#111 Homeless to $1 Million in 1-Year Writing Words

How did Michael Shreeve go from owning a business, "failing miserably," losing $150,000 in 1-month and becoming homeless to turning it all around, bouncing back and put a million dollars in the bank in 1-year as a writer?

Short Answer: Epic, maniacal hustle ...bordering on self masochism.

In this very honest and candid interview you'll learn:

- Priceless business lessons from losing $150k in 30 days and how it changed how he makes business decisions, today.

- His (shocking) answer to the "4-Hour-Work-Week" mindset

- How a case study proving turned into a $350,000 copywriting business  (side) business in with 1200 clients in 15 months - ( AND why he would NOT recommend anyone do it.)

- What questions to ask an SEO before hiring them (from a former SEO) 

- The (cold hard) truth about outsourcing your business

- The (real) business of making money as a writer

QUOTE: "People who don't have money think the money is in the idea. Ideas are shit. The money is in execution."  MichaelShreeve.com WHAT KIND OF ENTREPRENEUR ARE YOU? To find the business idea that's right for you, the best business partner or recruit and hire the best team to help build your vision - you 1st need to know ... What kind of entrepreneur you are, here -------TIRED OF HYPE? ------- If you're too busy or tired of wading through the hype, half-truths and snake-oil polluting the Internet and you just want to know what's working for (real) online entrepreneurs who are (probably) doing better than you, then check out InternetMarketing.com, for more behind-the-scenes interviews. 

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