Picking Every Week 16 NFL Game Against the Spread

We are into Week 16 of the NFL regular season! Simms and Lefkoe are here to pick every remaining game on the NFL slate against the spread: Colts-Ravens (3:30); Vikings-Packers (6:45); Lions-Bengals (11:40); Rams-Titans (15:00); Chargers-Jets (19:45); Buccaneers-Panthers (23:20); Broncos-Washington (29:00); Falcons-Saints (30:00); Dolphins-Chiefs (33:30); Bills-Patriots (35:50); Browns-Bears (38:00); Jaguers-49ers (40:20); Seahawks-Cowboys (46:10); Giants-Cardinals (50:50); Steelers-Texans (53:40); and Raiders-Eagles (57:45). As always, Simms ends the show by naming his five teams guaranteed to lose (1:02:25). Let us know what you think of the picks via Twitter (@SimmsAndLefkoe), and don't forget to leave us a 5-star review on iTunes! via Knit

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