 28: Sarah Buckley, Flowing with your Birth HormonesJun 10, 2015 Listen
EP27: Rebecca Dekker, Eating During LaborJun 03, 2015 Listen
EP26: Nancy Mohrbacher, Breastfeeding and WorkingMay 27, 2015 Listen
EP25: Dr. Frans Plooij, Your Baby’s Fussy PhasesMay 20, 2015 Listen
EP24: Kate Dimpfl, Sex After BabyMay 14, 2015 Listen
EP23: Amber Mccann, MilksharingMay 06, 2015 Listen
EP22: Deena Blumenfeld, Why do Prenatal YogaApr 29, 2015 Listen
EP18: Heather Holt, Cloth DiapersApr 01, 2015 Listen
EP17: Sharon Muza, Birth DoulasMar 25, 2015 Listen
EP16: Dr. Kathleen Kendall-Tackett, Postpartum DepressionMar 18, 2015 Listen
EP15: Diana Cassar-Uhl, Low Milk SupplyMar 11, 2015 Listen
EP14: Jack Newman, Breastfeeding Your NewbornMar 04, 2015 Listen
EP13: Dianne Cassidy, Tongue and Lip TiesFeb 25, 2015 Listen
EP12: Nancy Wainer, Vaginal Birth After CesareanFeb 18, 2015 Listen
EP11: Amali Lokugamage, Why an OB would choose a homebirthFeb 11, 2015 Listen
EP10: Jodi Hall, Birth TraumaFeb 04, 2015 Listen
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EP05: Lisa Doran, Fertility and AgeDec 31, 2014 Listen
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EP00: What is this podcast about?Dec 04, 2014 Listen
EP01: Gena Kirby, Partners and BirthDec 04, 2014 Listen
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